integration for Woocommerce


This module provides integration with Parcelcat is a smart logistics warehouse that enables an e-commerce store to outsource the storage, administration and dispatch of all goods to us.

You will see the stock in real time, we will sort the goods according to the orders and ship them to your customer.

Our Smooth Fulfillment warehousing system provides you:

  • Shipment of goods to the warehouse
  • Returns
  • Storage of goods
  • Delivery of goods to the client

All these processes can be tracked in the system.

You receive:

  • Saving time and money
  • Process management
  • Business development
  • Time verified couriers
  • Convenience
  • Continuous support with directly assigned manager
  • Integrations for various e-shops



  1. Install and enable the plugin. For details about finding, installing and enabling WordPress plugins, please address this link,
  2. Go to the plugin’s settings page. Find „Parcelcat“ in WordPress administration menu, click there.
  3. Find Parcelcat API credentials in your Parcelcat account by clicking your name in the top-right, then click „Settings“.
  4. In API section you can see „Project ID“ and „Secret key“. Copy them and paste into the plugin’s settings page’s appropriate fields.
  5. Save the plugin’s settings by clicking „Save Changes“ button.
  6. Enjoy yourself!


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Release Date – 12 July 2022