WPBuddy – Get Reliable WordPress Support


Streamline your customer support process with WP Problem Solvers Support Ticket. This plugin allows admin users on your WordPress site to easily create support tickets from the admin dashboard and integrates seamlessly with the WP Problem Solvers ticket system.


  • Download and Install the Plugin: The first step is to download and install the WPBuddy Support Ticket plugin on your WordPress site. The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Acquire a Maintenance Plan with WP Problem Solvers: To use the WPBuddy Support Ticket plugin, you will need a maintenance subscription plan with WP Problem Solvers. This plan provides access to a range of maintenance and support services.
  • Configure the Plugin with the API Key: After installing the plugin, you will need to configure it with your WP Problem Solvers API key. This key is provided to you when you sign up for a maintenance subscription plan. Once you’ve entered the API key into the plugin settings, you’re ready to start submitting support requests!
  • Submit Support Requests: With the WPBuddy Support Ticket plugin, submitting support requests is a breeze. Simply navigate to the support section of your WordPress site and fill out the support request form. Your request will be sent directly to the WP Problem Solvers ticket system, where it will be promptly handled by the site’s expert support team.
    Please note that you will need a maintenance subscription plan with WP Problem Solvers to use this plugin.
    Please visit WP Problem Solvers to learn more about our maintenance plans and support services.
    Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found here and here.


  1. Download the WPBuddy plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.
  2. Upload the WPBuddy plugin to your WordPress site.
  3. Activate the WPBuddy plugin in the WordPress plugins menu.
  4. Configure the WP Problem Solvers ticket system settings in the WPBuddy plugin settings.


Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

We currently offer support hours from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through Friday. If you submit a support ticket during off-hours, we will immediately attend to it during our regular support hours. With an advanced maintenance plan, we may be able to negotiate support on weekends or evenings for urgent issues.


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1.0.4 – 03/25/2023

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

1.0.3 – 03/22/2023

  • Added: API token validation
  • Fixed: UI issues

1.0.2 – 03/05/2023

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

1.0.1 – 03/03/2023

  • Fixed: Form css styling issues and minor bug fixes