Yoast Duplicate Post

The go-to tool for cloning posts and pages, including the powerful Rewrite & Republish feature.

Enrico Battocchi & Team Yoast 4+ milljónir active installations Prófað með 6.3.1 uppfært fyrir 5 dagar

Prepare New Version

Create the next version of your post while preserving its already online version.

Lionel POINTET, GLOBALIS media systems 10.000+ active installations Prófað með 4.0.38 uppfært fyrir 9 ár

Post Cloner

Post cloner allows you to easily make complete duplicates of any post on your site.…

Evan Herman, Ben Rothman 2.000+ active installations Prófað með 6.0.5 uppfært fyrir 1 ár

Limit Post Add-On

Limit-Post is one of the better WordPress post content limiters we have come across, both…

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