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WP Foundation Shortcodes


WP Foundation Shortcodes Plugin makes your ZURB Foundation website to the most powerful framework by styling your content with shortcodes.

WP Foundation Shortcodes Demo

For best results use with Zurb Foundation 5 responsive theme

You can use ‘{}’ in every shortcode item, e.g. ‘[row {data-equalizer}]’, to get ‘<div class=“row“ data-equalizer>’.


  • Shortcodes are easy to use (first of all, make sure that the editing mode is set to Visual)
  • No need to paste shortcode in editor
  • Add button control to TinyMCE editor
  • Select the shortcode you want to insert
  • Popup with choices of parameters
  • No additional JS or CSS files

All available shortcodes are conditionally divided into these groups:

  1. Posts: posts grid, posts list, posts lightbox, posts cycle
  2. Buttons: button, button groups, radio button group, split buttons, dropdown, button option group
  3. Elements: label, blockquotes, icon, address, inline list, keystroke, horisontal rule, clear
  4. Callouts & Prompts: alert box, panel, tooltip, banner, comments, service box, categories, tags
  5. Content: pricing table, progressbar, table, accordion, tabs, equalizer
  6. Grid: grid, block grid
  7. Widgets: google map, product card, product card with hover effects, social login buttons, pricing table recommended, pricing table animated
  8. Media: orbit slider, silck slider, thumbnail, cliaring lightbox, video
  9. Forms: switchers, range slider

The plugin contains a lot of shortcodes and widgets, we worked hard to make it easy for you.

Arbitrary section

Requires a theme built with Foundation 5.

A brief Markdown Example

  1. [label color=“secondary“ corners=“round“]Round Secondary Label[/label]
  2. [button color=“alert“ size=“large“ icon=“fa fa-exclamation-triangle“]Large Alert Button[/button]
  3. [blockquote author=“Cicero“ class=“my_custom_class“]At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio[/blockquote]
  4. [icon icon=“fa-warning“ size=“40px“ color=“red“ class=“my_custom_class“]Alert[/icon]
  5. [range_slider direction=“horizontal“ corners=“radius“ class=“my_custom_class“ initial_value=“10″ start_value=“0″ end_value=“100″ step=“0″]
  6. [address title=“Gaius Baltar“ class=“my_custom_class“]123 Colonial Ave.
    Caprica City
    Caprica, 12345[/address]
  7. [alert_box color=“alert“ corners=“radius“ class=“my_custom_class“ icon=“fa-exclamation-triangle“ close=“yes“]This is an alert with radius corners[/alert_box]
  8. [dropdown button_text=“Down“ button_size=“small“ button_color=“alert“ dropdown_autoclose=“yes“ dropdown_open_on_hover=“no“]This is a link
    This is another
    Yet another[/dropdown]
  9. [pricing_table title=“Standard“ price=“$99.99″ description=“An awesome description“ item_name_1=“1 Database“ item_name_2=“5GB Storage“ item_name_3=“20 Users“ button_text=“Buy Now“ link=“#“ target=“_blank“ class=“my_custom_class“]
  10. [progressbar value=“60″ color=“success“ corners=“round“ class=“my_custom_class“]
  11. [table caption=“Foundation table“ colwidth=“20|100|50″ colalign=“left|left|center|left|right“]
  12. [accordions] [accordion title=“title1″ active=“yes“] tab content [/accordion] [accordion title=“title2″] another content tab
    [/accordion] [/accordions]
  13. [tabs direction=“horizontal“ class=“my_custom_class“][tab title=’Title #1′] Tab 1 content… [/tab] [tab title=’Title #2′] Tab 2 content… [/tab] [tab title=’Title #3′] Tab 3 content… [/tab][/tabs]
  14. [equalizers] [equalizer title=“Panel 1″] Panel 1 text … [/equalizer] [equalizer title=“Panel 2″] Panel 2 text … [/equalizer] [equalizer title=“Panel 3″] Panel 3 a lot of text text text text… [/equalizer] [/equalizers]

To full documentation.


  • how it looks after installation
  • shortcode pop-up in the TinyMCE Editor
  • buttons example
  • labels example
  • range sliders example
  • alerts example
  • dropdowns example
  • pricing table example
  • progressbars example
  • table example
  • accordion example
  • tabs example
  • equalizer example


Unzip file, and upload ‘wp-foundation-shortcode’ folder to your plugins folder: /wp-content/plugins/

In the admin panel, click Plugins menu, active WP Foundation Shortcodes.

Now you can see the new button in the TinyMCE Editor, use these button to create great responsive pages/posts content. Pay attention, you need to use ‘Visual’ mode in TinyMCE Editor

1, 2, 3: You’re done!


Can I use this if my theme isn’t built with Foundation 5?

Some elements will work if the theme is built with Foundation 4, but other than that, no. See how to upgrade Foundation 4.


20. febrúar, 2018
Great plugin that is clear and simple to use. Some similar plugins are more visual with icons but actually make it harder to find the item you are looking for. The simple and clear text menus of this plugin make it quick and easy to get things done. Even our non-technical staff use it to add foundation elements to pages. It also seems well maintained as we found others were horribly outdated. Good work keep it up!
31. mars, 2017
I was looking for an easy table solution and this plugin in conjunction with a bit of css works perfect! – Thanks
3. september, 2016
Was going to send this plugin out to over 12,000 viewers on our YT channel and can NOT get it to work at all. None of the shortcodes work. Very bummed.
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Interested in development?

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Release Date – 03 July 2015
* Added option to switch off loading Font awesome
* Added option ‘free attributes’ for all shrortcode items
* Font awesome CDN link updated to latest version


Release Date – 24 September 2015
*Bugs fixing


Release Date – 24 September 2015
* Allow shortcodes in widgets


  • small design changes


Release Date – 18 September 2015
* Added ‘Posts Lightbox’ shortcode
* Added ‘Tags’ shortcode
* Added ‘Categories’ shortcode
* Added ‘Comments’ shortcode
* Added ‘Banner’ shortcode
* Added ‘Service Box’ shortcode
* Added options in dashboard plugin settings to enable/disable google map api and slick slider JS/CSS upload. It’s necessary to avoid unnecessary scripts uploading
* Font-awesome styles changed to CDN
* Google map api script changed to CDN
* Slick slider script/styles changed to CDN
* Added ‘Posts Cycle’ shortcode


Release Date – 10 September 2015
* Added ‘Posts Grid’ shortcode
* Added ‘Posts List’ shortcode


Release Date – 10 September 2015
* PHP Class structure changed
* Added ‘Slick Slider’ shortcode
* Added ‘Clearing Lightbox’ shortcode
* Admin menu page added
* Added ‘Button Groups’ shortcode
* Added ‘Split Buttons’ shortcode
* Added ‘Switch’ shortcode
* Added ‘Inline List’ shortcode
* Added ‘Link’ shortcode
* Added ‘Panel’ shortcode
* Added ‘Tooltip’ shortcode
* Added ‘Hr’ shortcode
* ‘Alert Box’ shortcode improved, added types
* Added ‘Product Card’ widget
* Added ‘Product Card with hover effects’ widget
* ‘Progress’ shortcode improved, added colors
* Added SCSS files based on Compass
* ‘Switch’ shortcode improved: added On & Off label
* Added ‘Radio Button Group’ shortcode
* Added ‘Option Button Group’ shortcode
* Added ‘Social Login Button’ shortcode


Release Date – 04 September 2015
* Fixed bug in ‘tabs’ shortcode
* Fixed php notice messages
* Documentation improved
* Added ‘2 Columns Grid’ shortcode
* Added ‘3 Columns Grid’ shortcode
* Added ‘4 Columns Grid’ shortcode
* Added ‘Blocks grid’ shortcode
* Added ‘Google Map’ shortcode
* Added ‘Video’ shortcode
* Added ‘Orbit’ shortcode
* Added ‘Thumbnail’ shortcode


Release Date – 01 September 2015
* first version