Security plugin for WordPress with support for fail2ban. Tested with WordPress 5.5+ and PHP 7.4/8.1.x.

WebbPlatsen, Joaquim Homrighausen 80+ active installations Prófað með 6.4.1 uppfært fyrir 3 vikur


Secure your Wordpress of WPScan Prevent hackers using WPScan to find vulnerabilities in your site,…

GeekParadize.Fr 60+ active installations uppfært fyrir 4 ár

WP Firewall

Protect WordPress from hacker attacks, spam and dangerous actions.

Andrea De Giovine 50+ active installations Prófað með 5.4.14 uppfært fyrir 4 ár

WP Cloudflare Guard

Connecting WordPress with Cloudflare firewall, protect your WordPress site at DNS level. Automatically create firewall…

Typist Tech 40+ active installations Prófað með 4.7.27 uppfært fyrir 7 ár


WordPress Application Firewall. Protects against current and future attacks.

Gianni 'guelfoweb' Amato 20+ active installations Prófað með 3.5.2 uppfært fyrir 10 ár


NovaSense automatically blocks IP addresses associated with attacks, spam, abuse, DoS, and more, dramatically increasing…

NovaSense 10+ active installations Prófað með 5.5.13 uppfært fyrir 3 ár


Protect your site from spammers and bots with RIDEN’s "neighborhood watch".

RIDEN Software Corp. 10+ active installations Prófað með 4.9.24 uppfært fyrir 6 ár