Putler Connector for WooCommerce – Accurate Analytics and Reports for your WooCommerce Store


Note: This plugin is only really of use to you if you have a Putler account. You can set one in under five minutes and enjoy a 14 day free trial. Try Putler for free!


In just a few clicks, Putler gives you in-depth reports and advanced analytics on all aspects of your WooCommerce store- Products, customers, orders, sales, subscriptions & website visitors.

Putler processes your store’s data in real time and provides you accurate reports and important metrics helping you take profitable decisions.

Putler provides around 153+ KPI’s to efficiently managing your WooCommerce store:

🔸 Applicable for both SaaS as well as Non SaaS businesses
🔸 Works with multiple currencies
🔸 KPIs like – LTV, churn, MRR, ARR, ARPU, avg revenue/ sale, avg revenue/ day, new, cancelled orders etc
🔸 Highest refunded, frequently bought together, product leaderboard, sales heatmap.
🔸 Real time transaction tracking
🔸 Refund processing
🔸 Managing subscriptions
🔸 Sales and customer forecasting
🔸 Goal setting and tracking
🔸 Customer segmentation based on buying behavior
🔸 Team sharing
🔸 Intuitive searching and tagging
🔸 Website analytics
🔸 Multi-store management
🔸 Performance comparison
🔸 Actionable insights
🔸 Weekly email alerts
🔸 Customer profile enrichment and purchase history
🔸 Can be accessed via web, desktop app and chrome extension.

Don’t believe in lists? Take a look at Putler’s live demo

Critical plugin for WooCommerce
After one look at Putler’s dashboard, I had instant clarity. All my different streams of income, all those website sales, it’s all in one simple dashboard. I know my conversion rate, my churn rate, and I can project exactly how my business will look in the future.
Now I know exactly what it’s gonna take to grow…and it’s simpler than I thought! After months of sleepless nights and problems I couldn’t solve, I slept like a baby after trying Putler. Thank you for making something so clear and simple to use!
– Jennifer Waldrop, fuzzyandbirch.com


If you use Putler, you will not need any other plugin to analyse your WooCommerce store data ever again. Putler is a revolutionary tool that processes real time transactions and provides a unified dashboard for your products, orders, customers, subscriptions etc.


Putler is 10 times faster than your usual WooCommerce reports. It loads faster and provides accurate real time reports based on your WooCommerce subscription data. Also, as Putler is a standalone system, it lessens the load from your WooCommerce website making it faster.


Get answers to your everyday questions like – sales made today, new customers added, number of orders refunded, top performing product, most refunded product, forecasted sales, country that contributes to the highest revenue etc.


Putler analyses your customers buying behavior and segments them into segments based on three parameters – the recency of their purchase, frequency of their purchase and the monetary value of their purchase. You can then export these segments and conduct various marketing tasks like – sending targeted emails, providing additional discounts etc.

Putler is God send!
I refer to Putler dozens of times a day. It’s real time, at-a glance reports are invaluable. I share it with my whole team.
Thanks to Putler’s accurate reports I now know what’s working for my business and what is not. It has made me an expert in growing my business.
– Terri Jones, RMart Creatives


Don’t break your head going to different places inorder to search items on your store. Putler is a one-stop location having all the information of your store. It has a very efficient search meaning you can search by any parameter; product name, customer name, customer transaction id, order status anything and it will provide you the best results.


Putler is not just a reporting tool. You can perform real time operations like processing full/ partial refunds, managing subscriptions and adding tags for future references.


Got multiple stores? Manage all those stores from within Putler. Connect data from all your stores to Putler and see all the reporting in Putler itself. You can either see an overview of all your stores or see reports of individual stores separately.

Putler is indispensable!
While we were hesitant initially; our company has used Putler for several years now. Our management team uses it to monitor daily sales, quickly assess our financial goals and find potential weak spots in our offerings.
– Caleb Carruth, Catapult Distribution


Bring your team to Putler for free. Want to share reports and analytics with your team? Give them either full/partial access to Putler’s dashboards.


Putler is the only tool that does both SaaS as well as Non SaaS metrics. So if you are a SaaS business and you want to know the LTV, ARPU, MRR, churn, ARR etc Putler is your tool.


Yes, Putler doesn’t not just give reports for WooCommerce. Putler can also pull in data from other integrations like:

  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, BrainTree, Sagepay, 2Checkout
  • e-Commerce shopping cart – Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Gumroad, BigCommerce, EDD
  • Other services – Google Analytics, Geckoboard, MailChimp
    NOTE: Have an integration that’s not specified above? Don’t worry use Putler’s Inbound APIto bring your data into Putler.


Get the complete purchase history of your customer with a single click. Improve your customer relationship by discovering the entire customer history in a single click. Use Putler’s chrome extension while browsing and have all the customer purchase history at your fingertips.


Want to analyse the reports further? Or send it to your subordinates? Or keep it for your own records? Simple! Export the reports of Putler as a CSV in a single click instantly.

Putler paid for itself in 10 minutes!
It’s amazing for lifetime value, top clients, top selling products, sales for last two years, multiple PayPal accounts… Putler is the best app I’ve ever used! I just love Putler! It’s awesome and the support is phenomenal!
– James Schramko – Business Coach, SuperFastBusiness

✅ Want more?

Seriously Putler has ton more features. And it’s best to experience it first hand. So quickly start your 14 day free trial and unlock all the features and valuable reports for your WooCommerce store right away.


  • Putler Home Dashboard

  • Putler Sales Dashboard

  • Putler Products Dashboard

  • Putler Customers Dashboard


  1. Ensure you have latest version of WooCommerce plugin installed
  2. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. On Activation you would be automatically redirected to Putler Connector page (Tools -> Putler Connector) and it will try to connect to Putler. That’s it!

All past orders are sent when you first activate this plugin. Future orders will be sent to Putler automatically.


Do I need a Putler account to use this plugin?

Yes, you do (sign up here). You need to first sign up for a free trial of Putler then connect your WooCommerce store to Putler and activate your Putler connector plugin. Once done, Putler will synch all your WooCommerce store data to Putler and show you interesting reports.

How can I access Putler? Only web? Or is there a desktop app available?

Putler has both web as well as desktop app available. The desktop app is available both for Windows and Mac.

Does Putler have a Chrome extension?

Yes, Putler does have a chrome extension.

Can I add multiple WooCommerce Stores to one Putler account?

Yes, you can add multiple WooCommerce stores to your Putler account. Putler will automatically aggregate this data and show you consolidated reports. If needed you can view reports of each of your store separately as well.

Still have a questions? Reach out to our Support

Putler is supported by a friendly team which can be reached out via email, skype and if needed is available on call as well. Contact us.


27. nóvember, 2022
If you're looking for a dashboard for WooCommerce data reporting and analytics, Putler is an excellent choice. This plugin allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to Putler so it can import your data for analysis. It recently started reporting an error in the server logs. I raised the issue with the Putler support team and got a fix back in a couple of days. Highly recommended!
11. september, 2022
I found a bug, and the support team solves it in the portal update. Very good experience
27. maí, 2021
It has been my pleasure to work with this tool for over 5 years - and it simply gets better and better. And lately, I must say that the support from the team has been simply amazing. I simply wish Putler the very best - its a great product - buy it now 🙂
8. maí, 2021
It's really the best option out there in terms of value for money and ease of integration. Apart from that, they have excellent customer service so whenever you have any problems or questions, they get it sorted out at lightning speed.
9. apríl, 2021
Since 2017 we use putler to consolidate our sales from different plaforms & payment systems. We gather data from Woocommerce sales, ebay, paypal, stripe in one convenient place. Putler's Support is nice and responsive, always listening to the customer remarks. The putler platform has evolved a lot and we have upgraded our plan to support more datasource and data retention and we will definitely be using more and more the unique & interesting features offered by Putler. Special thanks to Andrea & Nirav at Putler for their investment in customer satisfaction fulfillment and the quality of their help.
23. febrúar, 2021
I have used Putler every day for a few years now. I love how all my sales information is so quickly accessible and sortable in Putler. I can do sales research and analysis quickly and effortlessly, even going back years. Pre-Putler I was endlessly (and slowly) exporting records from my Woocommerce shop and trying to stitch them together in a spreadsheet and then analysing them with pivot tables. Now I can select my dates and the information is there and charted for me. The automatic RFM analysis of customers is super useful and identifies the different segments of my customers so that I can customise my marketing to each segment. Putler does an amazing job of seamlessly consolidating all my data across my Woocommerce store, PayPal and Stripe accounts. The team is constantly working on making Putler better and is always willing to listen to any and all feedback.
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2.13.0 (05.10.2023)

  • New: WooCommerce 8.1.1 compatible
  • New: WordPress 6.3.1 compatible
  • Fix: Important Security issues
  • Update: Changes in the Authentication Process
  • Update: POT file

2.12.0 (31.07.2023)

  • New: Declare Putler Connector for WooCommerce compatible with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
  • New: WordPress v6.2.2 compatible
  • New: WooCommerce v7.9.0 compatible
  • Fix: PHP Fatal Error: Uncaught TypeError: round(), count()
  • Fix: Some minor fixes related to formatted date and Stripe fee
  • Update: Code improvements
  • Update: POT file

2.11.2 (12.01.2023)

  • Fix: PHP Error: Call to undefined function in some cases post v2.11.0
  • Fix: Some minor fixes
  • Update: POT file

2.11.1 (26.12.2022)

  • Fix: PHP Warning in some cases post last release
  • Update: POT file

2.11.0 (20.12.2022)

  • New: WordPress Coding Standards
  • New: WordPress v6.1.1 & WooCommerce v7.0.1 compatible
  • Update: Plugin name
  • Update: POT file

2.10.0 (01.02.2021)

  • New: WordPress 5.6 & WooCommerce 4.9.2 compatible
  • Update: Remove usage of deprecated jQuery event ‘ready’
  • Update: POT file
  • Fix: Some minor fixes (08.01.2020)

  • Fixed: Important fixes related to Authentication Process

2.9.13 (08.01.2020)

  • Update: Changes in the Authentication Process
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.12 (02.08.2019)

  • Update: Changes in the Authentication Process
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.11 (09.10.2018)

  • Fixed: WooCommerce Product Name not syncing properly
  • Fixed: Fixes related to switch subscription handling
  • Fixed: Stripe Fee not getting synced in some cases
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.10 (08.08.2018)

  • Fixed: Subscription status change transactions not getting sent to Putler in some cases
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.9 (03.04.2018)

  • Update: Added new function to get require information during connection with Putler

2.9.8 (01.12.2017)

  • Update: Support for ‘woocommerce_reports_order_statuses’ filter for treating any order status as sales

2.9.7 (30.11.2017)

  • Fixed: Compatibility for ‘woocommerce_order_is_paid_statuses’ filter for WooCommerce (lower than v3.0)

2.9.6 (29.11.2017)

  • Update: Support for ‘woocommerce_order_is_paid_statuses’ filter for treating any order status as sales
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.5 (18.11.2017)

  • Fixed: External Transaction Id and Payment Source not syncing properly for transactions
  • Fixed: Unhandled HTML tags getting appended to the data getting sent to Putler
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.4 (23.10.2017)

  • New: Support for re-syncing transactions
  • Update: Changes in the authentication process

2.9.3 (18.09.2017)

  • New: Support for handling permanently deleted transactions
  • Fixed: Ignoring the transactions whose status is set as blank
  • Fixed: Authentication process not working in some cases
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.2 (01.08.2017)

  • Fixed: Authentication Failure in some of the cases
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility

2.9.1 (13.07.2017)

  • Update: Sending trash transactions to get them removed from Putler Web
  • Update: Sending Stripe Fees in the transactions
  • Update: Changes in the XML data getting sent to Putler
  • Fixed: Subscription status not getting reflected properly in some cases

2.9 (17.04.2017)

  • Update: Removed support for Putler Desktop
  • Update: Changes in the authentication process

2.8 (09.03.2017)

  • Fixed: Subscription orders not getting synced properly in intial data sync
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility


  • New: Syncing additional WooCommerce Subscriptions [v2.0 & greater] data for subscriptions metrics
  • New: Support of trash & untrash transactions
  • Fixed: Cart discount not getting considered in transactions
  • Fixed: Transaction ID not getting synced in some cases
  • Fixed: Prevent syncing of orders having ‘draft’ and ‘auto-draft’ status
  • Fixed: Refunds not getting reflected properly in some cases
  • Fixed: Handling WooCommerce custom order statuses


  • Update: Track additional WooCommerce Order meta data for Putler Web
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility


  • Fixed: Issue with subscription renewals not working when plugin is active


  • New: Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions [v2.0 & greater]
  • New: Support for WooCommerce Manual Refunds
  • Update: Track all WooCommerce Order meta data along with coupons
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility


  • Update: Transactions will show updated statuses in Putler.
  • Update: Compatibility with new versions of WordPress & WooCommerce (v2.3 or greater)
  • Fixed: Issue of product SKU not getting synced
  • Fixed: Issue of orders in trash getting synced


  • Update: Compatibility with new versions of WordPress & WooCommerce (v2.2 or greater)
  • Fixed: Issue with syncing of product custom attributes


  • Fix: Date & Timezone issue


  • New: Support for multiple API Tokens
  • Fixed: Minor Fixes and compatibility


  • Fixed: Minor Fixes related to variations data getting posted and Putler API url changes


  • Initial release