WP Event Manager – Easily Build your Calendar of Events!


Suffering with a complicated and feature-bloated event management plugin is not a situation you need to be in. You’ll want an intuitive, snappy way to create events fast. What’s more, you’ll need a quick way to set events up regardless of whether they are in-person, virtual, or everything in between. WP Event Manager is a lightweight and scalable plugin that helps you implement a full-featured event management system within WordPress for both live and virtual events.

WP Event Manager works out of the box with practically every WordPress theme, so you won’t need to develop any custom solutions or make extra purchases. It also offers a number of ways to customize the look of your events listings, and you can even supercharge your event management using premium add-ons.

Both attendees and site owners love to use WP Event Manager, and our team is ready to stand by your side to help you run any and every event you hold:

“…users rave about the developer support for the free version of the plugin…”
– Brian Jackson, woorkup

It’s the number one way to set up and list events on your WordPress website.

👉🏻 WP Event Manager: Everything You Need to Manage Your Events for Free

If you want to set up events in a hurry, WP Event Manager has all the core features and functionalities you need to create a robust event management system in just a few minutes:

  • Add, remove, and organize your event listings using the familiar WordPress interface – you won’t need to leave the dashboard.
  • Assign event locations to each of your events, and group them by those locations.
  • Create custom event fields, to help you personalize your events and make them unique.
  • Event organizers can log in and access full event management features, such as viewing, editing, deleting, and canceling events.
  • Get live previews of every event you create, so you’ll know how your attendees will see your event listing.
  • Display each event listing by simply using shortcodes within your content. There are different shortcodes to help you present your events in many different ways.

👉🏻 Give Users the Power to Find Events Through Search

Once you add events to your site, you’ll want users to find them. WP Event Manager includes lots of ways to direct your users towards your events, fast:

  • You can search and filter events on the front-end using shortcodes. Each listing is ‘AJAX-powered’ for a super slick presentation.
  • Guests and registered users can submit and manage event listings using a front-end form.
  • You’re able to easily attach an email address and/or website URL to each event listing, so users have more ways to find your event, and search engines get the opportunity to index it.
  • A user can also employ built-in RSS functionality to subscribe to similar events, meaning they’ll never miss your next one.
  • There is full-featured taxonomy management included in WP Event Manager, and users can also filter events based on their current location.

There’s more to discover about WP Event Manager, and our website and documentation have everything you need to know about the complete experience.

👉🏻 WP Event Manager Provides a Class-Leading User Experience

WP Event Manager is a user-focused event management solution, and provides a class-leading experience for every user:

  • The plugin offers typical cross-browser support for Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera.
  • The interface is smooth to scroll through, thanks for AJAX-powered design elements. What’s more, it looks fantastic on all screen sizes.
  • There are widgets available for recent events, upcoming events, and featured events. This means you can display your events almost anywhere on your site. With our premium Calendar add-on, you can display calendar events in multiple places on your website, in a number of different ways.
  • Every user gets comprehensive documentation and video tutorials on how to get the best out of WP Event Manager.
  • There are lots of different ways to get support if you need it. Free WP Event Manager users can submit a request to our dedicated WordPress.org forum. There’s also a support forum to provide a community that’s ready to help you solve any issues you have with WP Event Manager.

Site owners love WP Event Manager, and so do users. This is why it’s the leading event management plugin on the market:

“…This is a valuable plugin that many WordPress users can benefit from.…”
David Coleman – WP Mayor

You’ll find plenty of five-star reviews and recommendations across our site, and here on WordPress.org too!

👉🏻 A Developer-Focused Event Management Plugin for Serious WordPress Businesses

Developers will also love to work with WP Event Manager. It’s a clean, well-coded solution under the hood that comes with a number of helpful inclusions:

  • Search engine optimization built into the code as standard.
  • A translation-ready codebase to help globalize event copy.
  • Caching support, to keep things running fast and friction-free.
  • Plenty of endpoints and template files to provide deep customization to the core WP Event Manager code.
  • A debug mode to ensure your WP Event Manager installation runs smooth at all times.

You can also contribute to WP Event Manager – the WP Event Manager GitHub Repository is always looking for new contributors to help with the project. Regardless of whether you are a stie owner, end user, or developer, WP Event Manager is the go-to event management plugin for WordPress.

👉🏻 WP Event Manager Offers Translations Into a Number of Different Languages

The WP Event Manager plugin offers over 40 inbuilt translations, making sure your events setup is easy and immediately available in your own language:

✔️ Arabic – (ar)
✔️ Arabic (Algerian) – (arq)
✔️ Arabic (Moroccan) – (ary)
✔️ Bengali – (bn_BD)
✔️ Bulgarian – (bg_BG)
✔️ Chinese (China) – (zh_CN)
✔️ Dutch – (nl_NL)
✔️ English (Australia) – (en_AU)
✔️ English (UK) – (en_GB)
✔️ English (Canada) – (en_CA)
✔️ English (New Zealand) – (en_NZ)
✔️ English (South Africa) – (en_ZA)
✔️ French – (fr_FR)
✔️ French (Belgium) – (fr_BE)
✔️ German – (de_DE)
✔️ German (Switzerland) – (de_CH)
✔️ Greek – (el)
✔️ Hebrew – (he_IL)
✔️ Hindi – (hi_IN)
✔️ Icelandic – (is_IS)
✔️ Indonesian – (id_ID)
✔️ Italian – (it_IT)
✔️ Japanese – (ja)
✔️ Latvian – (lv)
✔️ Lithuanian – (lt_LT)
✔️ Nepali – (ne_NP)
✔️ Polish – (pl_PL)
✔️ Portuguese (Brazil) – (pt_BR)
✔️ Portuguese (Portugal) – (pt_PT)
✔️ Romanian – (ro_RO)
✔️ Russian – (ru_RU)
✔️ Serbian – (sr_RS)
✔️ Sinhala – (si_LK)
✔️ Slovak – (sk_SK)
✔️ Spanish (Spain) – (es_ES)
✔️ Spanish (Mexico) – (es_MX)
✔️ Spanish (Colombia) – (es_CO)
✔️ Spanish (Chile) – (es_CL)
✔️ Swedish – (sv_SE)
✔️ Turkish – (tr_TR)
✔️ Ukrainian – (uk)
✔️ Vietnamese – (vi)

WP Event Manager also supports Right-To-Left (RTL) languages as standard, so you can use the plugin for international events, regardless of your target primary language.

More languages are earmarked for addition in the future too. We’d love more contributors to our translation efforts, and you can assist through the translate.wordpress.org website!

👉🏻 Get More From Your Event Management Using Premium Add-Ons

The free version of WP Event Manager is full-featured and ready to use. However, if you want more functionality without learning to code (or hiring a developer), the plugin lets you purchase and install a number of add-ons to enhance your experience.

👥 Registrations
Attendees can register for events using a form, and organizers can view and manage registrations from WordPress.

🎟 Sell Tickets
Gives you the ability to integrate the ability to sell tickets for your events with WooCommerce – the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. You can create multiple event tickets for purchase (or that you can redeem) during submission.

🗓 Calendar
This lets you display an event calendar that lists upcoming events on your website. We think calendar events are the most convenient way to display your listings!

🗺 Google Maps
This add-on lets you integrate the popular map functionality on your site. You can find events based on location, and the add-on also enables proximity search on your site.

📆 Recurring Events
If you need to create a batch of events to generate on a regular basis, this add-on will be perfect.

📝 Attendee Information
Coordination is a big part of event management, and this add-on lets you collect information about the attendees at the point of registration.

Getting notifications about your events will help you manage them better. This add-on will send you notifications in three situations: when you submit an event, when you approve an event, and when an event is over.

🎨 Colors
While there is a lot of customization within WP Event Manager, the Colors add-on gives you more options. With this add-on you’re able to change the colors for the event type and categories, to help direct visitors to the right event listing.

WP Event Manager can also be your virtual event platform too. Our Expo Networking add-on turns your WordPress website into a live streaming platform that includes a number of necessary features:

  • A 360-degree experience, including one-to-one meeting rooms, virtual booths, and much more.
  • A great-looking ‘reception area’, designed to greet attendees and direct them to the right room or booth.
  • You can include polls, Question-and-Answer sessions, and other ‘fact-finding’ engagement features.
  • Speaking of which, you can also implement other engagement functionalities including speed networking, breakout rooms, and more.

Combined with our Speaker and Schedule, and Registrations add-ons, you’ll have a complete live streaming platform ready to go, from within your WordPress dashboard.

👉🏻 Choose Bundles to Grab Related WP Event Manager Add-Ons for Your Site

We package a number of add-ons in three different bundles, to save you money and offer you related functionality at a steal:

👤 Personal Bundle
You’ll find every add-on we produce in one complete package.

📡 Virtual Bundle
This provides a collection of add-ons to help you run online events and expos, so you can set up a virtual event platform of your own.

💻 Developer Bundle
This bundle also provides all of our add-ons, but lets you use them on five different domains.

Whatever your budget, WP Event Manager has a solution to help you implement top-notch event management for your site. Regardless, the free version of the plugin is free forever, and its core functionality will always be free.

👉🏻 Documentation and Support

There are lots of ways to find out the information you need to use WP Event Manager in an optimal way:

  • For answers to basic questions on WP Event Manager, WordPress, and our ecosystem, you’ll want to look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on our site.
  • For general information, our knowledge base is the best place to head to.
  • If you’re a visual learner, the WP Event Manager YouTube channel offers lots of guides to both basic and advanced use cases.
  • Social media users will want to join the Facebook community for WP Event Manager.
  • Developers should head over to Slack or GitHub to ask any questions, and find out more about how WP Event Manager is customizable to fulfil different project requirements.

As with every WordPress plugin, you can ask for general support from the free version of WP Event Manager on the dedicated WordPress.org support forum. Premium support customers have a specific point on our site to direct tickets.


  • The submit Event Form.

  • Submit Event Preview.

  • A Single Event Listing.

  • Event Search Filters

  • Event Listing - Line Layout

  • Event Listing - Box Layout

  • Frontend - Event Dashboard.

  • Backend - Event Dashboard.

  • Add New Event From Backend - Admin Panel.

  • Add Event Type From Backend - Admin Panel.

  • Add Event Category From Backend - Admin Panel.

  • Event Listing Settings From Backend - Admin Panel.

  • Event Submission Settings From Backend - Admin Panel.

  • Event Page Settings From Backend - Admin Panel.


What does the free version of WP Event Manager give me?

You can manage your event listings in full, such as adding, removing, and organizing them using the WordPress dashboard. You can also create custom event fields. You’re able to assign locations to an event, and group collections using those locations.

For all other functionality, you’ll want to make use of any of our premium add-ons for WP Event Manager.

How do I set up WP Event Manager?

Our installation guide will help you get WP Event Manager onto your WordPress system. Adding your first event is straightforward, and for most cases, you’ll simply need to insert a shortcode into your content.

Can I use WP Event Manager without front-end submissions?

Of course! You can use WP Event Manager without submitting anything from the front end by omitting the [submit_event_form] shortcode. You’ll still get the full experience of listing events.

How can I customize the event submission form?

We have full documentation on the event submission form shortcode within our knowledge base. However, to customize the form itself, you can follow the same process we recommend for editing fields.

Is there a way to add more functionalities to WP Event Manager?

Yes – WP Event Manager is a full-featured event management plugin, but you can also add even more to the feature set.

A wide variety of add-ons are available to help you add live streaming, a calendar, more customizability, and Google Maps functionality (among others). You can even sell tickets, manage attendees, and much more.

You can buy each add-on within a bundle, or for an individual price, which means you’re able to tailor WP Event Manager to your own requirements

How can I add a calendar to my WP Event Manager setup?

Adding a calendar to your site is a great way to showcase events in a familiar and intuitive layout. WP Events Manager provides the Calendar add-on. You can show a calendar with listing, individual calendar events, in a variety of different presentations.

For example, you can show upcoming calendar events, single-date calendar events, and more. You’re also able to display the calendar in a number of locations using shortcodes and widgets.

Is there a way to stream live events using WP Event Manager?

Yes! WP Event Manager is a full-scale virtual event platform that lets you carry out live streaming. We package a number of related add-ons together in our Virtual Bundle. This lets you access the features in our Expo Networking and Speaker and Schedule add-ons. What’s more, you can sell tickets, collect attendee data, manage those attendees, provide virtual name tags, and even add users to either Zoho or HubSpot CRMs.

Can I sell tickets to events using WP Event Manager?

You can sell tickets using the WP Event Manager Sell Tickets add-on. This combines with the WooCommerce plugin to let you set up multi-level pricing tiers, and track the ticket sales you make.

You could sell tickets live too, as the interface lets you add new paid tickets to WP Event Manager. In fact, there are a number of ticket options you can use to refine the experience for both you and your attendees.

Can I pass on my ideas and thoughts about WP Event Manager to you?

We love to hear from every user of WP Event Manager! You’re welcome to contact us using the form on our website, although we also have a lot of social media channels to browse through:

Feel free to drop us a message to pass on your thoughts about how you use WP Event Manager.

Where can I find out more about how to use WP Event Manager?

Our Help Center is the best place to find out more about WP Event Manager. Within, you’ll find a dedicated FAQ section, a full knowledge base, support for any add-on purchases, and much more.


22. júní, 2022
Usually i dont take time to post review on plugins, but for this one i cannot ignore it : This plugin is terrible. Documentation is uggly, and no up to date Bad Php 8.0 support Support on forums gives bad or un-understandable answers The flexibility of the plugins is broken : use their builtin templates to customize create random bugs with cosmetic only changes, so i let you imagine what's happening when it's not cosmetic Lot of text and fields aren't translated and cannot be translated by .po files, expect to use some javascript on frontend if you want a translation. I've bought a premium add-on (maps) : terrible, not working, force to create an api key while you just want to display your events on a map, the extension have not been updated for months, no documentation... If you look for a working plugins, use another one.
16. maí, 2022
I have been using WP Event Manager for 2 years. It has been very smooth and user friendly so far. There are lots of additional add-on's to make your life easier. Whenever I have an issue, I get very fast reaction and always friendly, patient and professional support. Highly recommend to everyone who want to manage the events on their website.
28. apríl, 2022
Great support and assistance. Priya has been extremely quick to come back to me with some of the issues I was having. Competent team of developers. Very grateful.
21. apríl, 2022
Priya Goenka helped me very good with some translation issues 🙂 Thanks!
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3.1.30 [ July 4th, 2022 ]

  • Fixed – Event location bug on event details page.
  • Fixed – Security fixes for event manager.
  • Fixed – Elementor show html code with Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Some JS and css tweaks for Event calendar.
  • Improved – Event listing compatibility with calendar.

3.1.29 [ June 22nd, 2022 ]

  • Fixed – Add/Edit Event bug fixes.
  • Fixed – Event manager security fixes.
  • Fixed – Event shortcode details missing bug fixes.
  • Fixed – Jquery conflict with Event listing in calendar.
  • Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.28 [ June 14th, 2022 ]

  • Fixed – Event shortcodes related issue.
  • Fixed – Event Manager ecurity fixes.
  • Fixed – Compatible with latest Elementor version.
  • Fixed – Datepicker Compatibility with bootstrap themes.
  • Fixed – Boostrap depandancy date-timepicker removed for Event calendar.
  • Improved – SEO and lang translation compatiblity improved for Event calendar.
  • Fixed – Jquery conflict with Event listing in calendar.
  • Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.27 [ May 2nd, 2022 ]

  • Fixed – Event shortcodes related issue.
  • Fixed – Event organizers listing related issues.
  • Fixed – Boostrap depandancy date-timepicker removed for Event calendar.
  • Improved – SEO and lang translation compatiblity improved for Event calendar.
  • Fixed – Some js and CSS tweaks for the Event calendar.
  • Fixed – Jquery conflict with Event listing in calendar.
  • Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.26 [ Apr 21th, 2022 ]

Fixed – Event image duplicate issue.
Fixed – Event category selection box issue.
Fixed – Event order shortcode and date-related issues.
Fixed – Event custom field issues with field editor.
Fixed – Event Translations issues.
Fixed – Event location related issues with radius filter.
Fixed – Some js and CSS tweaks for the Event calendar.

3.1.25 [ Mar 4th, 2022 ]

Fixed – Security update for Event calendar.

3.1.24 [ Feb 14th, 2022 ]

Fixed – Event Manager Field editor issues.
Fixed – Improved input and output esc.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.23 [ Feb 8th, 2022 ]

Fixed – Installation improved.
Fixed – Improved security and escaping output.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.22 [ Sep 11th, 2021 ]

Fixed – Event Manager Expo and virtual compatiblitity.
Fixed – Event date format issue.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.21 [ May 13th, 2021 ]

Fixed – var_dump on event submission page.
Fixed – Event rganizer and venue sumbmission page message.
Fixed – Some css and js tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.20 [ Apr 6th, 2021 ]

Added – Event URL field type.
Fixed – Elementor Event Listing and calendar elements improvements.
Fixed – Custom fields improvements at single event page.
Fixed – Jquery conflict with Event listing in calendar.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.19 [ Dec 4th, 2020 ]

Fixed – Events listing show_filter false attribute issue.
Fixed – Category walker with event type dropdown compatiblity.
Fixed – Elementor Event and Calander widgets improved.
Fixed – some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.
Added – Event URL field type.

3.1.18 [ Dec 2nd, 2020 ]

Fixed – Additional fields with file type improved at single event page.
Fixed – Multiple event category and type must be enable only from field editor.
Fixed – Timezone field conflict with timezone settings in Event Manager.
Fixed – Do not show event venue if event is online.
Fixed – Event organizer pagination issues.
Fixed – WP Editor admin side added in event data.
Added – Event dashboard design improved.
Fixed – Admin side events table improved.
Fixed – Hardcoded strings improved in Event Manager and calendar.
Removed – Multiple event category and type settings.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.17 [Sep 24TH, 2020]

Fixed – Date and event type search filter improved.
Fixed – Repeated field updated for Sell Ticket.
Fixed – Event venue and orgaizer single template improved.
Fixed – Elementor shortcode improved for Event calendar.
Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.16 [Sep 16TH, 2020]

  • Added – Separate Event venue listing with dashbaord.
  • Fixed – Event organizer and venue adding at submit an event page.
  • Fixed – Event widget sorting by time.
  • Fixed – Event thumbanil syncronized with event banner.
  • Fixed – WPML compatiblity with Event Manager improved.
  • Fixed – Elementor single event template and widgets improved.
  • Fixed – Some string,js and css tweaks for Event calendar.
  • Fixed – Single event section improved.
  • Fixed – Improved Event calendar taxonomy archive template.
  • Fixed – All Event Manager files optimized and reduced the size of plugin.

3.1.15 [Aug 25TH, 2020]

  • Fixed – Migration from event meta to separte organizer improved.
  • Fixed – Event filter false issue.
  • Fixed – Some css and js tweaks for Event calendar.

3.1.14 [Aug 22TH, 2020]

  • Added – Multiple organizer selection with event.
  • Fixed – Admin can add past date events.
  • Fixed – Past events shortcode improved with attributes.
  • Fixed – Field editor improved with Event organizer.
  • Fixed – Events attachment not deleting.
  • Fixed – Event Listing pagination issue with filters.
  • Fixed – Delete Events data on uninstall.
  • Remove – Address fields removed from Event calendar.
  • Fixed – Event field editor related issues.
  • Fixed – Event schema duplication and warnings.
  • Fixed – Single event page banner section improvements.
  • Fixed – Events Google search console warning.
  • Fixed – Some css and js tweaks for Event calendar.


  • Fixed – Event description duplication.


  • Fixed – Event banner attachment issue.
  • Fixed – Elementor featured issue with Event calendar.
  • Added – Filter by date range implement for Event listing.
  • Fixed – Registration button improved.
  • Fixed – Some string translation improved for Event calendar.
  • Added – REST API added for Event Organiser.


  • Fixed – Registration button conflict issue with Tickets.
  • Fixed – Some js and css tweaks for Event calendar.


  • Fixed – Same day event start end date fixed.
  • Fixed – Media files duplicate issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Chosen at backend side improved.
  • Fixed – Events RSS feed item hooks added.
  • Fixed – One day event duplicate date improved for recurring event.
  • Fixed – Elementor listing settings improved for Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Registration button conditions improved with method and Ticket type.
  • Fixed – Event Manager Gutenberg category compatiblity.


  • Fixed – Event Manager Field editor conflict with category.
  • Fixed – Event Manager POT strings are improved.
  • Fixed – Some css and js tweaks for Event calendar.


  • Added – Visual composer compatiblity for Event Manager.
  • Added – View Event count.
  • Fixed – Ticket listing layout improved.
  • Fixed – Field editor option value added with key and translation
  • Fixed – Date format issue with multilingual
  • Fixed – Event listing and Calander layout improved.
  • Fixed – Event Placeholder image improved.
  • Fixed – WPML config file improved for Event calendar.


  • Added – Time at single event submission page.
  • Fixed – Minor Bugs Calander, Ticket types and Event submission.


  • Added – New design responsive structure for Event listing and Calander.
  • Added – Layout type attribute in events shortcode.
  • Added – Event linsting and Calander CSS improved.
  • Added – Event Listing templates improved.
  • Fixed – Minor Bugs of Calander, Ticket types and Event submission.


  • Fixed – Field editor improved for Event Calander.


  • Fixed – Problem with apostrophes in the text/description/placeholders in field-editor fixed.
  • Fixed – Event title and description converted as category field fixed.
  • Fixed – In events shortcode selected category and selected type fixed.


  • Fixed – Events widget title, number undefined solved.
  • Fixed – Event type meta box fixed
  • Added – Event-slug added at event add/update time (Admin-side)


  • Added – Events and Calander shortcode Widget of elementor compitible.
  • Added – Convert Event start date into date_i18n.
  • Added – Shortcode for past event listing added.
  • Fixed – Events shortcode atts filter false fixed.
  • Added – Date i18n added in Event Calander.
  • Fixed – POT file fixed with missing string in Event Calander.


  • Added – Event setting link at plugin page added.
  • Fixed – Upcoming Event listing Widget fixed.
  • Fixed – Improvement in Event custom fields for Field editor.
  • Fixed – Event Ticket price option will be set using settings.
  • Added – Featured Event Background Color changed
  • Added – Settings added for frontend event calendar site login link.
  • Fixed – Some css tweaks with Calander and Event Listing.


  • Fixed – Calander date format issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Event slug improved for event listing.
  • Added – Widget settings added for Events and Calander view.


  • Fixed – Event date and time issue.
  • Added – Date and time setting added.
  • Added – Field key added in field editor table.
  • Added – Field type timezone added.
  • Fixed – Registration deadline issue fixed.
  • Added – Admin only field restriction added.
  • Added – Timepicker added.


  • Added – Event listing result filter.
  • Added – Event listing result filter in calendar as well.


  • Fixed – Field editor issue.
  • Fixed – Registration button compatiblity with registration addon.
  • Fixed – Date field type for Event submission
  • Fixed – Registration deadline issue with Event expiry date and calendar.
  • Fixed – Backend and submit event js improved.


  • Fixed – Datepicker format changed to default as it is.
  • Fixed – Taxonomy editing fields for Event manager and Calander.
  • Fixed – Date filter issue fixed.


  • Fixed – Field editor improved in Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Time field type issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Admin expiry date and other date field improved for Calander.
  • Fixed – Admin panel css issue fixed for Admin Events view.


  • Fixed – Merged Frontend and Backed Field editor in Event Manager.
  • Added – jQuery datepicker added for Calander and Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Boostrap depandancy date-timepicker removed.
  • Improved – SEO and lang translation compatiblity improved for Event Calander.
  • Improved – Order by clause improved.
  • Added – GDPR data cleaner improved.
  • Added – Permalink setting added.
  • Added – Third Party Support folder separated to simply codeing structure.
  • Fixed – POT file translation issue fixed.


  • Fixed – All string related issue and POT file in Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Admin form fields improvements for Event Manager and calendar.
  • Fixed – Language files added for Bulgarian,Hindi,Indonesian,Italian,Lithuanian,Polish,Portuguese (Brazil),Serbian,Vietnamese,Chinese


  • Added – Language files for German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (Mexico).
  • Fixed – Fixed Account creation settings and fields issue.
  • Fixed – Fixed backend form fields issue.


  • Fixed – Event Manager Taxonomy conflict with custom fields fixed.


  • Fixed – Event Manager Field value not showing in backend.
  • Added – Event Manager Field editor compatiblity with taxonomy.


  • Fixed – Expired event listing issue fixed on events shortcode.
  • Fixed – Organizer logo MIME Type error.
  • Fixed – POT file and some calendar string improved.
  • Fixed – Organizer section css improved in Event Manager.
  • Fixed – Improved cashe helper and event expiry date.


  • Added – GUI form field editor added.
  • Fixed – Some CSS tweeks with Calander and Event Manager.


  • Fixed – Preview and expired status in admin panel issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Expired events removed from seo indexing.
  • Fixed – Google map api issue solved for Google Map.
  • Fixed – Geocodding API improved for Event Listing.
  • Fixed – Rss feed problem solved for Events.


  • Fixed – Google api issue fixed for Google map and Event Calendar.
  • Fixed – Some string tweaks.


  • Fixed – Fixed Start date validation issue for Event and Calendar.
  • Fixed – Set organizer logo as event featured image.
  • Fixed – Fixed CSS tweeks with Calendar and other addons.


  • Fixed – Watch video button blue color removed.
  • Fixed – Auto categories and types re-activate plugin problem.
  • Fixed – CSS problem with theme.
  • Fixed – jQuery Deserialize – vendor assign js file.


  • Fixed – Sort by date problem for event listing and widgets.


  • Fixed – Widget (Recent,Upcomming and Featured Events) Sort by date for Event Manager and Calendar.


  • Fixed – Improve Event Manager compatibility with WPML .
  • Fixed – Add an implicit whitelist for API requests.
  • Fixed – Taxonomy search conditions.
  • Fixed – Admin Addon page addon listing.
  • Added – Allow event types to be optional, just like categories.
  • Added – Add get_event_listing_types filter.
  • Added – Various date format setting improvements for Events and Calendar.
  • Added – Pass search values filter for Events.
  • Added – Multiple event type and category settings for Calendar.
  • Added – Admin notification added for showcase and rating.


  • Fixed – Tweak settings page for Events Listing.
  • Fixed – Tweak css updated for Event Manager and Calendar.


  • First stable release of Event Manager.