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Perfect Audience Retargeting


Perfect Audience lets you create Facebook and web retargeting campaigns in minutes that bring back lost customers and get you more sales and conversions. This plugin integrates your Perfect Audience code across your WordPress site so you can get started without editing code.

Try it free

To create a free retargeting campaign for your business, head to Perfect Audience. It takes just minutes to sign up and your first campaign is free for 14 days or up to $60 in ad spend.

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What is retargeting?

When someone visits your web site and doesn’t sign up or convert, we place an anonymous cookie in their browser that lets us serve them ads later on Facebook or across a network of more than 100,000+ web sites. When they see these ads, it reminds them about your business and they come back and convert. Think of it like a second chance to reach lost customers. You can learn more by clicking here.

Who uses Perfect Audience?

More than 2000 businesses of all sizes use Perfect Audience to bring back lost customers. Some you might know include Vita Coco, Oregon State University, and Freshbooks.


Perfect Audience features include:

  • 2-week free trial on your first campaign, good for up to $60 in spend. More than enough time and credit to see how Facebook retargeting can help your business.

  • Create Facebook retargeting campaigns in minutes that serve your Facebook ads to people who visit your WordPress site. Uses Facebook’s new Facebook Exchange (FBX).

  • Create web retargeting campaigns that serve your banner ads across Google, Microsoft, OpenX and every other major ad network. 3x the reach of Google remarketing and 3x the performance of buying ads directly on specific sites.

  • Rich documentation that explains how retargeting works and how to get the most out of Perfect Audience so your business can get more sales.

  • Dedicated, devoted support from our team of marketing experts to make sure you campaigns are effective and optimized.

Learn more

To learn more about how Perfect Audience can help grow your business, check out Perfect Audience today.


To request support, please email


  • Install your tag - Our Perfect Pixel lets you cookie users AND track conversions using a single tag.
  • Segment your visitors - Effortlessly isolate just the visitors you want to retarget.
  • Build powerful campaigns - Design smart, precise, effective campaigns in minutes.
  • We bring your visitors back - We serve your ads to your users on top sites. They click and return.
  • Track impressions, clicks, and sales - Measure your ROI in our elegant dashboard. Stats update hourly!


  • Upload the Perfect Audience plugin to your blog
  • Activate it
  • Navigate to Settings -> Perfect Audience Retargeting
  • Enter your advertiser ID from your Perfect Audience account
  • Your script is going to be embedded to your footer


What does it cost?

Visit this link to learn more about our super low prices on Facebook and web retargeting.

How can I talk to someone to learn more?

You can reach us anytime via e-mail via our contact page.

Can I use Perfect Audience with multiple sites?

You sure can. Visit this link to learn how to manage campaigns for multiple sites from your Perfect Audience account.

Can I use this with Google Tag Manager?

Yep. Click here for instructions.

How do I set this up? Is there a guide or something?

Yes! Visit this link to find an illustrated guide for setting up your first retargeting lists and campaigns.

How many visitors a month do I need to have to my site for this to work?

We recommend a minimum of 5,000 unique monthly visitors to your web site.

Are there any minimums?

Campaigns have an ultra low $25/week minimum budget.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t sign up right now and try it out?

Nope. 🙂

For more FAQ-age, visit our full FAQ or read our docs on


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