Quick Event Manager


A quick and easy to use event creator. Just add new events and publish. The shortcode lists all the events. The settings pages let you select how you want the event displayed.


  • Event posts created from your dashboard
  • Loads of layout and styling options
  • Show events as a list or a calendar
  • Built in event registration form
  • Accepts payments and IPN
  • Download events to your calendar
  • Download attendee report to email/CSV
  • Event maps with Google Maps
  • Widgets and lots of shortcode options

Developers plugin page

Quick Event Manager.

Pro Version

lots of additional features
* Stripe payments
* Mailchimp Integration
* Event Imports
* Additional reports
* Guest Events, allow visitors to create their own events
* Use variable donation amounts for event pricing
* Allow discount coupons, overall or per event
* Premium support

Demo Pages

Event list.
Guest Events.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Quick Event Manager
  • Quick Event Manager


  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’ then search for ‘quick event manager’.
  3. Select the plugin then ‘Install Now’.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. Go to the plugin ‘Settings’ page to change how the events display.
  6. Go to your permalinks page and re-save to activate the custom posts.
  7. Add new events using the event editor on your dashboard
  8. To use the form in your posts and pages add the shortcode [qem].


How do I add a new event?

In the main dashboard, click on ‘event’ then ‘add new’.

What’s the shortcode?

If you just want a calendar use the shortcode [qemcalendar]

How do I change the colours and things?

Use the plugin settings page. You can’t style individual events, they all look the same.
But you can change lots of colours on the calendar

Can I add more fields?


Why not?

Well OK yes you can add more fields if you want but you are going to have to fiddle about with the php file which needs a bit of care and attention. Everything you need to know is in the wordpress codex.


20. janúar, 2020
As a charrity we were having WordPress / QEM problems and Alan guided and helped us most efficiently. Was amazed that we got a reply within an hour or two on a Sunday night. Highly recommended.
20. maí, 2019
Very helpful in collecting registrations to events! Easily customizable by means of a very rich setting manager page! The page style is also easily integrable into the site using custom css. Shortcodes allow an easy page development. I want also to underline the great availabilty and kindness of the author in answering to specific requirements.
27. ágúst, 2018
Comprehensive shortcode options allow it to be dropped in to pages easily. I was able to drop each month's events into a 'fold' of an accordion.
1. mars, 2018
This Quick event manager is simply awesome! It has tons of great features but it is still so light weight. No unnecessary bells and whistles. No greedy pricing plans such as requiring expensive yearly subscriptions and so on. I believe this plugin was built with the simple intent of solving customer needs! The better of all, the plugin writer, Graham, is super responsive and adds features regularly. I had a need to have some specific functionalities and required fields (such as private notes) in the plugin. After reaching out to Graham about it, to my surprise, Graham just built those out and released an update quickly. The plugin is very easy and intuitive to use. It's very straightforward for the event manager with no technical background to add events. The plugin renders nicely on any device and it just works! I've the pro version and it meets all my needs. Awesome job Graham! Keep up the good work.
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Interested in development?

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  • Improve stability for PHP 8.0
  • Add Date to Stripe & Paypal Feed descriptions
  • If user optin – add optin message to payment records on Stripe & Paypal

= 9.2.8
* Add description to stripe feed( Pro Only)

= 9.2.7
* fix issue with Stripe Webhook ( Pro Only)

= 9.2.6
* Allow multiple comma separated emails in some user input email address areas

= 9.2.5
* Extended [qemreport] (pro option)

= 9.2.4
* Added DEBUG logging of mail messages and fix admin email issue

= 9.2.3
* Fix error messages when deregistering

= 9.2.2
* Improve email deliverability

= 9.2.1
* fix library path ( Pro )

= 9.2
* Change Event Variable Tickets to have better labels
* Force email to lower case for better matching
* Remove label from text area when not changed
* Enable ‘not attending’ when same email can apply multiple registrations
* Correct external link to PayPal IPN instructions
* Enable ‘More names’ on variable tickets
* Fix issue with donation validated even when not ticked ( Pro)

= 9.1.8
* Fix compatibility issue with Gravity Forms 2.5

= 9.1.7
* (Pro only) minor issue with coupons fix

= 9.1.6
* (Pro only) admin sort sequence for report

= 9.1.5
* (Pro only) handles conflict is Stripe library loaded by another plugin

= 9.1.4
* Fixes IPN issue for PayPal

= 9.1.3
* Fixes issue denying re registration for events with no payments

= 9.1.2
* Allowed coupon to be enabled on per event registration ( premium )

= 9.1.1
* validate when maximum places per registration set. Fix minor stripe issue ( premium). Add per event option to hide attendee names ( premium )

= 9.1.0
* removed redundant code

= 9.0.25
* fix missing file

= 9.0.24
* Added anti spam hook

= 9.0.23
* Added message about missing Google API key
* updated NL translations

= 9.0.22
* Added spinner to validation to give feel
* (pro only) fix to Stripe

= 9.0.21
* library update

= 9.0.20
* role permission fix

= 9.0.19
* datepicker fix

= 9.0.18
* Change admin notifications
* Various bug fixes

= 9.0.17
* Not released

= 9.0.16
* Fix fullevent=on to show registration form ( issue #63 )
* Fix no autoresponder when max places set ( issue #65 )
* Improve description on max places ( issue #60 )

= 9.0.15
* fixes #20

= 9.0.14
* fixes issue with payment auto linking to event creation
* improves ipn display

= 9.0.13
* fixes #43 autoresponder issue

= 9.0.12
* missing user define field bug fix

= 9.0.11
* additional filters
* tested 5.4
* additional translatable strings

= 9.0.10
* Italian Translations
* #28 some extra Dutch translations fields
* #29 fix form markup error

= 9.0.9
* #25 fix some helper links

= 9.0.8
* fix calendar next / prev

= 9.0.7
* #1 spelling typos
* #2 registration form labels
* #5 Notice undefined variable dash
* #18 invalid callback on shortcode
* #21 CSS errors

= 9.0.6
* #17 some extensions showing nothing
* #16 reports page wrong url
* #1 setting pages urls


  • fix calendar pop up image


  • fix ssl on link #9


  • fix default logic


  • fix more warnings PHP 7.1 and above


  • fix undefined warnings PHP 7.1 and above
  • fix incorrect shortcode output


  • Premium adjustments


  • Fix multiple PHP warnings and notices
  • Prepare for 9.0 release


  • Fixes repeat event bug
  • Option to email all Registrants (pro version only)
  • Resolves date parameter bug
  • Fixes broken time calculation
  • Option to show email in attendee list


  • New Gutenberg Blocks
  • Improved on screen messages
  • Now displays names on screen on registration
  • Email options on attendee list
  • Options to flag events with attendees on calendar


  • Allows for combined fixed and percentage handling
  • Autoresponder for events with payments
  • Shortcode for next week’s events
  • Option for category dropdown selector
  • Option to set registration form text areas
  • Adds event details to the notification email
  • Fixes date bug on facebook shares
  • Added class to “Return to Events List” link


  • Fixes the duplicate event bug
  • Fixes the pay on arrival bug
  • Fixes PHP7.2 count() warning bug
  • Now checks the number of places correctly
  • Editor and Event Manager now have access to registration reports


  • Payment API Update
  • Option for variable payments (eg childre, adults and seniors)
  • Improved recurring events
  • Updated calendar downloads
  • HTTP error fix


  • Fixes Stripe in-context bug
  • Notes field in event editor (for adding private notes)
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Custom read more labels.


  • New autoresponder shortcodes
  • Fixes autoresponder bug
  • Fixes setting layout issues
  • Ordering options for the calender header
  • Option to match icon day and border colours
  • Password protection for single events


  • Fixes QCF conflict
  • Fixes registration numbers on reports
  • Allows Editors to manage registrations
  • New autoresponder shortcodes
  • Fixes autoresponder bug


  • Fixes registration cutoff date bug
  • Fixes waiting list bug
  • Bug fix for stripe currency
  • Mailchimp bug fix
  • Adds Event title to mailchimp list
  • Option to remove styles
  • Option to hide form until clicked
  • Option to create a new subscriber on registration
  • Guest event duplicate date filter


  • Mailchimp bug fixes
  • PHP7 bug fixes


  • PageNavi bug fixes
  • Shortcode bug fix


  • Pagination for Pro users
  • Fixed multiday event display on the calendar
  • Option pay using Stripe
  • Improved registration for multiple names
  • Options to display attendee information as a list
  • Fixed category bug in the guest event form
  • Option for custom style load location
  • Output ordering for registrations downloads
  • Fixed category bug in the guest event form
  • Optin option on registration form


  • Registration form styles (pro version only)
  • Notifications bug fix


  • Bug fix in Custom styles
  • Czech Translations


  • Custom styles now an external file
  • Bug fixes to Upgrade function
  • CSV Event uploader


  • The Pro version: comes with in-context checkout, loads of reports, event templates and guest events
  • Some under hood improvements to the plugin structure


  • Google Maps API key
  • Upgraded event image handler
  • Option add registration form to all new events
  • Bug fix to category display


  • SMTP option
  • Captcha label
  • Option to use featured image (comes with a caveat)
  • Honeypot spambot trap


  • Bug fix for registration form display
  • Option to take a deposit not the full amount
  • Fixes conflict with Mailpoet
  • Widget categories bug fix


  • Improved field ordering management
  • Admin options now in the right places
  • Columns and Masonry options for the event list
  • Registration form submit button styling
  • Styles for responsive YouTube video
  • Fixes the missing custom.css and colour.js warning
  • Bug fix on widget read more link
  • Fixes missing parameter on duplicate events
  • Puts back missing widget category colours
  • Fixed the list image bug
  • Show full month on vanilla dates
  • Fixes calendar Prev/Next bug
  • Fixes duplicate event creation error
  • Fixed redirection bug
  • Option to redirect all events after registration
  • Link from event list to defined URL for specific categories


  • Improved popup management
  • Set cutoff date for registration
  • Set when places remaining display


  • A number of registration bug fixes
  • Improved styling for images and maps
  • Drag and Drop event contents
  • No notifications options
  • Payment on arrival option


  • Option to display links to months on calendar
  • Field selector on widget
  • Option for T&C on the registration form
  • Option to add more names if places required is greater than 1
  • Widgets updated for WP 4.3


  • Bug fix for payment quantity
  • Category shorcode fixed
  • Registration link added to sub-menu
  • Images option on Calendar
  • Event title and description popup option on Calendar


  • Improved confirmation email
  • Bug fixes for calendar download
  • More categories
  • Updated linking options
  • Shortcode to only show today’s events.
  • Shortcode for single events
  • Posting date can now be the same as the event date
  • Extra info field on the registration form
  • Multiple categories in shortcode
  • Option to float the registration form on the right
  • Full editing autoresponder


  • Options to remove links from event list
  • Month formatting on the event list
  • Add category name options to event
  • Build email confirmation message
  • Updated Payment options
  • Instant Payment Notification
  • Add calendar download to event list
  • Fixed Missing widget bug
  • Various styling bugs sorted


  • Added option to show numbers attending
  • Option to remove duplicate dates
  • Option to add captions to date icons
  • Widget settings for the calender event key
  • Styling options for cell spacing and borders on the calender
  • Updates to payment options
  • Display number attending on the dashboard event list
  • Allow multiple registrations
  • Allow attendees to deregister
  • Fixed fullevent shortcode bug
  • Bug fix in Author selection
  • Stripslashes bug fix
  • Fix to event field ordering


  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Sortable registration form fields
  • User defined fields
  • Open events in a lightbox (a bit iffy this one)
  • Option to display maps and images
  • Integrate paypal into the registration form
  • Option to limit registration to registered users.
  • Category lists and links
  • Category selection in Widget
  • Fixed the date language problem in the event editor
  • Other minor bug fixes and coding cockups
  • Probably more options that I’ve fogotten about


  • Fixed ics bug
  • Added ‘hide event’ option
  • Fixed bug in month/year seperators
  • Option to combine start and end dates if they are in the same month
  • You can now open external links in new window
  • Improved registration reporting
  • Added navigation icon options
  • Counter now resets properly when you delete registrants


  • Added new ‘organiser’ field
  • More shortcodes options
  • Option to display timezones
  • Event templates for your theme
  • New ‘not attending’ field on the registration form
  • Option to clear calendar icon styles (just display a plain date)
  • More options on date ordering in the icon


  • Bug fixes to the sidebar widget
  • Added ICS download option.
  • Places available counter now displays on payment forms
  • Delete registered people
  • Copy event details to registrant
  • Add titles to both sidebar widgets
  • Fixed ‘pm’ bug when calculating times


  • Bug fixes to the Event registration reporting
  • Added feature to display maps on event list.


  • Event registration reporting and downloads
  • Added widget feature to link to full event list


  • Option to edit ‘prev’ and ‘next’ anchor text in calendar
  • Added shortcode to display images in event list
  • Option to display month and year as separators in the event list
  • Events now list by date and start time
  • Lots of shortcode options to display list by month and year
  • Fixed ‘number of places bug’
  • Improved registration form validation
  • Option to add ‘go back to event list’ link on events.
  • Calendar widget (might need a bit more work)


  • Bug fix for the Registration form and Counter
  • Option to link to an external website rather than the event post


  • Event key on the calendar
  • Fixed calendar bug if permalinks aren’t used
  • Styling options to fix padding/margins
  • Attendee Counter


  • Repeat Events
  • More styling options on the Calendar
  • Option to show continuing events on the calendar
  • Set image size on event list and event
  • Registration form auto completes is user is logged in


  • Optional payment form
  • Whole bunch of ways to display dates
  • Show calendar categories
  • Fixed number of bugs with event images
  • More fields on the registration form
  • Cleaned up a lot of the code


  • Display atttendees on events
  • Fixed issue with clearind event image
  • Option to display old events on the calendar


  • Introduction of a color picker
  • Add images to events
  • Display start and end dates side by side
  • Colour coding for event
  • Better event styling
  • Cleaned out a load of duplicate code
  • Better WordPress 3.8 support


  • Removed the need to resave permalinks


  • Updated for WordPress 3.8 compatibility
  • Added colour options for calendar events
  • Improved event title display on calendar
  • Code reduction


  • Extracted scrpts and styles to external files
  • Added mini form for event registraton
  • New field to add end date to events
  • Option to display end date on event list
  • Cleaned out a whole bunch of code


  • Added option to display anchor text on website links
  • Awsome French translation
  • Calender can start the week on a Sunday or Monday
  • Duplicate weekly or monthly events


  • Fixed an issue with categories


  • Calendars! You can now display events in a calendar


  • New Settings interface
  • Loads of styling options
  • Improved calendar icon options
  • Date picker


  • Improved widget and shortcode options allows you to set the number of events to display
  • Fixed code to display all events (overrides reading settings)


  • Added option to display old events
  • Added option to display events in descending order (new to old)


  • Minor tweaks to the CSS
  • Fixed a float problem with the event title
  • Solved the problem with displaying today’s events.
  • New events now show today’s date


  • Added shortcode to list old events
  • Fixed CSS bug in the calendar icon
  • Fixed bug in the map marker
  • Optimised the code so it loads much faster


  • Allows captions on all options
  • Editable ‘read more’ label


  • Added comment support for events


  • Added sidebar widget


  • Added styling option for the month display


  • Added locale for the date format


  • Removed a div that shouldn’t be there and was causing alignemnt problems


  • Initial Issue