Simple Photo Feed for Instagram


Simple Photo Feed for Instagram is a free WordPress plugin that lets you embed your Instagram photos as a gallery in your website.


  • Easy embed feature to display Instagram posts from your account.
  • Super simple to set up – No coding or editing files!
  • Completely responsive and mobile ready – layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Customizable – Customize the number of photos, number of columns, image size and captions display!
  • Use the built-in shortcode options to completely customize your Instagram feed
  • Built in optional lightbox to view larger images and scroll through gallery without leaving the current site


  • Increase Social Engagement – Increase engagement between you and your Instagram followers. Increase your number of followers by displaying your Instagram content directly on your site.
  • Save Time – Don’t have time to update your photos on your site? Save time and increase efficiency by only posting your photos to Instagram and automatically displaying them on your website
  • Keep Your Site Looking Fresh – Automatically push your new Instagram content straight to your site to keep it looking fresh and keeping your audience engaged.
  • Super simple to set up – Once installed, you can be displaying your Instagram photos within 30 seconds! No coding required, no complex steps or Instagram Developer account needed.


  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Shortcode Usage



  • Upload the Simple Photo Feed folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Navigate to the „Simple Photo Feed“ Menu.

Admin Installer via Zip

  • Visit the Add New plugin screen and click the „Upload Plugin“ button.
  • Click the „Browse…“ button and select zip file from your computer.
  • Click the „Install Now“ button.
  • Once done uploading, activate Simple Photo Feed.
  • Navigate to the „Simple Photo Feed“ Menu.

That’s it! Now you can easily display Instagram posts in your WordPress from your Instagram account.


When is „Simple Photo Feed“ needed?

Whenever you want your Instagram posts to be shown as a gallery in your WordPress website. Increase social engagement, save time by only posting your photos to Instagram and automatically displaying them on your website and keep your site looking fresh.

Do I need Instagram Access Tokens or Developer Accounts to use this?

We’ve made it super easy for you. Just click the „Connect Account“ button, login to your Instagram and accept the plugin. That’s it!

My Instagram feed isn’t displaying. Why not!?

There are a few common reasons for this:

  • Your Access Token may not be valid anymore. Click „Disconnect Account“ and re-connect to refresh the connection with Instagram’s API.
  • The cached feed may be invalid. Just click the „Clear Cache“ button in Settings and the plugin will fetch a fresh feed of media from your Instagram account.
  • You haven’t added the shortcode. Add [simple-photo-feed] in a page/post, where you want your instagram feed to be displayed.

If you’re still having an issue displaying your feed then please open a ticket in the Support forum with a link to the page where you’re trying to display the Instagram feed and, if possible, a link to your Instagram account.

Does „Simple Photo Feed“ require manual coding or file editing?

Absolutely not. No technical knowledge is needed at all. With a few clicks your Instagram posts will be synced with your website.

How do I embed my Instagram Feed directly into a WordPress page template?

You can embed your Instagram feed directly into a template file by using the WordPress do_shortcode function: <?php echo do_shortcode('[simple-photo-feed]'); ?>

Is „Simple Photo Feed“ compatible with my theme/plugins?

Of course! „Simple Photo Feed“ is compatible with any theme and plugin that follows WordPress coding standards.


5. júní, 2024
I had been using a different add-on the whole time until it just stopped displaying anything. That’s why I fiddled with the settings for several days without success. Fortunately, this add-on is available as a replacement.It doesn’t offer many setting options, but I don’t need them anyway. It’s supposed to display my Instagram posts properly in a widget, and it does that. Very quick to set up and it works perfectly!Thank you very much!
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  • Added Lightbox Feature – Credits: @F13Dev
  • Fix images aspect ratio in small view
  • Fix empty options on first activation


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • Fix feed cache when empty transient


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.4
  • WP Coding Standards compliant
  • Fix CSS styling
  • Fix bug regarding Instagram redirect
  • Fix notice when caption was empty


  • CSS fix


  • Update to support latest WP version


  • Initial release