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Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline is a responsive WordPress pure HTML & CSS timeline plugin that allows you to create beautiful horizontal and vertical history timeline Cool Timeline

Process Steps Template Designer plugin allow you to show your workflow, your software process or business process in a creative step by step responsive design template.

Process Steps Template Designer interface makes it easy for any business to represent its work or system process. By using its step by step awesome process templates anyone can clearly represent a business process modal to its users.

Tutorial Representation:-Step by step representation also help to learn or grab anything quickly. So you can also represent your tutorial in different steps by using this plugin.

This plugin is used for creating:-

  • How its Works
  • Our Process Creator
  • Step By Step Tutorial Designer
  • Software Life cycle Showcase
  • Web Development Process Designer
  • Business Process Creator

Process Steps Template Designer Demo

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    You can easily show process on any page of your website using these shortcodes –

[cool-process category="all" type="default" select-view="default" show-posts="3" icon-size="40px" animation="yes" autoplay="false" content="summary" content-length="" read-more-button="yes" read-more-text=""]
[cool-process category="all" type="with-number" show-posts="3" autoplay="false" content="summary" content-length="" read-more-button="yes" read-more-text=""]
[cool-process category="all" type="with-image" show-posts="3" autoplay="false" content="summary" content-length="" read-more-button="yes" read-more-text=""]
[cool-process category="all" type="vertical-process" show-posts="4" icon-size="50px" choose-color="#ddccaa " autoplay="false" content="summary" content-length="" read-more-button="yes" read-more-text=""]


  • Process Steps with Icons demo
  • Process Steps with Labels demo
  • Process Steps with Images demo
  • Vertical Process line demo
  • Add Process steps by following these instructions.
  • integration of process using shortcode generator


Download the plugin .zip file

Login in to admin Click Plugins -> Add New -> Upload

Find Process Steps Template Designer WordPress Plugin in plugin list and activate it.


21. maí, 2021
Works exactly as it's intended and they're always updating it which makes it so much better to maintain a nice website
23. mars, 2021
Our Process Plugin display puts in an easy way every step; animated icons and text on horizontal as well vertical presentation provides to the author the means to transmit to users a comprehensive idea about the topic. The support given is accurate and in time.
31. október, 2020
This is very awesome plugin. I like it. Thank you
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=Version 1.3.2 | 12/04/2021=
Fixed:Title wrong bug fixed

=Version 1.3.1 | 13/02/2021=
Improved:Sanitize data
=Version 1.3 | 12/02/2021=
Fixed:Major security issue
Improved: sanitized all attributes and HTML
Added:New icons and search icon feature
=Version 1.2.1 | 22/07/2019=
Added: Integrated link on images
Added: Integrated feedback form on deactivation
Fixes: minor CSS fixes
= Version 1.2 | 02/05/2019=
Added:- Dynamic Content length
Added:- Dynamic Read More Text
Added:- Formatting (Support HTML & CSS)
Added:- Auto play feature
Added:- Plugin .pot file
Fixed:- Conflict with Cool Timeline Plugin
Fixed:- Slick Slider issue (in Twenty Nineteen Theme)
Fixed:- Previous/Next Arrow issue in mobile devices
Improved:- Previous/Next Arrow design
Improved:- load scripts and styles bug when no process to display
Improved:- HTML of „No process available“ message
Improved:- Overall Code
= Version 1.1.2 |02/11/2017=
Fixed:-Fixed content length issue
= Version 1.1.1 |28/09/2017=
Fixed:-Fixed missing CSS bug while using default process with icon size attribute.
= Version 1.1 |05/09/2017=
Added:-Integrated brand new vertical process layout.Now user can create beautiful vertical process line
Improvement:- Integrated slider on all process layout.
Improvement:- Improved overall code of plugin.
Added:-Integrated dynamic color and icon size option in vertical process short code generator
= Version 1.0.5 |23/06/2017=
Fixed:-Category based processes not found problem.
= Version 1.0.4 |21/06/2017=
Fixed:-Process steps with images parallax problem fixed.
= Version 1.0.3 |12/4/2017=
Added:-Integrated category based process feature.Now users can easily add multiple processes using category option.
Fixed:- Fixed Image missing problem in safari.
Fixed:-Fixed divi builder Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_fa() error
Fixed:-Fixed Missing shortcode generator problem.
Fixed:-Fixed 5 steps problem
= Version 1.0.2 |15/2/2017=
Added:-Added steps in row feature in shortcode generator.
Fixed:-Fixed 5 steps problem
= Version 1.0.1 |8/2/2017=
Fixed:-Fixed conflication with visual composer,Divi builder.
Fixed:-Minor CSS changes.
Fixed:-Improved code.
= Version 1.0=
Initial Release 1.0