This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

SkyNet Shipping WooCommerce Plugin


The SkyNet Shipping for WooCommerce application or plugin allows you to ships goods everywhere across South Africa.
* This Shipping method uses Express Courier to deliver your parcels.
* Our Express service is available nationwide.
* No collections/deliveries on weekends

Short Description

The SkyNet Shipping for WooCommerce application or plugin allows you to ships goods everywhere across South Africa.

System Requirements

PHP 7.2 is required to run the plugin.
PHP 5.6 – 7.0 can be supported on request.

Before Installation

  • All plugin users must be InHouse clients of SkyNet along with a API credentials.
    Please contact SkyNet administration to help set it up.
  • Please make sure that WooCommerce extension has been installed in your WordPress account.


Should you encounter any issue with the plugin, please revert back to our support developer team


  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping

    • Under the Shipping tab, Click the Shipping Classes under the Settings tab and add a Shipping Class
      # [Shipping class] – should be Skynet Shipping
      # [Slug] – should be skynet-shipping
      # [Description] – should be SkyNet ships everywhere across ZAR (optional)
      # [Product count] Will display all the Products added set to use the Skynet Shipping plugin
    • Click the Save shipping Classes button to set the action

    • Under Shipping zones, Add a Shipping Zone and give it any name of your choosing or SkyNet shipping

    • Click on the Add Shipping Method button and select SkyNet shipping then Save Changes
    • Select the Skynet Shipping method and add in the [SkyNet shipping] on the Method Title, add [SkyNet ships everywhere across ZAR] on the Method Description
    • Complete all the settings fields. Please note that telephone numbers should be in international format.
    • Fallback cost is an optional field that if the plugin isn’t getting read, then your clients will see the amount you’ve placed in, please set it to 0 (Zero)
    • The [Disable Shipping Cache] checkbox has to be set to true or checked.
    • Then click the Save change button

    • Click the Shipping options under the Settings tab and set the options

      [Calculations] – Select the checkbox labeled > Hide shipping costs until an address is entered

      [Shipping destination] – Select the radio button labeled > Force shipping to the customer billing address

    • Then click the Save changes button
  2. Now go to the Site or Store

    • Add in multiples items from the store into the Cart, then go to Checkout.
    • Add in your Billing information [Address], as soon as the desired Postal code has been entered, the plugin would get activated and display a Quotation, after adding all the information, if the quote isn’t displayed, please refresh the page.
    • Select the Skynet Shipping as your shipping method, and select your desired payment method as well
    • Place an order.
  3. After placing an order and making successful payment
    • Navigate back to WooCommerce > Orders link
    • All Orders need to be changed to Status Processing for waybills to be created


  1. Does the Skynet Shipping plugin requires an authorization access key?

Yes. In most cases, whenever working with apps, credentials are required to allow data intergration with the application.

  1. How long does it take to activate the plugin.

As soon as the plugin is downloaded and activated on the WordPress dashboard, users can communicate with the support team
for instructions on activating the plugin.


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Þátttakendur & höfundar

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  1. Added boolean flag for UAT testing.
  2. Add status trigger option in plugin settings.
  3. Removed reliance on port 3227


  1. Added option for flat rate shipping and markup on SkyNet quote.


  1. Added free shipping threshold. If the total value of content in the cart exceeds this value the shipping cost will be 0.


  1. Added fallback cost for delivery should api not be available at the time.


  1. Waybill will be created when order status is changed to completed.


  1. Make provision for 0 & empty values passed in quote request


  • This is the official release of this version.