One Click Accessibility

The One Click Accessibility toolbar is the fastest plugin to help you make your WordPress…

One Click Accessibility 100.000+ active installations Prófað með 6.1.3 uppfært fyrir 5 mánuðir

Enable Accessibility

Easily integrate Enable Accessibility Toolbar into your WordPress website, no need to edit the theme…

uPress 10.000+ active installations Prófað með 6.2.2 uppfært fyrir 4 vikur

Equalweb Accessibility

Make your website accessible and compliant with EqualWeb AI-powered accessibility widget & monitoring scans. EqualWeb…

Equalweb Accessibility 2.000+ active installations Prófað með 5.7.9 uppfært fyrir 2 ár


An advanced plugin, that immediately applies key accessibility features on your WordPress website.

Octa Code 2.000+ active installations Prófað með 6.0.5 uppfært fyrir 7 mánuðir

Genesis Accessible

Genesis Accessible is a plugin for site owners who want accessibility-ready websites using the Genesis…

Rian Rietveld, Robin Cornett 1.000+ active installations Prófað með 5.3.15 uppfært fyrir 3 ár

Access Monitor

Test your WordPress site for accessibility compliance. Run on-demand tests or schedule a weekly accessibility…

Joseph C Dolson 300+ active installations Prófað með 6.2.2 uppfært fyrir 4 dagar