Page Builder for WPForms


Create pages using the entries submitted with WPForms. Create apps that use your WPForms records and show them directly to your users in your site front end.

Important: You need at least a basic license of WPForms as the free version doesn’t save the entry information.

Create a listing page in less than 1 minute and without coding

Want to see a demo?
Listing Demo
Calendar Demo (Full version needed)
Grid Demo (Full version needed)


  • Elementor like drag and drop builder: Easily create your pages with a drag and drop builder, no coding skills are required.
  • SEO Friendly: Want to rank high on google? This plugin help you reach that goal by loading the pages as fast as possible and making them easy for crawlers to index them.
  • Security in mind: The plugin use security protocols like nonces and authorization to be sure only the right person can see or edit the records
  • Show any field anywhere: Want to include a specific field or even a part of it (Like the country of an address field) somewhere? this plugin let you do that easily
  • Advance filtering: Show only the entries that you want, you can for example show only the records submitted by a given user or the records that have an specific value in a field
  • Compatible with PDF Builder for WPForms: Create customizable pdfs and let your users download them in any page

Try the plugin with just one click, Check the demo site

Full Version Features

The full version comes with these additional features:

  • Grid Template: Create data grids using the entries Demo
  • Calendar template: Show the entries in a calendar Demo
  • Search bar: Let you users filter by the fields of your form
  • Entry Edition: Let your users view and edit the entries that you configure.
  • Template Support: Create templates (or download one from our gallery) and use them somewhere in any of your pages.
  • Pagination: Split your records into pages to increase the loading speed of your site
  • Configurable summary section: Display how many records or pages a specific form has
  • Sort by fields: Display your records sorted by any field of your form
  • Formulas: Do operations between the records of your form, requred to do stuff like displaying the top donor of a campaign or the best reviewed movie.

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