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WordPress Download Manager is a Files/Documents Management Plugin designed to manage, track, and control file downloads from your WordPress Site. You can use passwords and user roles to control access to your files, manage download speeds, and limit the number of downloads per user. It also offers features such as Captcha Lock or IP Block to block bots, unwanted users, or spammers. You may even require users to agree to your terms and conditions before downloading.

Need to sell digital products? You may use WordPress Download Manager as a complete e-Commerce Solution for selling digital products. Simply put a price when you need to sell a digital item. You also may use license ( ex: Simple, Extended, Unlimited ) based prices for a product. Users can directly download free items and when an item has a price user will have to go through cart & checkout. WordPress Download Manager has the easiest checkout option to give the user better experience in purchasing an item and which always increase the probability of successful completion of an order.


  • Custom post type and taxonomy, adding a download is just like creating a post
  • Drag and Drop File Upload
  • Chunk upload support to override http max upload limit
  • Attach file directly from your server using server file browser
  • Media library file protection
  • Integrated document viewer ( DOC, PDF and POWERPOINT )
  • Quick add panel with tinymce editor button to create and insert a download easily when you are editing a post or page
  • Google Drive support to store your files in Google drive ( 15 GB of space for free)
  • DropBox support to store your files in DropBox ( 2 GB of space for free )
  • support to store your files in ( 10 GB of space for free )
  • OneDrive support to store your files in ( 15 GB of space for free )
  • Option to „Open in Browser“ or „Download“ files ( PDFs or images )
  • Control who can access to download
  • Category level access control
  • Download speed control
  • Password protection
  • CAPTCHA protection
  • IP block option to prevent bot downloads or downloads from unwanted IP addresses
  • Download logs to check who is downloading which file from where and when
  • Terms protection – Agree with Terms & Conditions before download
  • Download counter to see total download count for each file
  • Custom download link icon
  • File type icon support
  • Full Featured User Dashboard ( use short-code [wpdm_user_dashboard] )
  • Custom front-end login / signup form short-code
  • Custom oEmbed t emplate
  • Responsive DataTable support ( use short-code [wpdm_all_packages jstable=1 items_per_page=20] )
  • Searching and Sorting Option
  • Custom link label
  • Short-code for download link
  • Short-code for direct link to downloadable file [wpdm_direct_link id=file_id_required link_label=any_text_optional]
  • Widget for new files
  • Widget for top downloads
  • Widget for searching downloads
  • Multi-level Categories
  • Custom TinyMce Button
  • Category embed short-code
  • Advanced server file browser
  • Complete category and file tree using a simple short-code [wpdm_tree]
  • MP4 video upload and play support
  • Video file download protection, allow visitors to play but block download
  • Translation Ready

Digital Asset Manager

  • Server file manager
  • Create new file and folder easily
  • Move, copy, edit files
  • Integrated file editor with syntax highlights
  • Asset shortcode to embed a file/asset easily in a page or post
  • Upload, Download and Delete operations
  • Video and audio preview/play

Digital Asset Manager ( Pro Features )

  • File tagging
  • Sharable link generator
  • Bookmarking, Comments and discussions
  • Front-end asset management
  • Custom asset metadata
  • Asset archive and version management

Complete Digital Store Solution:

Use Premium Package – Complete Digital Store Solution Add-on (free) if you need to sell your digital items. The add-on has all features you will ever need to build a perfect online shop for your digital downloads:

  • Single Click Activation ( Auto-install & Activate )
  • Sell Digital Products Securely
  • Easy Administration
  • PayPal Integrated
  • User-role Based Discount Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Sales Tax
  • Save Cart and Checkout Later
  • Email Saved Cart
  • Product & Price Variations ( License Based Pricing / Sell Extra Gigs with Product )
  • Promotional Pricing for Your Digital Products
  • „Pay As You Want“ pricing
  • Invoice Generation
  • Easiest Checkout System
  • Guest Checkout and Guest Download
  • Order expiration option ( Like 1 year support & update access, then expire )
  • Auto-renew order option ( Accept Recurring Payment for Orders )
  • Easy Order Management
  • Sales Notifications via Email
  • Sales Notification Directly in Your Mobile with Push Message
  • Very Detailed Sales Reports
  • Order Notes & Messaging System
  • Extended Product Licensing System
  • License Level Pricing
  • Easy to implement license API for license system integration
  • Full-featured Digital Products Marketplace with Front-end product submission & payout management ( This Feature Requires WPDM v4+ )
  • Sell individual files ( like single song from an album ) ( This Feature Requires WPDM v4+ )
  • and much more…

Gutenberg Blocks

Elementor Addons

  • Download Manager Addons for Elementor – Use the plugin if you are using Elementor Website Builder. The plugin provides elementor addons for all wordpress download manager shortcodes you were writing manually.

Google Drive

Use Google Drive Explorer add-on ( free ) to store your files in google drive and link with download manager, get 15 GB free storage space and save your server bandwidth


Use DropBox Explorer add-on ( free ) to store your files in dropbox and link with download manager, get 2 GB free storage space and save your server bandwidth

Use Explorer add-on ( free ) to store your files in and link with download manager, get 10 GB free storage space and save your server bandwidth


Use OneDrive Explorer add-on ( free ) to store your files in Microsoft OneDrive and link with download manager, get 15 GB free storage space and save your server bandwidth


Use pCloud Connector add-on ( premium ) to store your files in pCloud and link with download manager, get 10 GB free storage space and save your server bandwidth


Download and Install following free add-on to add additional features as per your need

Mobile Apps

Check download stats and get a push notification when someone downloads, install:

  • WPDM API – install this add-on on your site and configure API key
  • WPDM for Abdroid – Install the app on your android phone
  • WPDM for iOS – Check download and sales stats directly from your iPhone or iPad

Free Themes

  • Attire – perfect theme for any site like blog, portfolio, photography, stock image, music, video archive, software download directory, ecommerce, and it is free.

More Themes & Add-ons

  • Add-ons – 100+ add-ons
  • Themes – Themes Specially Optimized for Download Manager

External Service Disclosures

This plugin utilizes external services to enhance its functionality. Please review the following disclosures regarding the use of these services:

This plugin may utilize Google reCAPTCHA to enhance security by protecting against spam and unauthorized access. Google reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, which you can review at and, respectively.

Our plugin provides the ability to preview Microsoft Office documents for user convenience. This feature may rely on Microsoft services. Users may be subject to Microsoft’s privacy policies and terms when accessing and previewing Office documents through this plugin. Please consult Microsoft’s Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for further information.

This plugin may offer Google Doc preview functionality for certain file types. Users may interact with Google’s services during the preview process. Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply when using this feature. You can find these policies at and

By using this plugin, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and policies of these external services as outlined above.


  • Create new download
  • Front-end link template previews
  • Tree view
  • Responsive datatable
  • UI customizer
  • Category short-code
  • Password protection
  • Asset Manager
  • Preview & Edit Digital Assets
  • Orders Page ( Admin )
  • Order Details ( Admin )
  • Media library protection
  • Video player
  • Gutenberg ready
  • Lock options
  • Login form
  • User dashboard
  • Server file browser
  • More features


  1. Upload download-manager to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


5. janúar, 2024
I tried different plugins to manage downloads, and absolutely needed to apply custom stamps to PDFs with user information.This plugin is clearly the best, along with the PDF stamper add-on.Plus, support is responsive. Thanks 🙂
29. desember, 2023
Avoid. Based only on the features, this is an very good solution for managing access to media resources. Technically, the only significant drawback is the ability to manage versions/generations/backups. The most significant failure with exceptionally poor support. The system responds slowly when listing more than 100 download items. I thought it may have been the way that I used the plug-in tools and I consulted with their support forum through several conversations. They provided only two comments - they checked and found (1) the response time to be acceptable (it took 6-10 seconds to render the list of items) and (2) presented a suggestion which had no relevance or applicability to the situation (a link to a generalized set of suggestions "how to speed up Wordpress" that any infant could find using Google and suggestions that had no specific connection to their system. The second issue was they updated their plug and and introduced a restriction that prevents my clients from downloading any files. This restriction was not documented in the update and they withdrew all support for several days shortly after the update. I relied on the graces of some users to restore an earlier version and get my users working again. Finally, after many attempts to connect and work with the developer, I decided to stop my update and support subscription as it was not helpful. They do not have any simple, easy access to discontinue subscriptions online. I sent two emails requesting that they cancel my subscription and stop billing my credit card. Their response was to renew and bill me again. I responded with more emails and received no reply. I started several messages through their online support chat (seems it has now been discontinue) and there was no response after explaining that I wanted to cancel my subscription. In the end, I had to contact my credit card provider to file a formal stop to prevent them from changing me. Recommendation - Do NOT provide them with any billing information - period. Do not rely on them for support. Do not rely on this plug-in and support a a "mission critical" component.
18. nóvember, 2023
I purchased the plugin and had an error on the package page, I created a ticket and within a few hours the issue was resolved. Awesome!
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3.2.86 – 2024.02.24

  • Fixed short-code parameter sanitization issue with category and direct download shortcodes

3.2.85 – 2024.02.20

  • Added new option to search package icons online
  • Fixed input sanitization issues with short-code parameters
  • Improved WPDM Query class

3.2.84 – 2024.01.16

  • Added new option to enable/disable password strength validation during signup

3.2.83 – 2023.12.01

  • Fixed an issue with the password validation for password-protected files

3.2.82 – 2023.11.15

  • Introduced a new constant WPDM_TAG to change wpdm tag taxonomy name
  • Fixed the issue with the sorting with file size in all downloads table

3.2.81 – 2023.11.01

  • Added password strength indicator with password field in signup form
  • Added option to disable master download link

3.2.80 – 2023.09.22

  • Fixed an issue with missing text in translation file
  • Optimized codebase

3.2.79 – 2023.09.19

  • Updated email templates
  • Compatibility update for new WordPress plugin guidelines

3.2.78 – 2023.09.13

  • Fixed an issue with the file attachment check function

3.2.77 – 2023.09.13

  • Fixed an issue with the modal login form
  • Improved file attachment option
  • Updated font awesome
  • Fixed an issue with the user agent handling class

3.2.76 – 2023.07.31

  • Fixed an issue with the wpdm session conflict with client and server side

3.2.75 – 2023.07.31

  • Compatibility update for WordPres 6.3
  • Fixed an issue with the password protected media files
  • Improved asset manager

3.2.74 – 2023.07.11

  • Added a new hook to control frontend styles
  • Added a shortcode parameter to add custom message to show when no package found

3.2.73 – 2023.06.14

  • Improved admin options for link/page templates
  • Improved page settings options

3.2.72 – 2023.05.19

  • Improved download stats
  • Fixed a shortcode parameter sanitization issue with the all downloads table and modal login form

3.2.71 – 2023.05.01

  • Fixed an issue with password lock option and expirable download links
  • Fixed a parameter sanitization issue with the members short-code
  • Fixed a parameter sanitization issue with the login form short-code
  • Fixed a parameter sanitization issue with the signup form short-code
  • Fixed a char encoding issue with file passwords
  • Introduced 3 constants WPDM_DISABLE_REMOTE_URL_ATTACHMENT, WPDM_DISABLE_MEDIA_ATTACHMENT, WPDM_DISABLE_SERVER_FILE_ATTACHMENT, in case you want to disable any of the file attachment option

3.2.70 – 2023.03.30

  • Optimized link/page template
  • Compatibility update for WordPress 6.2

3.2.69 – 2023.03.15

  • Redesigned admin settings ui
  • Fixed an issue with the password lock option

3.2.68 – 2023.03.09

  • Improved asset manager
  • Fixed an issue with the media access control

3.2.67 – 2023.02.12

  • Fixed a pagination issue with the asset manager

3.2.66 – 2023.01.23

  • Fixed an issue with the user signup function
  • Added pagination support with the asset manager
  • Added file search option with the asset manager
  • Improved file upload function

3.2.65 – 2023.01.04

  • Improved email templates
  • Improved internal codebase

3.2.64 – 2022.12.27

  • Fixed an issue on the settings page generated from the previous version

3.2.63 – 2022.12.27

  • Fixed input sanitization issue with image selector option field function
  • Fixed an issue with the text domain

3.2.62 – 2022.12.19

  • Fixed an input sanitization issue with modal login form shortcode
  • Added new link template

3.2.61 – 2022.12.11

  • Improved session management
  • Introduced custom cron url ( Settings >> Privacy >> Cache & Stats ) to clear cache, you can use the URL

3.2.60 – 2022.11.29

  • Fixed an input validation issue with the search bar in wpdm shortcodes
  • Added a new page template

3.2.59 – 2022.11.02

  • Improved admin options
  • Fixed a notice with all files table shortcode

3.2.58 – 2022.10.17

  • Fixed an issue with sorting by download count for packages shortcode
  • Fixed an issue with absolute path recovery for Windows server

3.2.57 – 2022.09.22

  • Fixed an issue with the view count function

3.2.56 – 2022.09.08

  • Fixed case sensitive file extension issue

3.2.55 – 2022.08.31

  • Fixed an issue with file browser root dir selection
  • Fixed an issue with URL encoding

3.2.54 – 2022.08.22

  • Improved asset manager
  • Updated font awesome
  • Fixed a few input sanitization and escape output issues

3.2.53 – 2022.08.03

  • Fixed an issue with the REQUEST_URI sanitization in modal login form

3.2.52 – 2022.07.28

  • Fixed an issue with the insert url option

3.2.51 – 2022.07.27

  • Revalidated attached file to avoid any blocked file type attachment

3.2.50 – 2022.07.26

  • Added option to allow/disallow proxy IP, disallowed by default

3.2.49 – 2022.07.06

  • Fixed several Authenticated Persistent XSS Issues, special thanks to m0ze

3.2.48 – 2022.07.03

  • Improved admin UI
  • Rechecked code and fixed 2 issues with esc attr

3.2.47 – 2022.06.30

  • Fixed input filtering issue with the Insert URL option

3.2.46 – 2022.06.29

  • Fixed input filtering issue with the Insert URL option

3.2.45 – 2022.06.23

  • Internal codebase update

3.2.44 – 2022.06.23

  • Improved email template options
  • Internal codebase improvements
  • Fixed 2 input sanitization issues with download history and login form template

3.2.43 – 2022.06.02

  • Fixed an input sanitization issue with shortcode iframe

3.2.42 – 2022.05.31

  • Compatibility update for WordPress 6.0
  • Improved asset manager
  • Improved default email template
  • Improved stats and history

3.2.41 – 2022.05.04

  • Improved select2 ui
  • Fixed an issue with template path detection
  • Fixed the password validation issue with the password lock
  • Fixed ssl error issue with the QR code template tag
  • Fixed the file download issue for the files when file name starts with space

3.2.40 – 2022.04.12

  • Fixed an issue with the password reset form

3.2.39 – 2022.03.14

  • Improved master key option
  • Fixed an issue with the css variable for Google web font

3.2.38 – 2022.03.08

  • Improved all downloads table, added support for wpdm acf add-on

3.2.37 – 2022.02.17

  • Compatibility update for wp 5.9
  • Improved admin options
  • Fixed an issue with the category shortcode

3.2.36 – 2022.02.02

  • Adjusted a backward compatibility issue for older php version
  • Fixed several variable escaping issues

3.2.35 – 2022.01.25

  • Fixed an issue with the password validation

3.2.34 – 2022.01.11

  • Fixed data sanitization issue on stats page
  • Optimized json api calls

3.2.33 – 2022.01.11

  • Codebase optimization
  • Changed name from WordPress Download Manager to Download Manager

3.2.32 – 2021.12.21

  • Fixed a wpdm add-on compatibility issue

3.2.31 – 2021.12.21

  • Improved input sanitization options

3.2.30 – 2021.12.27

  • Improved input sanitization options

3.2.29 – 2021.12.24

  • Fixed an undefined index notice on download page

3.2.28 – 2021.12.24

  • Fixed several input sanitization issues

3.2.27 – 2021.12.20

  • Improved add-ons page

3.2.26 – 2021.12.09

  • Adjusted some data sanitization issues

3.2.25 – 2021.12.06

  • Improved admin ui

3.2.24 – 2021.11.26

  • Fixed file path issue for wpdm-admin.js

3.2.23 – 2021.11.25

  • Fixed some sanitization issues
  • Removed chosen js library, using select2 now

3.2.22 – 2021.11.24

  • Fixed a security issue with the email template editor

3.2.21 – 2021.11.23

  • Added option to delete file from server
  • Improved admin UI
  • Fixed an issue with temp storage option

3.2.20 – 2021.10.24

  • Added function to clear temp storage and clear session data with Clear All Cache Button
  • Improved ui options

3.2.19 – 2021.10.21

  • Fixed an issue with cache storage setting

3.2.18 – 2021.10.06

  • Remove mbstring dependency

3.2.17 – 2021.10.06

  • Fixed a sanitization issue with the wpdm client cookie
  • Fixed js undefined variable issue with the modal login form

3.2.16 – 2021.09.27

  • Fixed an issue with the pagination function
  • Improved UI class
  • Improved category and packages shortcode
  • Fixed package sorting issue with the category and package shortcode
  • Fixed RTL layout issue with wpdm admin settings page

3.2.15 – 2021.08.18

  • Improved session manager class
  • Fixed an issue with with asset access checking function
  • Fixed an issue with the WidgetController class

3.2.14 – 2021.08.16

  • Fixed an issue with template file detection in child theme
  • Fixed file delete option with the asset manager

3.2.13 – 2021.08.04

  • Fixed a security issue around email template function
  • Fixed an issue …