Single Page Pagination

A simple plugin that displays next and previous links on single post pages.
Posts are ordered chronologically. 200+ active installations Prófað með 5.4.10 uppfært fyrir 2 ár

Easy Pagination Control

A lightweight and easy-to-configure plugin for quickly configuring the number of objects on the archives, categories, tags, taxonomies, home, search p …

Ivan Barinov 20+ active installations Prófað með 5.7.6 uppfært fyrir 1 ár

Electric Pagination Fix

If you create a custom taxonomy in WordPress, whether it’s part of a theme or a plugin, you may encounter a 404 error when trying to view the taxonomy …

The Electric Code Company 30+ active installations Prófað með 5.6.8 uppfært fyrir 1 ár

WP EasyScroll Posts

Easy and fast load plugin to append next page of posts to your current page when a user scrolls to the bottom.

Team Startbit 100+ active installations Prófað með 5.2.15 uppfært fyrir 3 ár

Custom Base Terms

Modifique las estructuras personalizadas en las URLs para autor, búsqueda, comentarios, página y feed.

Art Project Group 100+ active installations Prófað með 5.2.15 uppfært fyrir 3 ár


This plugin adds similar to wp_list_pages, missing function and shortcode wp_list_posts with pagination support.

Clearcode 10+ active installations Prófað með 5.9.3 uppfært fyrir 4 mánuðir