WordPress Real Cookie Banner: GDPR (DSGVO) & ePrivacy Cookie Consent


Obtain GDPR (DSGVO) and ePrivacy Directive (EU cookie law) compliant opt-in cookie consent.

Real Cookie Banner is an opt-in cookie and consent management plugin. Obtain consent to load services and set cookies for your visitors in accordance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. In addition, content blockers help you to be compliant even if your theme, plugin or content loads styles, scripts or iframes that would transfer personal data. Start now with our guided configuration and avoid legal risks!

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Cookie & Consent Management: You can use Real Cookie Banner to store all technical and legal information about cookies and services to obtain informed consent. You can use 90+ cookie templates and 60+ content blocker templates to quickly and securely provide all the information you need.

Content Blocker: Themes, plugins and co. usually load scripts, styles and content that transfer personal data and set cookies before you have the consent of your visitors. You usually cannot control this by yourself. Content blockers make sure that these features are only executed after you have obtained consent.

Customize design: You can design the cookie banner according to your wishes. 10+ design presets and over 170 options give you the flexibility to customize the design perfectly to fit with your corporate design. From colors and effects to texts, you can let off steam creatively. All changes are shown in a live preview.

Guided configuration: After installation, the checklist will guide you through all steps to set up Real Cookie Banner in a legally compliant manner. We also explain the legal basis of features and the legal consequences if you change settings. So you can quickly and safely set up your cookie banner!

Documentation of consents: According to the GDPR, you have to prove that a visitor has consented to cookies if he or she doubts this. We document consent completely and make it possible to trace the origin of the consent afterwards. So you are on the safe side even in the worst case!

Native solution in WordPress: The consent management is completely installed in your WordPress. You have no need to use a cloud service that may raise further legal questions. All data is in your hands, without dependence to a third server.

You want a list of all features? Get it by scrolling down!

Supported Languages

Real Cookie Banner is available in English and German. More languages will be added soon!

All Features of Real Cookie Banner

Some of the features listed below are only available in the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner.

  • Cookie & Consent Management for obtaining informed consent according to the ePrivacy Directive
  • Group cookies into individual groups, such as essential, functional, statistics and marketing
  • Technical specifications of HTTP cookies and cookie-like information such as Local Storage, Session Storage, Flash Local Shared Object and IndexedDB can be fully collected
  • Execution of opt-in and opt-out HTML/JavaScript code after consent or after revocation of consent
  • Automatic deletion of 1st-party cookies (client-side and server-side) in case of opt-out to ensure due diligence
  • Hiding of the cookie banner in the data protection and imprint page and individual additional pages to fulfill the legally prescribed duty to inform
  • Accepting all cookies for bots as SEO best practice and for more visibility in Google and Co.
  • Use of „Do Not Track“ header for automatic selection of privacy settings in compliance with the law
  • Age notice for the cookie banner and content blocker to comply with youth protection regulations according to GDPR
  • Obtaining consent for data processing in the USA after the decision by the ECJ on the invalidity of the EU-US Privacy Shield

  • Content Blocker to block already integrated link, script and iframe HTML tags until the consent of the visitor has been obtained

  • URL blocking to block entire elements using a URL (also inline scripts and retina support for images included)
  • Custom element blocking for blocking entire elements using an HTML attribute

  • Design of the cookie banner and content blocker with over 170 options customizable according to your wishes

  • Live preview of design and text changes in the WordPress Customizer
  • 10+ design presets with interactive preview

  • Guided configuration after installation for an easy setup

  • Checklist with steps for legally compliant setup of the cookie banner

  • Documentation of consents with revision of all cookies, cookie groups, settings and design adjustments to fulfill the duty of proof according to GDPR

  • Creation of consents afterwards traceable through interactive visualization of the cookie banner at the time of consent
  • Automatically obtain new consents after changing the content or behavior of the cookie banner or content blocker
  • Statistics about visitor consents (e.g. to extrapolate data collected in Google Analytics)
  • Shortcodes for viewing the history of consent as well as changing and revoking consent according to the law

  • Native solution in WordPress without the need to use a cloud service

  • Anti-Ad-Blocker system to safely display the cookie banner and obtain consent for visitors with ad blocker browser extensions
  • Import and export of all settings and contents as well as consents

  • Fully translated in English and German

  • Support for automatic emptying of all known page caches after a change to the cookie banner or content blocker
  • Support for Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Manager to obtain informed consent and injecting the tag manager after consent (with fallback for visitors without consent)
  • Support for multilingual websites with WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress and Weglot
  • Support for WordPress Multisites
  • Consent Forwarding to avoid multiple consents of a visitor on multiple sites of an organization (with WordPress Multisites or multiple WordPress installations; forwarding as one-way sync or two-way sync of consents)

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.2 or later

  • API for developers with documentation of the provided WordPress actions & filters and REST API
  • Free version available and discount for the PRO version when used on multiple websites

Templates & Compatibility

Real Cookie Banner comes with 90+ cookie templates and 60+ content blocker templates. These templates save you a lot of time by giving you all the relevant legal and technical information for a service to use it in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR (DSGVO). We have verified that these tools, plugins and services are fully compatible with the consent management of Real Cookie Banner.

Only a few templates are included in the free version. But you are able to create every cookie by hand with the free version. Get the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner to access all templates.

Cookie templates

Content blocker templates

Full-featured cookie and consent management for WordPress

Real Cookie Banner is a WordPress plugin that enables you to obtain consent to load services and set cookies in accordance with the GDPR (DSGVO) and ePrivacy Directive (EU Cookie Law). In addition, we ensure for you that styles, scripts, iframes, etc. are only loaded when users give their consent with so-called Content Blockers. To be on the safe side, you should document all consents of your website to prove them in case of doubt. An automatic documentation of consents is also included in this plugin.

(Why) do I need an opt-in cookie banner?

Nearly all websites that target users from the EU require a cookie banner that obtains explicit consent (opt-in procedure) and documents the consent. It is practically impossible to operate a website without cookies and external services requiring consent, as otherwise you would have to go without many features and services such as Google Analytics, Google Fonts, YouTube videos, personal recommendations, etc.

Legally, the obligation is based on the ePrivacy Directive (Directive 2009/136/EC) Art. 66, which describes that the setting of cookies that are not strictly technically necessary requires the explicit consent of the user. The ePrivacy Directive has not yet been transposed into national law by a lot of EU countries (including German), but according to current legal opinion, it must be applied nevertheless.

Some German users will have § 15 para. 3 TMG as the German solution to the cookie issue in mind. The paragraph assumes that consent is granted automatically if the user does not object (opt-out procedure). However, the ECJ clarified on October 1, 2019 in case C-673/17 that the German special way of an opt-out procedure is not in accordance with the ePrivacy Directive and since then it must be assumed that only the opt-in procedure is permissible. This was also confirmed by the Federal Court of Justice for Germany on May 28, 2020 (Case I ZR 7/16 – Cookie Consent II).

Contrary to the assumption of many, the GDPR plays only a minor role in this respect. Although it defines how personal data must be processed, it explicitly leaves the question of how to deal with cookies to the ePrivacy Directive. However, it does regulate the penalties if data protection violations are committed through the unauthorized transfer of personal data.

What if I don’t have an opt-in cookie banner?

The first warnings are already being sent out today because of the accusation of a data protection violation due to the illegal use of cookies. In this case, a cease-and-desist declaration and compensation will be demanded. At this point, it is advisable to seek legal advice in order to avoid falling into further legal traps.

A risk already exists today due to the ECJ decision of October 1, 2019 in case C-673/17. We assume that the number of warnings will increase as soon as the ePrivacy Directive is replaced by the ePrivacy Regulation (ePVO). At the latest then, the risk of a warning should no longer be taken.

Why another cookie banner/content plugin?

There are already widely used cookie banner solutions like Borlabs Cookie, Complianz, GDPR Cookie Consent, GDPR Cookie Compliance or Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA. In our point of view, many of these solutions only partially implement the legal requirements or advised behavior, which bears a risk for website operators. Without a serious look at the law, you won’t know about it until you get a warning in your mailbox. In addition, most solutions are not so flexible and customizable that we would recommend using them on a professional website.

We have implemented a cookie banner plugin that in our opinion meets the legal requirements, is very flexible and customizable, can be set up legally correct in only about an hour and solves many other problems. Through a market research and survey with WordPress users before we started the development of the cookie content tool, we have identified many issues. We have tested the implemented solution intensively in user tests in practice, so that we can offer you a comprehensive and intuitive solution.

Try Real Cookie Banner and replace e.g. your legally questionable cookie notice with our powerful cookie consent management solution!

Developer Friendly

You are a developer and want to write an add-on for Real Cookie Banner or make your plugin compatible with ours? We are happy to help you!

WordPress actions & filters and REST API

Have a look at the API documentation on our website to learn more about how to write code that uses functions of Real Cookie Banner.

Free Support

We like to work with other WordPress developers. If you need assistants to use our product for your code projects or make your WordPress plugin compatible with Real Cookie Banner, just open a support ticket.

Get the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner

You will download the free version of this plugin, which contains all core functions that allow you to load services and set cookies according to the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Our PRO version offers even more useful features and many cookie and content blocker templates, which not only make the cookie banner more flexible, but also save you a lot of time to set up the cookie banner in compliance with the law. Learn more about the PRO version.


  • Cookie & Consent Management
  • Content Blocker
  • Customize design
  • Guided configuration
  • Documentation of consents
  • Native solution in WordPress


  1. Go to your WordPress backend
  2. Navigate to „Plugins“ > „Add New“
  3. Search for „WordPress Real Cookie Banner“
  4. Install and activate the plugin
  5. Go to „Cookies“ in the left sidebar and start the setup of your cookie banner


Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 5?

Yes, we support WordPress 5.2 or newer and regularly update your Real Cookie Banner to support future versions.

Where can I find documentation or support for the plugin?

We offer a knowledge base and fast support on our website. Please feel free to open a support ticket if you have questions, issues or feedback about the plugin. We love to make Real Cookie Banner better!

Does Real Cookie Banner find all cookies on my website automatically?

The plugin does not automatically search for cookies. You have to enter them manually. We help you with 90+ cookie templates and 60+ content blocker templates.

An automatic scan of your website would be complex to implement due to technical limitations and would be error-prone. In our blog we explain the steps to find all cookies.

Is Real Cookie Banner free?

Yes, all core features of Real Cookie Banner are free and you are able to create unlimited cookies and content blocker. But most of the cookie and content blocker templates that will save you many hours of research work are included only in the PRO version. You want more? Learn more about the PRO version.

What is the difference between Real Cookie Banner and Real Cookie Banner PRO?

The PRO Version offers you many additional features like Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Manager Support, consent for data processing in the USA after the end of the Privacy Shield, Consent Forwarding or 90+ cookie templates and 60+ content blocker templates. Learn more about the PRO version.


9. apríl, 2021
We tried many other GDPR plugins and finally chose Devowl's Real Cookie Banner. For us, it is clearly the best GDPR plugin for WordPress. For our website, we find it superior for several reasons: - very easy to create an error-free set up using the provided Templates and the team are happy to create new ones, if you miss one. - it has negligible impact the site's webspeed - excellent adjustments of the banner via the Customiser - it is simple to integrate consent options inside our existing Privacy & Cookie Policy - one of he few plugins that has a working integration with PixelYourSite - the Devowl team offer excellent support, both in terms of responsiveness and quality. We also use other Devowl plugins, all are excellent, reliable and well supported. - they seem to understand the GDPR requirements better than many other providers - integrates very well with WordPress - full history of all consents - it was easy to export setting from the installation on our staging site and import them into the plugin on our live site. What can be improved: - it doesn't facilitate the creation of a GDPR compliant Cookie or Privacy page - does not yet include CCPA compliance We have since upgraded to the Pro license, which is fairly priced, but we really appreciated that we could try the fully functional free version of this plugin from wordpress.org.
31. mars, 2021
I switched from Borlabs Cookie to this plugin, and it's a lot better! More customization options, easier to set it up, better for the Performance and compatible with popular optimization plug-ins like WP-Rocket and FlyingPress (Borlabs caused problems with them). They also have a really friendly live chat support, which is a BIG plus! Please support the developers of this plugin and purchase it - it's worth it 🙂 Although even the free version is completely usable as well
30. mars, 2021
We love it's simplicity and the outstanding support by devowl - Thanks guys! I was happy that you implemented a cookie, we needed (issuu). Thanks for making my life easier! L
20. mars, 2021
Real Cookie Banner rocks. I tried several different Cookie Banner Plugins and this one is definitely the best. Easy to set up and quick support. Even though just using the free version and on a weekend I got quick support with a small issue I had. Thanks a lot
9. mars, 2021
Die Installation ist sehr leicht, wie auch die Einstellungen. Auch die individuelle Gestaltung des Banners ist nicht zu kompliziert. Sollten trotzdem Fragen bestehen, ist die Unterstützung des Support unkompliziert und schnell. Preis Leistung Verhältnis ist ebenfalls sehr gut. Alles in allem ein empfehlenswertes Plugin.
Skoða 29 umsagnir

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