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Your company is still using paper log sheets for office visitors? Everything is digital and paperless now. Being paperless can also save trees and protect the environment. We provide you an efficient plugin for your company office visitors to sign in and sign out. Data is saved in the same MySQL database for your WordPress website.

You do not need paper office visit logbook any more! And you can search office visit history easily. So efficient and easy to use.

This office visits logbook plugin is for the sign-in and sign-out of office interview, business, meeting, etc. You can add any new visit type categories and new visit types if you want.

By default, this plugin uses Bootstrap ( for the formatting. But sometimes you already have your own formatting css files. So you may need to remove these Bootstrap css and javascript files when you use this plugin. If this is the case, you can choose not to use Bootstrap’s css and javascript files by changing the values of USE_BOOTSTRAP_JS and USE_BOOTSTRAP_CSS to no (0) in the constant table.

If you did not find USE_BOOTSTRAP_JS and USE_BOOTSTRAP_CSS in your constant table, please deactivate this plugin and activate it again. Then USE_BOOTSTRAP_JS and USE_BOOTSTRAP_CSS will be automatically added to your constant table.

This plugin has the web accessibility feature for the disabled people to listen to the screen reader. The disabled people just need to press the tab key to access the elements on the page. Then use keyboard to input. Then press enter key for submit, reset and cancel. To use this feature, you can download and use any screen reader software such as NVDA (for Windows), VoiceOver (for Apple), etc. Most of this kind of software is free to download and use.

On the landing page, if there is no search input, there will be no visit list showing on the page. This is for protecting other visitors’ privacy. A visit record can be updated only when it is active and timeout is empty. Deleted visits and finished visits are not available for editing.

This plugin has an access restriction feature. You can give a user access to the visit landing page by adding the user to the wp_dragonvisitzyx987_users table.

After you are added to the wp_dragonvisitzyx987_users table, you must log in WordPress website to access this plugin’s landing page. On the admin setting page, admin and assigned users can access admin setting page to see table lists.

This plugin uses a responsive design. You can use it from your cellphone, tablet, laptop, and PC. The layout will change accordingly.

For the best user experience, we recommend you to use this plugin in a desktop computer with three monitors. Two monitors share the same content. The visitor uses one monitor, keyboard and mouse. The receptionist uses another monitor to watch the visitor’s input and behavior. The receptionist also uses a third monitor showing the dashboard’s plugin setting page. The third monitor is for the receptionist to verify visitor’s input after visitor finishes input.

For this plugin to get your company’s current local date, you must set value for COMPANY_TIMEZONE in the wp_dragonvisitzyx987_constant table. You can edit the table at Dashboard -> Settings -> Office Visit Logbook -> tab „Tables 3“ -> 7. Constant -> find name „COMPANY_TIMEZONE“ -> check if the Value for „COMPANY_TIMEZONE“ has been set correctly.

To create a visit landing page, add this plugin root folder template-officevisitslogbook.php file to your template folder. For example, if you are using theme twentytwenty, then add the template-officevisitslogbook.php file to this folder: wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentytwenty\templates. Then you can create a new page (not a new post) using this template.

Documentation file is in the root folder with the name documentation_officevisitslogbook.pdf. Please follow the instructions in the file to install this plugin.

Donate URL link:

demo website:

admin page:

Log in WordPress admin page using





Then, go to

to set up the admin page.


Click to access documentation_officevisitslogbook.pdf

Platform and Database:

You can run it on any platform: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Database is MySQL. It’s free.

PHP version: PHP >= 5.4

Attention: PHP version and WordPress version may have compatibility issues. For example, WordPress 5.4 may not match PHP 8. Check this website for details:

  1. PHP has support for the mysqli extension (to used for prepared statement)

  2. Must use HTTPS, not http. If website use HTTP, tell the website admin – can not use the dragon ecommerce plugin.

  3. Since PHP 5.4 there are constants which can be used by json_encode() to format the json reponse how you want. To remove backslashes use: JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES. Like so: json_encode($response, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES);

There is an advanced version on sale here:
It can export visit records into an Excel file for download. It can also backup your database.



  1. Unzip the file. Copy the folder into your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

  2. Log in to your WordPress admin page. Click “Plugins” and click “Activate” to activate the plugin.

  3. Hover on left menu’s “Settings” and you will find “Office Visits Logbook” in the sub-menu. Click it and you will see the admin page for Office Visits Logbook.

  4. Go to this plugin’s root folder. Copy template-officevisitslogbook.php to \wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentytwenty\templates folder.

  5. Please refer to the document documentation_officevisitslogbook.pdf for further details.


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I do not need paper office visit logbook any more! And I can search office visit history easily. So efficient and easy to use.
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