Mobilizon Mirror


This plugin syncs Mobilizon events via creating it’s own read only custom post type inside WordPress. You can choose any Mobilizon-group on any Mobilizon-instance that you like.


  • It is designed to integrate well into your theme, though you may override the archive and single pages for the mobilizon_event post type in your theme.
  • Archive Page Styles: Beautiful Card-View and very simple List-View
  • Single Event Page Styles: Choose Position of Featured Image
  • Recognizes if an event has been updated or deleted on Mobilizon
  • Efficient: Only fetches the data it need and caches most things.

Installation and Setup

  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Go to the settings page (you can also find it in the admin-menu below your Posts and Pages)
  3. Enter the Mobilizon-instance domain and your group identifier. You can also simply paste your group-URL like https://mobilizon.any/@examplegroup an the plugin will do the rest. Click the Save button.


The source code for development is hosted at
Everyone is invited to contribute.


  • Archive page with card style
  • Archive page with simple list style
  • Event with image as header
  • Event with image in sidebar
  • Settings Page


Where do I find the mirrored events on my website?

Usually under /events if you have pretty permalinks enabled. Otherwise the link can also be found on all the plugins backend pages.

Does the plugin conflict with other Event-Plugins or Post-Types?

By default this plugin uses a prefixed post type called mobilizon_event, but the slug events, may conflict and cause problems. This may be addressed in the future.

How often are the events synced?

The events are synced every two minutes from Mobilizon.

How can I add my synced events to the navigation menu of my website?

In your admin navigation menu go to „Appearance“->“Menu“. Then make sure that the „Screen Options“ (accessable on the top right) „Mobilizon Events“ are marked as visible. Then under „Add menu items“ you can select „Mobilizon Events“->“View All“->“Mobilizon Event List“. Then you can choose the Navigation Label (the name as it appears for your sites visitors) by yourself.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Fix that events with no end-time set have not been mirrored.


  • Initial Release