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Do you want to accept payments along with user inputs in WordPress? Then Paymattic is the perfect plugin for you.

With Stripe checkout as well as built-in form builder functionalities, you can build any forms ranging from single payment amount/multiple payment items. Or, you can allow users to pay custom amounts if needed and even collect subscription payments.

Building beautiful and customizable payment forms has never been easier; and with Stripe integration, you can accept payments on form submission for free.

With easy to use and standard payment forms, customers can pay you in less than a minute without going to another page.


Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new rule coming into effect on September 14, 2019, as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe, will require changes to how your European customers authenticate online payments. Paymattic is completely compilable with SCA.

Create a form and accept payment via Multiple Payment Method


  • Unlimited payment forms
  • Easily take payment for a service from your site via multiple payment method.
  • Mobile First Optimized Form & multiple payment pages.
  • Ability to offer multiple products and plans in a single page.
  • Single Page, High converting payment process.
  • Optionally collect customer billing, shipping addresses and any other information in the checkout process.
  • Support for 14 languages, 30+ countries and 135+ currencies
  • PCI DSS and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support for improved security.
  • Accept donation on your WordPress site
  • View detailed reports of your payments form submissions by status, search and export them easily.
  • Option to configure a customized notification email to be sent to the payee after the transaction is complete. (Pro)
  • View detailed reports on revenue, customers, form performance, and more.

Stripe Checkout Fields

  • Stripe checkout.js popup option
  • Stripe Elements Checkout option with securely embedded feature

General Input Fields in Paymattic

  • Name Field
  • Email Field
  • Single Line Text Field
  • Phone Number Field
  • Textarea Field
  • Number Field
  • Dropdown Field
  • Radio Field
  • Checkbox Field
  • Date Field
  • Hidden Input Field
  • HTML Markup Field
  • Password Field
  • Consent/Terms & Conditions Field
  • File Upload Field (Pro)
  • Address Field (Pro)
  • Mask Input Field (Pro)

Donation & Product Input Fields in Paymattic

  • Payment Item Field
  • Item Quantity Field
  • User Defined Amount Field
  • Payment Summary Field
  • Subscription Payment Item Field (Pro)
  • Tabular Product Items Field (Pro)
  • Donation Progress Field (Pro)
  • Tax Calculated Amount Field (Pro)
  • Coupon Field (Pro)

Payment Method Input Fields in Paymattic

  • Card Elements (Stripe)
  • Choose Payment Method Field (Pro)
  • PayPal Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Paystack Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Mollie Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Square Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Offline/Check Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • Payrexx Payment Gateway (Pro)
  • SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway (Pro)

  • and more on the way

Currency Settings

Paymattic supports 135+ currencies (same as Stripe) so you can accept any currency type you want. Each form can have their own currency type. For example, in Form A you can accept USD, and in Form B you can accept Euro.

Paymattic Design Settings

You can customize your payment and donation form design styles from a wide range of design settings including label position, submit button position, form labels and styling for input fields. The form will look great in any themes you use. Not only that, the payment forms are completely responsive and will fit to screens of all display sizes.

Submission Management

With built-in submission management system, you can see the total view of your submissions, which payments have failed and which are completed. You can filter by status and form.

In individual submission page, you can see the complete data, order items as payment table, payment, and activity. You can also change the payment status easily. The submissions can have their own notes too.

Event Registration Form with Built-in Payment Processing

With Stripe Payment Form Plugin for WordPress – Paymattic, You can easily design a form for your next awesome event/webinar and start receiving payments along with the register information. You can see the data in your dashboard as well as you can send automated emails to your register or yourself.
With the built-in reporting module, You can track the failed/success/pending payments and use the data for your business.

Built-in Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe Payment Form Plugin for WordPress – Paymattic offers Stripe payment gateway, Where you can just connect your stripe account and start accepting payments securely. We added both on-site payment and Stripe element checkout.

High Conversion Stripe Payment Forms in WordPress

Design a high conversion Payment form is hard. This plugin make it easy for you. In few minutes, you can build a high conversion form and start accepting payments with Stripe for free right way. With the pro version, you can also accept payments using PayPal, Mollie, Razorpay, Paystack, Payrexx, Square, SSLCOMMERZ.

Accept Donation on your WordPress site

Accepting donations got easier with Paymattic’s Stripe payment processing. Now your users can fluently donate to your site with just a couple of clicks. Your users can manually set the amount and make the donation. Optionally, You can set a default amount and minimum amount to make the process lot easier.

Super Fast and Lightweight Form

This is a super fast form builder and only loads CSS and JS if you add the payment form in a page. Every line of CSS and JS is useful and there has no extra CSS and JS. For a normal form, it loads less than 30KB of CSS and JS files combined. This Paymattic builder plugin will not slow down your site. It’s the fastest form builder plugin in WordPress.

Pre-Built Forms to get started easily

  • Contact Form – With Paymattic you can easily build a contact form in your site without any payment related fields. It will show the contact information beautifully on the WordPress Backend.
  • Donation Form – We have build a donation form for you and with one click you can create a donation form easily and start accepting donation for your organization.
  • Event Registration Form with Payment – Planning to start your next event? Then you can use this form template where you can take basic register information and accept payment for the event. This is very easy to create an Event Registration Form.
  • Many More Forms – We have added many forms and you can build any type of form easily.

Supports PayPal Payments (Pro)

Use as a Contact Form

You can use Paymattic as a contact form plugin. With the built-in form builder, you can create any types of form and use as a contact/Subscription form where you can see all the submitted data in the backend.

Available Demos

Documentation and User Guide

Getting Started with Paymattic

Payment Form Configuration

Managing Payment Form Entries

Paymattic Pro Features

  • Accept subscription payments
  • Accept payment using PayPal
  • Accept payment using Mollie
  • Accept payment using Razorpay
  • Accept payment using Paystack
  • Accept payment using Payrexx
  • Accept payment using Square
  • Accept payment using SSLCOMMERZ

  • Let your users choose from the available payment methods

  • Form scheduling
  • Restricted form submissions based on entries count by payment statuses
  • Build an event registration form with payments
  • Send Emails on Form Submission / Payment Success
  • Create Tabular Product where user can just input quantity of the products and pay
  • File upload field
  • Export Data in CSV/Excel/JSON/ODS
  • Print Single Submission
  • Tax Calculated Amount
  • Custom Email send on form/payment submission
  • Discount code for payment items

Accept Recurring or Subscription payments with Stripe / PayPal (Pro)

Sometimes, You need to accept subscription payments like $9.99/month. You can do that easily with Paymattic Pro. You can setup your recurring payments details and start accepting the payments via card payments (Stripe) / PayPal. Your users don’t need to create an account to make payments.
It’s easy, convenient and most importantly, It will increase your conversion rate.

Features Tracker

  • Payment Receipt Page (DONE)
  • Submission Activity and custom notes (DONE)
  • Email Notifications (Done)
  • Export Data as CSV/Excel/JSON *(Done)
  • Accept Subscription Payments (Done)
  • Added security fields reCAPTCHA (Done)
  • Implementing Stripe Checkout Version 3 (Done)
  • Better Recurring Payment Management (Done)
  • Send bulk emails to the submitters and filter by payment statuses (On development)

This plugin is a very planned project, and we have a long term development plan for this. We already invested around 400 human working hours (+coffees) on it, and we have the intention to spend much more on it. Please let us know what features you want, and we are happy to add that in our development sprint.

The full source code is available on Github.

Other Plugins by WPManageNinja


  • Dashboard
  • Pre-Build Forms
  • Easy Form Builder
  • Form and Payment Screen
  • Payment Receipt
  • Submissions
  • Reporting
  • Email Notification Settings (Pro)
  • Form Confirmation Settings
  • Form Scheduling Settings
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Settings
  • Submission Details (2nd Part)


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Paymattic -> Forms -> Add a Form to create a form and get started.


Are the payment forms build with this plugin responsive?

Payment and donation forms created with Paymattic Plugin are mobile responsive and looks beautiful on any device.

Which payment methods are available currently?

You can accept payment with Stripe. But with Paymattic Pro you can use PayPal, Mollie, Razorpay, Haystack, Payrexx, Square, SSLCOMMERZ too.

Does the plugin save form submissions?

Yes, all user submitted data will be saved on your WordPress site and you can view them anytime with detailed data.

How many forms can I build with this plugin?

You can build as many forms as you want, there is no restriction.

Do I have to be a developer or hire one to use this plugin?

Absolutely not! Our main goal is to make it easy as much as possible for all kinds of users. We have very powerful features for developers too where they can hook to different action and filters.

Can I build regular forms without payment methods?

Yes, you can build regular forms without adding payment methods. It has a powerful form builder where you can build any sort of forms.

Can I build Contact Forms?

Yes, with Paymattic, you can build contact forms too.

Is the plugin secure?

This plugin is highly secured and we have implemented all the standard security features. Plus, we have used official Stripe’s checkout.js and elements.js so all the forms created with Paymattic is secure.

How I can contribute to this project

You are most welcome. You can do the following:


6. febrúar, 2022
I have been using this for a while now and recently came up with a compatibility issue with the plugin on one of my sites, the ninja team sorted it within a matter of hours
1. febrúar, 2022
The plugin worked initially and so it was decided to pay for WPPayForms then a few updates later it has thrown the websites both on a paid single licence and on a free version. They tried to recreate the problem and on upload of it did not work despite removing the plugin from both websites - nothing. I want a refund and will find a Payment form that works with WordPress consistently.
27. desember, 2021
I had an issue with the file upload not refreshing. I created a user account for them, they logged in and created a video of the problem and resolution, emailed me the link, and resolved the issue. I have never experienced support as attentive as this. Kudos to them. By the way, I love the plugin.
24. nóvember, 2021
The plugin is very good, but Please, remove the jQuery dependency and replace it with vanilla JavaScript. Currently "WPPayForm" is loading jQuery on the front-end, and this is Very BAD for the overall Performance. Once this issue is fixed, I will change my review to 5 stars.
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4.0.1 – June 20, 2022

  • Fixes reports no data validation
  • Fixes Menu spell issue

4.0.0 – June 15, 2022

  • Adds New UI with more light free and pro plugin
  • Adds Global Reports modules for payments
  • Adds subscription sync option
  • Adds Donation field
  • Adds Phone field
  • Adds Payment summary
  • Adds Square payment gateway
  • Adds Payrexx payment gateway
  • Adds SSLCOMMERZ payment Gateway
  • Adds Form Indivisual stripe settings.
  • Adds Custom paypal settings for indivisual form
  • Adds Stripe donation
  • Adds Card supports for stripe settings
    (Ideal,FPX, BACS dirrect debit(UK), Bancontact,
    Giropay, Przelewy24 (P24), EPS)
  • Adds Webhook adds
  • Adds Telegram
  • Adds Zapier
  • Adds Twillo (SMS)
  • Adds more prebuild demo forms
  • Adds realtime searchable forms
  • Adds export form searchable
  • Adds Payment method with image format.
  • Fixes default pay method dropdown
  • Fixes email shortcode issues
  • Fixes receipt shortcode issues
  • Fixes typo in different section
  • Fixes zero decimal currency issue
  • Fixes PayPal IPN issue
  • Fixes 15+ unlisted bugs

3.0.1 – Nov 17, 2021

  • Fixes Export issue
  • Fixes Accessibility issue

3.0.0 – Nov 08, 2021

  • Adds New codebase & security improvements
  • Adds Mollie payment gateway (One-time payment)
  • Adds Razorpay payment gateway (One-time payment)
  • Adds Paystack payment gateway (One-time payment)
  • Adds Activecampaign CRM
  • Adds Mailchimp CRM
  • Adds Asynchronous notification trigger
  • Adds FluentCRM integration
  • Adds Slack integration
  • Adds Coupon with multiple subscription
  • Adds Bulk Resend Notification
  • Adds Theme independent form preview
  • Adds secure API implementation
  • Adds reCAPTCHA validation on global reCAPTCHA settings
  • Adds Entry UI/UX Improvement
  • Adds Gutenberg Block
  • Adds Debug environment
  • Adds Payment pending notification on receipt
  • Adds New payment shortcodes
  • Adds New entry filter
  • Adds Searchable editor fields
  • Adds Password field
  • Adds Email attachments
  • Adds Create user on submit/payment paid (if any pay item)
  • Adds Entry-Log tag & Log remove option
  • 10+ new unlisted features for developers & users
  • Fixes Coupon issue for zero decimal
  • Fixes Coupon min-amount validation issue
  • Fixes Invoice empty payment item issue
  • Fixes Custom amount shows ceil value issue
  • Fixes User input pay amount button issue
  • Fixes Email Handler issue
  • Fixes Inline payment coupon issue
  • Fixes Button processing text translation issue
  • Fixes Submission local time issue
  • Fixes PayPal 100% coupon issue
  • Fixes Email special character issue for post_title
  • Fixes Duplicate login notification issue
  • Fixes Empty form items validation issue
  • Fixes 20 more unlisted bugs

2.1.0 – Mar 17, 2021

  • Fixes Zero-amount on payment issue
  • Fixes Rounding error issue on tax

2.0.3 – Mar 17, 2021

  • Fixes checkout logo upload issue

2.0.2 – Mar 15, 2021

  • Fixes footer merged issue

2.0.1 – Mar 05, 2021

  • Adds nonce security for ajax
  • Fixes resend notification issue

2.0.0 – Feb 17, 2021

  • Adds resend / manual email notification
  • Adds disable fields for later use
  • Adds user access control / role base access
  • Adds quick update entry status (new/read)
  • Adds terms condition field to free version
  • Adds abandoned item filter
  • Adds recurring quantity for stripe
  • Adds bulk delete option for entries
  • Adds payment field with photo
  • Adds max quantity for tabular item
  • Adds transaction-id shortcode
  • Adds shortcode for all_input_field_html_with_empty
  • Adds recurring payment for dashboard widget
  • Adds new entry count on menu
  • Fixes recurring subscription daily basis
  • Fixes stripe long-meta data issue
  • Fixes confirmation page shortcode issue
  • Fixes stripe-customer name and email issue
  • Fixes payPal recurring notification issue
  • Fixes timestamp on universal timezone issue
  • Fixes title bar typo
  • Fixes elementor popup issue
  • Fixes missing translation issue
  • Fixes payPal docs link issue
  • Fixes required login message issue
  • Fixes non paid item on receipt
  • Fixes shortcode on url issue
  • Fixes multi-site deprecated hook issue
  • Fixes email empty fields issue
  • Fixes payment success action hook issue
  • Fixes created and entry time mismatch
  • Fixes missing placeholder for confirm email
  • Fixes file upload issue
  • Fixes recurring payment currency icon issue
  • Fixes missing stripe billing info on multiple payment

1.9.91 – May 02, 2020

  • Stripe Payment Issues has been resolved
  • CSV export issue fixed
  • Receipt Issue resolved
  • IP logging issue resolved

1.9.8 – February 02, 2020

  • Improve SCA Payments processing
  • Fix few form handling bug
  • Internal Architecture improvements
  • Fix email and receipt email issues
  • Ability to push all the form data as stripe meta

1.9.3 – September 15, 2019

  • Improved Payment Receipt
  • Upgrade Stripe API version
  • Fix Currency Formatter
  • Email bug issue fixed

1.9.2 – September 15, 2019

  • Improved Stripe Thank you page
  • 0 Quantity product bug fix
  • Validation Bug fix
  • Better asset management
  • Date Field bug fix
  • Internet explorer error fix
  • PHP improvement

1.9.0 – September 13, 2019

  • SCA integration
  • Added Stripe Checkout version 3
  • Fix Date Picker Bug
  • Frontend Notification Fix
  • Frontend Validation
  • Fully re-write the frontend JS. It’s more faster now
  • Design improvement

1.2.6 – August 08, 2019

  • Fix Stripe webhook
  • Addded Advanced settings in editor
  • Added payment method on placeholders.
  • Improve performance

1.2.5 – July 18, 2019

  • Added Google reCAPTCHA version 2 and 3
  • Fix Asterisk sign
  • Fix function undefined error
  • Fix issues on various types.

1.2.1 – July 01, 2019

  • Fix PayPal Payments for Taxable Items
  • Fix Stripe Trial Period Amounts
  • Rename The plugin
  • Added source vue files

1.2.0 – June 19, 2019

  • Fix Zero Decimal Currency for other elements
  • Added Confirm email field
  • Performance Improvement
  • Added more developer hooks
  • UI Upgrades for Admin Panel
  • Added Meta Tables

1.1.6 – June 02, 2019

  • Fix Zero Decimal Currency charges
  • Added Dashboard Widget
  • Improvement of Editor

1.1.5 – March 21, 2019

  • Added Reporting screen
  • New Date Time picker
  • HTML field bug fix
  • added new hooks for developers
  • Stripe Payment Method initialization fix
  • Overall improvements
  • Added new form fields
  • estimated human hours for this release: 60 hours & Coffees

1.0.1 – March 01, 2019

  • Fix small bugs
  • Fix pagination issues for form entries

1.0.0 – February 15, 2019

  • initial release