Product Categories Bottom Description for WooCommerce


This plugin will add a new content field to your Woocommerce product categories that will be shown right after your list of products.

This will allow you to split your product categories content between the top and bottom parts of the page. You can use this bottom field to add additional content to your product category to improve your SEO, while keeping the products visible in the top part of the page and improving the UX.

You just need to enable the plugin and a new content field will appear in your product categories ready for you to use.

Plugin features
– Add a new WYSWYG metabox to your Woocommerce product categories.
– Display the content in the bottom part of your product categories after the products.
– Create new content to improve your SEO.
– Organize the information of your product categories and improve your website UX.
– Simple yet powerful plugin.
– Does not impact on your website performance.


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