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Are you making updates to your current website & under construction, or launching a new one? There’s nowhere else to look! With the Ultimate Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin, you can easily create a polished and visually appealing page that informs visitors of your ongoing work while you’re working on other projects. To let readers know that your blog is unavailable for maintenance & under construction. Create a landing page for an already-existing website, add a coming soon page for a new website, or add a maintenance page. The entire content and front end of the blog are accessible to a user who possesses administrator rights.

After you activate the plugin, your website is operational, in maintenance mode or under construction mode, and only authorized users can access the front end. For visitor information, you can either set a value and unit or use a date with a countdown timer.

Let’s dive into the features that make this plugin stand out:

Coming Soon Mode:
If you want to show your visitors a coming soon page, then this is the perfect plugin for you. Here are Google index permissions that will work as your SEO improvement.

Maintenance Mode:
You can use the maintenance mode page when your website is in maintenance mode. And your website will be no-index in the search engine.

Under Construction:
You can use the Under Construction template when your website is in Under Construction. And you can set up your website will be index or no-index in the search engine.

Redirect Mode:
You can select this option if you want to redirect any page of your website to another website.

Activation Status: If you want to activate this plugin for a specific page as Coming Soon or Under Construction mode or you want to keep the whole website as Coming Soon or Under Construction mode, you can select the option according to your needs from here.

Free and Premium Template:
You can use a customizable template for setup landing page as coming soon, maintenance and under construction mode.7 free and 22 templates are pro.

Fully Customizable:
Tailor the look and feel of your coming soon or maintenance page to match your brand. Change text, backgrounds, and colors effortlessly.

Countdown Timer:
Engage your audience by displaying a countdown timer. Let them know exactly when your website will be live or back in action.

WordPress Multisite Compatibility:
Whether you’re managing a single WordPress site or a multisite network, this plugin works seamlessly across all installations.

Responsive Design:
Your coming soon or maintenance page will look great on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Social Media Icons:
Stay connected with your audience. Add social media icons to your page, allowing visitors to follow your progress and updates.

Works with Any WordPress Theme:
No need to worry about compatibility issues. This plugin integrates smoothly with any theme you choose.

SEO Options:
Optimize your page for search engines. Set Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords to ensure visibility during maintenance. Also, you can connect your website easily with Google Analytics using G-Tag.

Super Fast Performance:
We understand the importance of speed. Our plugin is optimized for performance, ensuring minimal impact on your site’s loading time.

Simple and Easy to Use:
No coding skills required! Set up your coming soon or maintenance page effortlessly.

Mobile and SEO Friendly:
Your page will look great on mobile devices, and its SEO-friendly structure ensures search engines can index it properly.

Multi-Language Supported:
Reach a global audience by providing translations for your content.

Priority Email Support:
Need assistance? Our support team is ready to help you promptly..

Full Control Over Styling:
Customize fonts, colors, and layout to match your brand identity.

Fast & Friendly Support:
We’re committed to providing excellent customer service.

Countdown Action:
Set a specific action to trigger when the countdown reaches zero – whether it’s launching your website or revealing exciting news.

Get your website ready with the Ultimate Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin. It’s the perfect companion for any WordPress site owner.

Ultimate Coming Soon & Maintenance Pro

This plugin is the lite version of the UCSM Website Builder and Landing Page plugin that comes with all the features you will ever need to create great-looking landing pages, coming soon pages, and maintenance modes pages within your WordPress website with no code. Click here to purchase UCSM Pro , the best premium Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin for WordPress!

Want to unlock more features? Upgrade to UCSM Pro

🔥🔥 Pro Features:

Full Control Over Styling: Customize the look and feel of your coming soon or maintenance page to align with your brand. Easily tweak text, backgrounds, and colors to create a cohesive design.

Super Fast Performance: The plugin ensures optimal performance, ensuring that your page loads swiftly even during maintenance.

Install on Unlimited Sites: Use UCSM across multiple websites without limitations.

Fast & Friendly Support: Get assistance promptly when needed.

Regular Updates: Benefit from ongoing improvements and enhancements.

Multi-Language Support: Reach a global audience by providing content in multiple languages.

All Current & Future Plugin Features: Enjoy access to all existing and upcoming features.

29+ Templates: Choose from a variety of templates, with new ones continuously added.
Pay as You Use: Pay only for the duration you use the plugin.

10% Discount on Renewal: Save on renewal costs.

Role-Based Access: Control who can view the coming soon page.

Custom Logo Setup: Add your logo, whether it’s a text-based or graphic logo.

Newsletter Functionality: Collect user emails and customize newsletter features.

Subscriber List View & Export: Manage your subscriber list and export data as needed.

Countdown Designs: Choose from 7 different countdown styles, including button, circle, and vertical slider.

Highly Customizable: Adjust button border radius, text color, and more.

User-Friendly Backend: Easily manage settings and configurations.

Email Notifications: Stay informed about user interactions.

SEO-Friendly: Ensure your page is search engine optimized.

Social Media Integration: Connect with your audience through social media icons.
Custom Logo Premium (New): Enhance your branding with a custom logo.

Tested on Popular WordPress Themes: Compatibility with various themes.

Visibility for Non-Logged-In Users: Display the coming soon page only to visitors who aren’t logged in.

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Designed and Developed with ♥ by RSTheme


WordPress version at least: 4.5 
PHP version at least: 7.0


  • General Settings
  • Templates
  • Appearance Settings
  • Content Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Coming Soon Template 01
  • Coming Soon Template 02
  • Under Construction Template 01
  • Under Construction Template 02
  • Maintenance Template 01


  1. Unpack the download package
  2. Upload all files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, include folders
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to ‘Ultimate Coming’ plugin


🔰 What is the purpose of this plugin?

  • The plugin serves two main purposes:
    Coming Soon Page: Hide your website from public view while you work on it. Create anticipation and curiosity among visitors.
    Maintenance Mode: Inform users that your site is temporarily down for maintenance or updates.

🔰 Is the plugin customizable?

  • Absolutely! You have full control over the look and feel of your coming soon or maintenance page. Customize texts, backgrounds, and colors to match your brand.

🔰 Can I display a countdown timer?

  • Yes! Engage your audience by showing a countdown timer. Let visitors know exactly when your website will be live or back in action.

🔰 Does it work with WordPress multisite installations?

  • Yes, the plugin seamlessly integrates with both single WordPress sites and multisite networks.

🔰 Will my page look good on mobile devices?

  • Definitely! The plugin ensures a responsive design, making your page look great on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

🔰 Can I add social media icons?

  • Yes, stay connected with your audience by including social media icons on your page.

🔰 Is it compatible with any WordPress theme?

  • Absolutely! You can use it with any theme without worrying about compatibility issues.

🔰 What about SEO options?

  • Optimize your page for search engines by setting meta tags, descriptions, and keywords.

🔰 How fast is the performance?

  • The plugin is optimized for super-fast performance, minimizing any impact on your site’s loading time.

🔰 Is it easy to set up?

  • Yes, it’s simple and user-friendly. No coding skills required!

🔰 Is it SEO-friendly?

  • Yes, the plugin’s structure ensures proper indexing by search engines.

🔰 Does it support multiple languages?

  • Yes, you can provide translations for your content to reach a global audience.

🔰 What kind of support is available?

  • Priority email support is provided for any assistance you need.

🔰 Can I customize the styling?

  • Absolutely! Adjust fonts, colors, and layout to match your brand identity.

🔰 How responsive is the support team?

  • Our friendly support team is committed to providing fast and helpful assistance.

🔰 What happens when the countdown reaches zero?

  • You can set a specific action, whether it’s launching your website or revealing exciting news.

Need any help?

  • Please Create Support Ticket: Click Here If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Click the link to create a support ticket, and we’ll strive to address your inquiries promptly.


3. júní, 2024 5 replies
Nakon što sam instalirao plugin, više ne mogu pokrenuti stranicu.. Nakon što deaktiviram plugin ili ga obrišem, i dalje stoji obavijest Under Costruction, koliko god brisao Cache ili isprobavao na drugim uređajima …Ok, thank you for finding and solving the problem for the future. I appreciate the effort; you deserve a good rating for that. Best regards.
21. mars, 2024 2 replies
As a website owner, I recently had the opportunity to use the Ultimate Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. Here’s why: Seamless Integration Across All Installations: Managing multiple WordPress sites can be challenging, especially when it comes to consistency. However, this plugin seamlessly integrates across all my installations. Whether I’m handling a single site or a multisite network, the experience remains consistent. That’s a huge win for me! SEO Optimization Done Right: Even during maintenance, I wanted search engines to notice my website. The plugin allowed me to set meta tags, descriptions, and keywords. Now, my site remains visible to search engines even when it’s temporarily unavailable to visitors. Fully Customizable and Responsive: The plugin offers full control over styling. I could tailor the look and feel of my coming soon or maintenance page to match my brand identity. Plus, the responsive design ensures that the page looks great on any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. Countdown Timer for Audience Engagement: Engaging my audience was essential. With the built-in countdown timer, I could let visitors know exactly when my website would be live or back in action. It created anticipation and curiosity among my users. Social Media Integration: Staying connected with my audience is crucial. The plugin allows adding social media icons to the page, enabling visitors to follow my progress and updates. It’s a simple yet effective feature. Fast Performance and Easy Setup: Speed matters, and this plugin is optimized for performance. It had minimal impact on my site’s loading time. Plus, the setup was straightforward—no coding skills required. Multi-Language Support and Priority Email Assistance: As a global website, I appreciated the multi-language support. Providing translations for my content was hassle-free. And when I needed assistance, the priority email support team was prompt and helpful. In summary, the Ultimate Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin is a powerful tool for website owners. Whether you’re launching a new site, making updates, or simply maintaining your existing one, this plugin ensures a polished and professional experience for your visitors. Highly recommended!
19. mars, 2024 2 replies
First Impressions Matter: When I stumbled upon this plugin, I was impressed by its sleek and modern design. The interface was clean, and the setup process was straightforward. As someone who values aesthetics, I appreciated the attention to detail. Easy Setup, No Fuss: Setting up my coming soon page was a breeze. The plugin guided me step by step, and I didn’t need any coding skills. It felt like assembling a puzzle—everything clicked into place effortlessly. Customization Heaven: The customization options blew me away. From fonts to background images, I had full control. I tweaked colors, added my logo, and even adjusted the countdown timer style. It felt like my own little creative playground. Countdown Timer Magic: Speaking of countdown timers, this feature added an element of excitement. I could practically hear the drumroll as my website launch date approached. It kept visitors engaged and curious. Responsive Across Devices: I tested my coming soon page on various devices—desktop, tablet, and phone. It looked flawless everywhere. No awkward formatting issues or wonky alignments. Kudos to the developers! Multisite Compatibility Wins: Managing Multiple WordPress Sites? Fear not! The plugin seamlessly integrates across all my installations. Consistency across my network was crucial, and Ultimate Coming Soon delivered. SEO Optimization Done Right: Even during maintenance, I wanted search engines to notice me. The plugin allowed me to set meta tags, descriptions, and keywords. Smart move for visibility. Banana-Simple Interface: Navigating the plugin was as easy as peeling a banana (pun intended). The intuitive dashboard made me feel like a pro, even though I’m not a tech guru.
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1.0.7 05-06-2024

  • Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Bug Fixes
  • Adding four new templates(Two Maintenance & Two Under Construction Templates)
  • Add Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode
  • Also add Redirect Mode
  • You can also chosse (Homepage only or Whole Website) show your Coming Soon Template

1.0.6 09-05-2024

  • Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Bug Fixes
  • Automatic clear browser cache
  • Responsive preview images

1.0.5 30-04-2024

  • Add New Two Premium Templates
  • Adding More Fields
  • Change Font Family
  • Logo issue solved
  • Change Background Color
  • Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Submit Button with transition
  • Update Footer

1.0.4 26-03-2024

  • Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Update
  • Updated Style

1.0.3 09-03-2024

  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Update

1.0.2 07-03-2024

  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Update
  • Updated Style

1.0.1 27-02-2024

  • Compatible with your version of WordPress
  • Updated Style

1.0.0 15-02-2024

  • Initial release