WP-InstantArticles generates a RSS feed of your WordPress posts as Instant Articles for Facebook to…

Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan 500+ active installations Prófað með 5.9.3 uppfært fyrir 5 mánuðir

Quick Post Management

QPM adds page/post management links for one-click actions as drafting, private/public, opening/closing comments/trackbacks, trashing/deleting, etc

Name.ly 40+ active installations Prófað með 3.4.2 uppfært fyrir 9 ár


WP-InstantBackup makes it simple to perform database and/or directory backups via FTP, Email, or both.

Andrew Forster & Nick Young 20+ active installations Prófað með 3.1.4 uppfært fyrir 11 ár

Lazy Moderator

Comment moderation for the lazy! Provides quick-yet-secure one-click links to moderate comments.

Phan An 10+ active installations Prófað með 4.1.35 uppfært fyrir 8 ár