Smooth Scroll by WPOS


A simple plugin contains Smooth Scrolling To Element, Go To Top and MouseWheel Smooth Scroll.

View DEMO for more details

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

Smooth Scrolling To Element
Smooth Scrolling effect where you click on a link and your browser smoothly scrolls down to the appropriate section. This can be achived by a shortcode and can be used multiple time on a page.

For example :

[ss_link link="content1" name="Click Me" class="button"]

Where [ss_link] is the main shortcode and all other are parameters.

Go To Top
For websites that have a lot of information on the page you will scroll far down the page to consume the information. Websites with initiate scroll need something to make it easy to return to the top.
This is done with a button which will scroll them back to the top.

MouseWheel Smooth Scroll
MouseWheel Smooth Scroll provides smooth vertical scrolling as you scroll up/down the webpage with mouse wheel.

Shortcode parameters for Smooth Scrolling To Element

  • Link : [ss_link link=“content1″] (Link parameter is used define the link target. ie if you are giving link="content1" thats when the contant where you want to scroll should have ID content1 ie <div id="content1">....</div>)
  • Button Name : [ss_link link=“content1″ name=“Click Me“] (i.e Name of link)
  • Button Class : [ss_link link=“content1″ name=“Click Me“ class=“button“] (i.e Design your button by giving a custom class.)


  • Shortcode for Smooth Scrolling To Element where you can create unlimted buttons and scroll to their there elements section.
  • MouseWheel Smooth Scroll
  • Go To Top


  1. Upload the ‘smooth-scroll-by-wpos’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the ssmooth-scroll-by-wpos list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Smooth Scroll by WPOS menu create in the left side and check the settings.


19. júlí, 2021
I've tried countless plugins attempting this and none have worked. Given up on the idea now.
5. febrúar, 2021
After trying many such plugins, I settled on this one. It's light (doesn't eat resources nor affect page speed), and just works out the box. Great coding and job well done!
26. janúar, 2019
This plugin is easy to install and isn't bloated at all. It worked great on WordPress 5.0.3. It has an entry in the left hand sidebar admin menu, which I like, and you can control the scroll speed. Great work!
25. nóvember, 2018
Sorry, works fine with mouse but incompatible with touchpad on laptops! 🙁 Tested with MacBook, FF62 and Safari11
2. desember, 2018
This plugin works great and is the only one I've found that actually has options on the WP dashboard to change the speed/amount of the scroll. I hope the developers keep this updated because it's the best one out there in my opinion. UPDATE: this plugin works with Safari/Mac now too.
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1.1 (19, Aug 2021)

  • [*] Updated all external links
  • [*] Tested up to: 5.8
  • [*] Added languages file.


  • Initial release.