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Jotform Shopping Cart – E-commerce Plugin for Online Merchants

Jotform Shopping Cart – E-commerce Plugin for Online Merchants


Create your own custom online store with Jotform Store Builder to sell anything you want online. You can reach a wider audience, give your existing customers a more convenient way to buy your products, and seamlessly accept payments from any device while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform.

Jotform Shopping Cart is the easiest way to add a shopping cart to your website.

With Jotform Shopping Cart — a plugin for WordPress — you can embed your online store directly into your WordPress website in seconds. This plugin lets customers add items to their shopping cart and check out fast, so you can start selling straight away.

Just drag and drop to add your products and pricing, upload your unique logo, choose colors to match your branding, integrate with a payment gateways like PayPal or Square, and make other design updates in Jotform Store Builder — all without coding!

Benefits of Jotform Shopping Cart

  • Easy to build and embed: Drag and drop to make your own online store without coding. Add your products and branding in a few easy clicks, then use this plugin to embed your store in your WordPress website in seconds.

  • Choose from 25+ payment gateways: Connect your store with 25+ payment integrations including popular gateways like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Accept payments online while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform.

  • Expertly track orders: View customer order details in your secure Jotform account. No more time-consuming phone calls or emails — collect and manage all of your orders with ease in one centralized place.


  • Add a block to your post or page.
  • Search for the Jotform Shopping Cart plugin.
  • Click on the Jotform Store Picker button.
  • Select the store app you want to embed.
  • Your store is embedded in the post/page.
  • See your store in action!


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Jotform Shopping Cart Create an online store and embed it in your site.


  1. Download repo’s tarball/zip and extract it to your WordPress’s Plugins folder ({wordpress-folder}/wp-content/plugins)
  2. Enter your WordPress Administrator panel (http://my-wordpress.url/wp-admin)
  3. Activate plugin under Plugins section
  4. Go to post/page you want to embed your store
  5. Click on the Add Block button and add Jotform Shopping Cart block to your post/page
  6. Click on Jotform’s Store Picker to select a store app from your Jotform account
  7. Save/Preview it
  8. Voila! Your store app is embedded to your post/page 🙂


Is Jotform Shopping Cart free?

You can download and use this plugin for free. In addition to this, Jotform does not collect any commission over the transactions that are completed through the plugin.

Who can use Jotform Shopping Cart?

Anybody who is interested in selling any kind of product and collecting the payment can use Jotform Shopping Cart. You can sell tangible stuff as well as subscriptions or collect donations.

Which payment gateways can be used with Jotform Shopping Cart?

Over 25 payment gateways can be used to collect payments with Jotform Shopping Cart. These gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Square, Mollie and more. You can see the entire list here.

How does this plugin differ from other Jotform plugins on WordPress?

Other plugins of Jotform allow you to embed your forms to websites. However, with this plugin you can embed your stores, so that you can offer a complete purchase experience to your customers.


31. maí, 2022
OK. It’s a good alternative to quickly deploying an online shop. It offers a lot of different ways to customize your shop, checkout process works great. I couldn’t figure out how the order tracking part works but support was helpful in figuring it out. Decent tool overall.
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  • Live preview added
  • Alignment, width and height settings added to the block settings sidebar
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