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WP Hotkeys helps you navigate your dashboard as quickly as possible with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts. After installing WP Hotkeys, you will see the default hotkey hints display in brackets next to each standard menu item in the admin. Typing a hotkey will access the associated top-level admin menu item (e.g. Pages), and will display any submenu items and activate their associated hotkeys (e.g. All Pages, Add New). At any point you can use the arrow keys to navigate between menu items (left/right will enter/exit submenus), and the enter key to navigate to the active (underlined) menu item.


WP Hotkeys settings can be found at Settings > WP Hotkeys.


  • Works right out of the box with built-in default hotkeys for each standard dashboard menu item.
  • Hotkey hints next to each menu item help you remember your shortcuts (can be toggled on/off).
  • Fully customizable – define your own hotkeys.
  • Lightweight – less than 4kb minified jQuery.
  • Built-in warning to let you know if you have duplicate hotkeys.

Coming Soon…

  • Export/import your favorite hotkey setup
  • Define custom URL/hotkey pairings


  • WP Hotkeys settings page
  • Hotkey hints in the dashboard


  1. Install the plugin.
  2. You’ll now see hotkey hints displaying next to your dashboard menu items.
  3. Go to Settings > WP Hotkeys to create your own custom hotkeys, toggle hotkey hinting on/off, and more.


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  • Switch to Grunt workflow
  • Add translations


  • Removed anonymous function call for older PHP versions.
  • Improved duplicate hotkey detection.


  • Same as 0.9.5 since changes didn’t upload.


  • Fixed bug in which hotkeys weren’t being removed when tabbing into textarea (replaced „textfield“ with „textarea“ in jQuery).


  • Switched short PHP opening tag <? to full tag <?php


  • Fixed array initialization issue [], instead of array()


  • Fixed JS error for undefined subMenuLink


  • Added video to readme
  • Fixed incorrect initialization of array on line 103 of admin.php


  • Initial release.