Users Ultra Membership, Users Community and Member Profiles With PayPal Integration Plugin



Users Ultra Pro 3.0 is the ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in a few minutes. Building a talents community, model agency websites, social communities and any kind of user websites is really fast. It can be intregrated in any WordPress Theme. You can add as many fields as you wish by using the Fields Customizer Tool and it comes with reCaptcha.

Users Communities and Social Networking Websites are incredibly simple to build. All the modules are customizable, even if you don’t know how to code, and they’re minimalist enough that a few minor changes make them look unique to you. Users Ultra handles One-Time and Recurrent Payments.

Compare Versions:
The free version of Users Ulra includes 90% of the fetures for free:

You can compare the versions by clicking on the following link :

Demo Links:


  • Display Fields by User Role Only. You can Select Roles that can see it.
  • Make Fields Editable by User Role Only. You can Select Roles that can edit it.
  • New Features Every Week.
  • Integrate with third-party plugins
  • Use any shortcodes in the user’s profile
  • Medallions and Fulfillments.
  • Use any shortcodes in the user’s dashboard.
  • Create Unlimited Widgets.
  • Add Unlimited Links to the User’s Dashboard.
  • Membership Packages & Registration Form with Roles. Users can select a role when registering.
  • Set Custom Role on Registration.
  • Set Custom Role for Social Media Registration.
  • bbPress Integration. Users Ultra Pro makes your forum look much more elegant.
  • User Online/Offline Status.
  • Social Connect Buttons. (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Multisite Support.
  • Advanced Users Management. Find your users easily. Send activation link, deny/approver users. Upgrade and Downgrade User’s Membership and more.
  • Minor Tweaks Support.
  • SMTP and Mandrill Emails.
  • Front End Publisher With Multiple Images.
  • Elegant Customizable Users Profile.
  • Custom Profile Background for every profile.
  • Multiple User’s Profile.
  • Spam Protection. IP Blocking. Simple way to stop fake account spam!
  • Advanced CSV Users Import Module.
  • reCaptcha. It protects your website from spam !
  • Users Wall.
  • Groups.
  • Facebook, Gravatar and Custom User’s Avatar.
  • and so much more …






Common Shortcodes:

Here there are some useful shortocodes that will help you to start your online community in minutes.

Registration Form:
[usersultra_registration] – This will display the registration form

Login Form:
[usersultra_login] – This will display the login form

My Account:
[usersultra_my_account] – This will display the user’s account

Users Directory:
[usersultra_directory] – This will display the users directory

User Profile:
[usersultra_profile optional_fields_to_display=’age,country,social’] – This will display the user’s profile

How To Links?:

Create a New Profile Field
Activating Paid Membership Module
How To Override the WP Registration & Login Pages
Facebook Login & Registration
Instagram Login & Registration

Google Plus Login & Registration
Twitter Login & Registration

Creating Communities and Networking Websites:
Users Ultra not only includes common features for managing members but it includes a lot of other features that will help build member driven communities with no need to know how to code. Users Ultra has been created to provide powerful tools for the website builder who may be beginning and may not be an expert with WordPress and for professionals who know how to code.

Basic knowledge of how to set up WordPress and install, activate and set up plugins and themes is recommended.

Users Ultra can handle almost all aspects of a powerful community website because it includes features such as: Private Messaging System, Friends, Like/Unlike, Photos, Galleries, Front End Posting (default posts), Stars Rating, basic Membership Management with PayPal integration and many more features for free.

Importing users with custom meta from a CSV file:
You can import users by using the powerful importing tool that comes with the plugin. It doesn’t matter how many extra fields you would like to import, Users Ultra will import all of them automatically.

The only thing you have to do is creating a CSV file separated by commas; this can be easily done by using any standard spreadsheet software.

Certainly, the improvement of this feature will give you more flexibility when importing users through Users Ultra. Migrating to Users Ultra is easier now!

Spam and Robot Protection:
Now Users Ultra Lite includes reCaptcha spam protection. Yes, now with Users Ultra you can protect your website against robots for free.

Mobile Devices Compatible:
Users Ultra looks great on any mobile device. It has been developed by using the latest HTML5 and CSS standards in order to make Users Ultra look good at any resolution. It doesn’t matter what screen size your user is seeing your website, Users Ultra will look excellent and user friendly always.


Paypal Membership System:
The plugin can be used to manage large communities of either free or paid subscribers. You can create as many packages as you wish with some limitations such as: how many photos, galleries to each package. The Users Ultra Membership module allows you to accept either one-time payments or recurring payment through Paypal.

Since it uses Paypal, you could create almost any type of billing period such as: monthly, yearly, daily. We hope you enjoy this great feature to manage your Paid Membership Packages.

The MailChimp feature allows you to quickly and easily add your new subscribers in your MailChimp list without any confirmation email.

Password Strength:
You can help protect your users’ accounts by managing and monitoring the strength of their passwords.

  • Set Minimum password length.
  • Set if must contain at least one number and one letter.
  • Set if must contain at least one upper case character.
  • Set if must contain at least one lower case character

Social Connects
Optional you can let users sign up & login by using the following social media options:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Yammer

Protecting content based on Membership Package & Logged in:
The plugin comes with an easy to use shortcode that allows you to protect content based on logged in and membership packages. This means that you can publish content that will be visible only for paid users. For example: you can publish content for gold members which will not be visible for silver members. Users Ultra allows you to protect entire pages and posts and display custom „blocking“ messages to not logged in users.

  • Make visible entire Pages and Posts only to logged in users.
  • Display partial content only to logged in user.s
  • Display partial content only to certain membership packages.

CSV Users Import
This great feature allows you to import users into the Users Ultra System easily through a CSV file. You may also to notify users once the importing process has been finished. Besides, you can set a default status for the imported users.

Auto Sync with WooCommerce
Syncing with WooCommerce will automatically add WooCommerce customer profile fields to your Users Ultra Plugin. A quick way to have a WooCommerce account page integrated with Users Ultra. This great feature allows users to manage their Shipping Information through Users Ultra instead of using the default WooCommerce profile page. Users Ultra lets you sync the user’s shipping and contact information of WooCommerce in just one click.

WooCommerce Order Status Module.
Users Ultra allows your clients to check the status of their orders online through the elegant user’s backend. This is an easy and professional way to let your customer know about the status of their purchases. Your clients will be able to check the last modified data, order total, creation date and order’s status.

Twitter Login & Authentication with OAuth
Users Ultra lets your users sign in and sign up by using their Twitter accounts with just one click. Integrating Twitter Login will increase your sign in/sign up conversion. Also, you will be able to share user activities, drive traffic to your site from social network sites, and increase user engagement on your site.

Terms & Conditions Text/HTML
Now you can display a checkbox that the user should accept in order to continue with the registration.

Besides, Users Ultra allows you to post an automated message right after the subscription.

Private Messages System For WordPress
Users Ultra comes with a powerful private messaging system that allows users to send messages to other members of the user’s community.

The users panel has a modern, easy to use messages board with „read bubble“ notifications. Also, when viewing a message the users will see a well-organized conversation. Deleting a message can be done with just a click. Marking messages as read/unread is done by using AJAX.

Besides, each message will display the user’s avatar and there is an „received“ and „sent“ messages box that will help you to keep your messages organized easily.

Front-end Publisher
Allows your users to add new posts within a category by using a „nice“ publisher in the users backend. The post will keep as „pending“ until the admin has approved it.

Conditional Search Fields:
Users Ultra allows you to place a powerful search box to filter your users by using a simple shortocode. The searching form is fully responsive and can be placed anywhere in your WordPress Theme.

You can filter your users by using any amount of conditional fields such as: country, age, gender, name etc. The Users Searching function was developed by using the „WP_User_Query“ class, this avoid overloading the database. Also, we have implemented innovating cache methodology that makes browsers load faster.

Sync old users to make them work with Users Ultra?
Users Ultra comes with a One-click sync tool that prepare your previous users to make them work with this Users Plugin.

Amazing Pricing Tables with Shortcodes:
Users Ultra gives you an easy way to generate pricing and/or comparison tables. You may choice multiple colors and they look very elegant. Generating Pricing Tables for your membership packages can be done by using shortocodes. You just need to input the Plan’s ID and everything will be filled out automatically. You don’t need to write the package’s name or the price, everything happens automatically and handled by Users Ultra. The Pricing Tables are generated by using pure CSS3 and HTML.

Redirection after user login, logout and registration.

Admin approval, user activation or deactivation
Allow admin to approve user upon registration and activate or deactivate any user, any time.

E-mail verification
Verify user email in order to activate a new user.

Customize Email Template
Customize user registration, activation, deactivation, lostpassword etc emailsa.

Key Features:

Paid Membership Features.

  • Admin has the capability to set free membership or paid memberships.
  • Admin can create unlimited membership packages.
  • Admin can set one-time or recurring payments.
  • Admin can set the membership duration.

Social One-Click Connects

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Private Messaging System:

  • Users can send private messages to other members.
  • Users can reply messages.
  • Users can delete & marks as read messages.
  • Users can block “senders”.

Even More Great Features:

  • Photos & Galleries
  • Drag & Drop Multi-Uploader
  • Promotion Options
  • 5 Stars Rating System
  • Detailed Stats
  • Top Rated Features:
  • Most Visited:
  • Youtube & Vimeo Videos
  • User’s Avatar:

Translations Included:

Special Thanks to:

James H. Twitter account @g0blinResearch
Panagiotis Vagenas


  • Private Messaging Box With Emoticons ONLY FOR PRO
  • Widgetized Users Profile ONLY FOR PRO
  • Medallions and Fulfillments ONLY FOR PRO
  • Powerful Private Messaging System
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Front-End Post Publisher
  • Profile Fields Customizer
  • Add New Posts
  • Drag&Drop Photo Uploading
  • Dahsboard


  1. Upload users-ultra to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How do I use the plugin?

Users Ultra comes with an easy to use shortcodes button. This means that you can activate your registration and login forms by going to Pages/Add New:

Can I Add Multiple Membership Packages?

Yes, you can add as many paid packages as you wish. Users ultra allows you to create both, recurring and one-time payment membership

Can I Restric Content?

Yes, the plugin comes with shortocodes to protect content and you can protect an entire page or post.

Is there an online documentation?


Do you offer free support?


Do you offer a PRO version?


These are just some of the features the pro includes:

  • Priority Support.
  • New Features Every Week.
  • Medallions and Fulfillments.
  • Membership Packages & Registration Form with Roles. Users can select a role when registering.
  • bbPress Integration. Users Ultra Pro makes your forum look much more elegant.
  • User Online/Offline Status.
  • Social Connect Buttons. (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn)
  • Multisite Support.
  • Advanced Users Management. Find your users easily. Send activation link, deny/approver users. Upgrade and Downgrade User’s Membership and more.
  • Minor Tweaks Support.
  • Front End Publisher With Multiple Images.
  • Elegant Customizable Users Profile
  • Custom Profile Background for every profile.
  • Entire Posts & Pages Protection.
  • Users Wall.
  • and so much more …


5. mars, 2021
When I am logged out and click on ''see profile'' ( profile of another member ) tells me to login/sign in, which is fine, even tho I might not want to have it set it up that way. I login and I click on a profile ( again, not my profile) and I am redirected to my profile, therefore, I can not see members profiles, which again, I actually don't need members to not see other members profiles. I would appreciate a solution to this please.
10. janúar, 2021
In October 2020, we tried out the free version of Users Ultra. A pre-sales enquiry we made was answered within a few hours, so we were assumed that there was a robust support mechanism behind the software. We purchased the Pro version on the strength of the answer to our pre-sales question. However, once we had purchased and installed the Pro version of Users Ultra, we found that it did not function correctly on our site. We therefore requested assistance by logging a technical support ticket with Users Ultra. Our support ticket went unanswered and so six days later we resubmitted it. This support request too went unanswered and so we requested a refund under the terms of their 30-day money back guarantee. Perhaps not surprisingly, this request was ignored as well. We now had three open tickets on our Users Ultra account and, because it turns out that this is the maximum number of open requests you can have, we could no longer contact them through this route. We tried emailing directly to the technician that had given us the initial pre-sales support but, again, heard nothing back. Fortunately, we had taken screenshots of the support section of our Users Ultra account showing the dates of our last three support tickets (those logged since paying Users Ultra and including the refund request) and that they were all still showing as "Unassigned". As we had used a credit card to make the purchase, we were able to send those screenshots to our card supplier as proof of the lack of support and claim our money back.
17. desember, 2020
We paid for a PRO version and now 16 months later we can't get ANY support. Have an open ticket for 3 weeks now and no response. We simply updated our WP to latest and stuff is broken now. I'd be happy to rereview this plugin if anyone would ever contact me because we like the functionality, but if I can't get support my site is down
3. október, 2020
Purchased their ultimate package. Does not work, no support or response after trying to get it to work for over a year. I would give it zero stars if I could.
23. ágúst, 2020
Thank you for free use this plugin. Please fix it compatibily with WP5.5/JQuery migrate. The issue is: users-ultra/admin/scripts/admin.js:26:36): is deprecated [..] "users-ultra/admin/scripts/admin.js:659:49): is deprecated" Recommends for fix: $('.myButton').live('click', function) replcae to: $('#parentElement').on('click', '.myButton', function)
17. ágúst, 2020
I have read the last 3 reviews about the support, that there is a lack of support, oh well, I must say there is no support at all, I have had a ticket for over 2 months, and no reply,
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  • Improvement – WP 5.8 Improvements.


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  • Improvement – Coding Improvement.


  • Improvement – Security, nonce has been added.
  • Improvement – reCaptcha Updated.


  • Improvement – Security, please update, we have implemented some security features. We have sanitized some important files and we keep working on the security issue.

  • Improvement – Localization, the plugin was not prepared for localization. Now, with the major update you will be able to translate the plugin online, right here We had to change the textdomain, now it’s users-ultra. The translation files are in the languages folder, the prefix of the files MO and PO had changed to „users-ultra“. This is a major change that might cause some issues with your current translations, however.. this can be resolved quikcly. Just make sure that your translation file has the mentioned prefix.


  • Improvement – jQuery Conflict on Users Profile. Update ASAP.