Weaver Xtreme Theme Support


This is the theme support for the Weaver Xtreme Theme. This plugin provides a collection of useful shortcodes and widgets designed to complement the Weaver Xtreme theme. These shortcodes have been selected and developed based on requests and feedback from thousands of users of the Weaver Xtreme and previous versions of Weaver.

This plugin also provides the Legacy Weaver Xtreme Admin Dashboard interface. The Legacy Admin is an old style interface alternative to the Customizer interface. The Legacy Interface has been updated for compatibility with Weaver Xtreme Version 5, and will automatically update and convert .wxt settings files from Weaver Xtreme 4.

Includes complete documentation help file. Instructions for using the shortcodes and widgets are in the help file.

Shortcodes included

  • [tab_group] – Display content in a tabbed box.
  • – Show your YouTube videos responsively, and with the capability to use any of the YouTube custom display options.
  • – Show your Vimeo videos responsively, and with the capability to use any of the Vimeo custom display options.
  • [iframe] – Quick and easy display of content in an iframe.
  • [div], [span], [html] – Add div, span, and other html to pages/posts without the need to switch to Text view.
  • [hide/show_if] – Show or hide content depending upon options: device, page ID, user capability, logged in status.
  • [bloginfo] – Display any information available from WordPress bloginfo function.
  • [user_can] – Display content base on logged-in user role.
  • [site_title] – Display Site title.
  • [site_tagline] – Display Site tag line.

Widgets Included

  • Weaver 2 Column Text Widget – Add text into two columns in a widget
  • Weaver Per Page Text Widget – Add a text widget on a per-page basis
  • Weaver Login – Simplified login widget


  • The Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin is licensed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2,
    June 1991. (GPL) The full text of the license is in the license.txt file.
  • All images included with this plugin are either original works of the author which
    have been placed into the public domain, or have been derived from other public domain sources,
    and thus need no license. (This does not include the images provided with any of the
    below listed scripts and libraries. Those images are covered by their respective licenses.)

This plugin also includes several scripts and libraries that are covered under the terms
of their own licenses in the listed files in the plugin distribution:


It is easiest to use the Plugins : Add Plugin admin page, but you can do it manually, too:

  1. Download the plugin archive and expand it
  2. Upload all the plugin files and directories to your wp-content/plugins/weaverx-theme-support directory
  3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for this plugin.


Where can I get support for this plugin?

Support for this plugin can best be found at our forum – http://forum.weavertheme.com


13. janúar, 2019
You have to be using Weaver Xtreme to use this, but it's a theme you should definitely check out. I've been using it for years and am extremely satisfied.
16. desember, 2018
Благодаря этому плагину, из темы Weaver Xtreme можно сделать все, что угодно! Спасибо разработчикам за тему Weaver Xtreme и плагин Weaver Xtreme Theme Support.
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  • Update: Official release of Weaver Xtreme Support for Weaver Xtreme 5. Backward compatible with V 4.


  • Tweak: V5 Beta options change


  • Added: Delete V5 Beta data and files


  • Update: WP compatibility tag update
  • Added: Version now compatible with both Weaver Xtreme 4 and 5.


  • Update: WP compatibility tag
  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Update: WP 5.7 compatibility tag
  • Added: More Weaver Xtreme 5 compatibility support


  • Update: WP 5.6 compatibility
  • Added: Instructions to switch to Customizer for new Font transform and spacing options.
  • Added: Beta compatibility support for upcoming Weaver Xtreme 5 – no significant differences with Weaver Xtreme 4.4


  • Update: compatibility with Weaver Xtreme V 4.4
  • Added: Wrapper Align, Left/Right Padding in % for Align Wide and Align Full
  • Added: ‘Clear One-Step Layout Settings’


  • Update: WP Version compatibility
  • Tweak: fixed compatibility issue for [header] shortcode (had to remove srcset attribute)


  • Update: WP Version compatibility
  • Tweak: skipped to 4.3 to match Weaver Xtreme version


  • Update: WP Version compatibility


  • Tweak: settings file version compatibility


  • Fix: backward compatibility so doesn’t crash Weaver Xtreme 3.

  • Fix:


  • New: support for direct file access for alternative editor style file creation


  • Fix/Change: – Removed (for now) the Boxed easy-width layout option.


  • Change: Trying to make this plugin not essential. Have moved the per page/post stuff back into the theme where it belongs!
    • Quite a few currently popular themes now have per page/post options, so apparently meta_boxes are no longer disapproved.


  • Implemented some new options for Weaver Xtreme 4.0. See the 4.0 readme.txt file


  • Fix: reverted to PHP pre-5.4 compatibility


  • New: Schema.org support – disable option
  • New: tabbed per page and per post option sections!
  • Fix: Main Options : Header : Site Title/Tagline menu link


  • Added Per Post Body Class for Single Page View


  • Update: WP 4.9 compatibility


  • Fix: Recognize https: for vimeo link
  • Tweak: Added ‘end=nnn’ option for [ you_tube ] shortcode
  • Tweak: minor option wording change
  • Tweak: Legacy options interface: style text box height for some option values (e.g., margins)


  • Fix: New editor style file no longer needs Weaver Xtreme Plus
  • New: Display message if need to save options to generate editor-style-wvrx.css file.
  • New: Support for Weaver Xtreme Plus archive per page alt theme
  • Tweak: Handle leading in tabs shortcode
  • Tweak: improved styling for tab shortcode for improved visibility when loading


  • Fix: Added new way to style the page/post editor. Some security plugins block previous method.
  • Tweak: updated page/post editor styling to better match theme settings – requires Weaver Xtreme 3.1.7 or later.


  • New: Legacy options for Weaver Xtreme Plus 3.1
  • New: support for some new Weaver Xtreme Plus 3.1 options
  • Tweak: don’t need plugin stylesheet anymore – included in Weaver Xtreme
  • Tweak: no need for separate JS lib – included in Weaver Xtreme
  • Note: jumped to 3.1.6 to match corresponding Weaver Xtreme version
  • WP 4.8 compatibility update


  • New: Support for WordPress Custom Header Video
  • Tweak: show version in output
    • Tweak: updated per page / per post option scan
      Fix: removed duplicated tagline width option


  • New: Weaver Xtreme 3.0 compatibility
  • New: Added style= to [login]
  • Tweak: Minor changes to option order in some tabs
  • Update: update for WP 4.6 compatibility check
  • Fix: PHP 7 compatibility tweaks


  • New: Weaver Xtreme now requires WP 4.5 – seriously, you should not run old versions of WP!
  • Fix: show per post options for custom post types now works correctly
  • New: support for showing widget areas on browser Print operation

= 2.1.2 –
* Change: The Per Page options for the RAW page template now show only those options related to the RAW template.


  • Fix: current user in login widget


  • Update: wp_get_current_user() deprecated call
  • Tweak: Corrected descriptions of default values for some area width options (100% vs. auto)
  • WARNING: This version corrects some incorrect wording in area width option descriptions.
    The functionality is identical, but the new wording is correct. No one had noticed the
    incorrect descriptions for a very long time, so it doesn’t seem to be critical problem.


  • Change: [header_image] updated to support WP 4.4 srcset image sizes
  • New: Pre and Post #header div position for Header Widget Area
  • New: Hide Font Family/Size options on Page/Post editor for Weaver Xtreme Plus
  • Fix: [tabs] box styling for current tab


  • New: ‘weaverx_paget_posts’ filter to allow multiple page with posts templates in child themes


  • Change: added required theme options support for Disable Integrated Google Fonts


* Change: wp-updates.com is long term down, so remove update check


  • Final tweaks for Weaver Xtreme 2.0
  • New: Google Fonts for Font Family selections


  • New: Menu Bar Margin options
  • Tweak: Remove download .zip theme files
  • Tweak: Mini Menu top margin default


  • More refinement
  • New: „Retain menu bar hover color“ when sub menu open
  • Tweak: changed default of content bottom padding to 0.


  • Continued refinement of interaction with Weaver 2.0. Weaver 2.0 will now retain some theme
    admin options (such as Save/Restore) which are not suitable for Theme Customizer.


  • Weaver Xtreme 1.x users should continue to use this plugin, even with support for new version.
  • Add new options for Weaver Xtreme 2.0


  • Changes to support Weaver Xtreme Version 2.0 (for alpha test versions)


  • Changed translation text domain to ‘weaverx-theme-support’


  • Fixed: tab shortcode styling


  • Fix WP_Widget PHP constructor
  • Test with WP 4.3


  • Tweak: Per Post CSS rules are only supported by Weaver Xtreme Plus.


  • New: Improved automatic version update for Weaver Xtreme –
    avoids critical update delays due to WordPress theme review process time lag
  • Fixed issue with tabs shortcode


  • Fixed some wording (ATW Show Posts -> Weaver Show Posts)
  • Updated WP compatibility level
  • Added new per page multi-column


  • Fix: minor styling issue


  • Fix: extra “ in [ youtube ]


  • Fix: z-index rule for tab shortcode


  • New – Per Page/Post Report from Add-ons menu
  • Fix: ‘\1234’ values in per post style
  • Fix: Internal name of Per Post Style – may cause loss of previous setting – sorry


  • Minor tweaks
  • wvrx_ shortcode prefix option


  • Fixed bug with Per page options on Page with Posts
  • Internal optimizations


  • Only load if Weaver Xtreme is the active theme.


  • Changed [ site_title ] and [ site_tagline ] to match theme style as option


  • Fixed per page options when used with old Xtreme Plus version


  • Added Per Page and Per Post admin support to plugin (removed from Xtreme theme)


  • Added [ box ]


  • Fixes for [ show/hide_if]
  • Removed unused files


  • Fixed [ show/hide_if ] for multiple conditions that include device
  • Changed interface to Weaver Xtreme – all codes now just in Weaver X Add-ons tab


  • Added [ show/hide_if ], removed [ hide_mobile ], [show_if_logged_in]
  • Updated Doc
  • Added action for interface to Weaver Xtreme „Add-ons“ tab


  • Optimized loading of jslib – only needed by tab group, so not loaded until shortcode used


  • Fixed video shortcodes


  • initial release