WP Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft


Gravity Forms infusionsoft Add-on automatically sends form submissions to Infusionsoft/Keap CRM when someone submits a form. Learn more at crmperks.com

Gravity Forms infusionsoft/Keap Add-on Setup

  • Go to Forms -> Settings -> Infusionsoft then add new account.
  • Go to Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> Keap/Infusionsoft then create new feed.
  • Map required Keap/Infusionsoft fields to Gravity Forms form fields.
  • Send your test entry to Infusionsoft CRM.
  • Go to Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> Infusionsoft Logs and verify previously sent entries.

Connect infusionsoft/Keap crm account

Connect any gravity forms fields to infusionsoft-Keap account by safe and secure Oauth 2.0. Additionally, you can connect multiple Infusionsoft/Keap crm accounts.

Mapping Keap/Infusionsoft fields

Simply select any infusionsoft/Keap object(Contact, Company etc) then map gravity forms form fields to infusionsoft/Keap object fields.

Filter Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft submissions

Either send all gravity forms entries to infusionsoft/Keap or filter entries sent to infusionsoft based on user input. For example , only send that entry to Keap/Infusionsoft which contains work email address.

Manually send entries to infusionsoft/Keap

Automatically Send gravity forms submissions to infusionsoft/Keap when user submits form. Also , you can manually send gravity forms submissions to infusionsoft/Keap.

Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft logs

View a detailed log of each gravity forms submission whether sent or not sent to infusionsoft/Keap and easily resend gravity forms submission to infusionsoft/Keap.
Error Reporting

If there is an error while sending an entry to infusionsoft/Keap CRM, an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email address.

Send Data As infusionsoft object Notes

if a contact form has fields which can not be mapped to any infusionsoft/Keap contact fields, So you can send such fields as infusionsoft/Keap contact note.

Create Or Update Contact in Infusionsoft/Keap

If a contact already exists in infusionsoft/Keap, update it otherwise create a new contact.

Premium Version Features.

Following features are available in premium version Gravity Forms Infusionsoft add-on Pro.

  • Custom fields particularly Phone Number fields fields.
  • Assign Tags to Infusionsoft Contacts based on user input.
  • Infusionsoft Contact Attachments and affiliates tracking.
  • when a user submit a form, you can save gclid, utm parameters and Geo location.
  • Lookup lead’s email and phone number using email or phone number lookup services when user submits a contact form.
  • 20+ premium addons

Gravity forms Keap/infusionsoft add-on

Easily integrate Gravity Forms to Infusionsoft-Keap crm with this free Gravity Forms Infusionsoft add-on. You can Create/Update a contact, company or Order in infusionsoft crm when anyone submits a contact form on your site.

Want to send Gravity Forms data to a different crms

We have Premium Gravity Forms add-ons for 20+ CRMs.View All CRM Extensions

Our free Infusionsoft/Keap Plugins

Need Infusionsoft/Keap Plugin for Woocommerce ?

We have Infusionsoft add-on for Woocommerce. Woocommerce Infusionsoft Plugin


  • Connect your Infusionsoft Account to Gravity Forms.
  • Map required Infusionsoft fields.
  • Gravity Forms Infusionsoft crm logs.
  • Manually Send Gravity Forms entry to Infusionsoft crm.
  • Get Customer’s email and phone infomation from Full Contact(Premium feature).
  • Get visitors’s gclid , utm parameters, geolocation, browser and OS (Premium feature).


Need free Support?

Our team provides free support at https://www.crmperks.com/contact-us/.

How i can connect gravity forms to infusionsoft

Gravity forms is a popular form builder, connecting infusionsoft to gravity forms is very easy with this free Gravity Forms infusionsoft add-on. When any customer submits a form, you can create/update a contact in infusionsoft crm.

Gravity forms and infusionsoft

You can easily connect Gravity forms and infusionsoft with this free plugin. When anyone submits a form, you can add this as a contact in infusionsoft.


22. nóvember, 2023
I just tested this plugin and it works great to connect Gravity Forms with Keap. One thing to note (after you’ve connected it via API) is when you’re configuring the settings, FIRST edit the form you want to use, THEN go to Settings -> Infusionsoft. This is where you map the fields for each form. I learned this by getting support from the developer who was very responsive and helpful.
20. júní, 2023
We have a pretty complex setup of Gravity forms — contact, newsletter signups, appointment booking, etc. — with tons of tags and automations in Keap. This plugin works flawlessly to connect Gravity to Keap, apply tags conditionally, and run our automations. Especially since Keap’s Public Forms are lacking in features and customization, Gravity + this plugin is definitely the way to go.
9. maí, 2023
This plugin is a one-of-a-kind, I highly recomend it . Great job CRM Perks! Best part is 10 star customer service!!! Annuity Guys
17. apríl, 2023
I have used CRM Perks Gravity Forms Infusionsoft Plugin for a long time now and any time I have an issue the support team are there to help instantly. It’s rare that a plugin has customer service as good as this. Thank you CRM Perks!!
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  • fixed „mdy date format issue“ issue.


  • fixed „note title“ issue.


  • fixed „product fatal error“ issue.


  • fixed „undefined post function“ issue.


  • fixed survey addon fields.


  • fixed Keap developer app issue.


  • fixed xss issue.


  • fixed developer app issue.
  • fixed Primary key issue.


  • fixed php8 issues.


  • fixed „disable auto export“ option.


  • added „ID“ as primary key.
  • fixed affiliate Order field.


  • added separate note title feature.
  • fixed user_id issue for Note.
  • fixed invalid url issue.


  • fixed „CompanyName“ field as primary key in „Company“ object.
  • fixed multiple file uploads


  • fixed fileupload field.
  • added custom app option.


  • append notes to person notes field instead of notes list.


  • fixed PhoneType error.


  • fixed search fields of infusionsoft.
  • added support for Order payment.


  • fixed wrong infusionsoft redirect url.
  • fixed optin filters.


  • fixed xml parsing error for lead sources.
  • fixed „updating a company is not working“.
  • fixed owner assignment.
  • fixed wrong data format.


  • fixed „error while geting fields“.


  • add new feature „Skip creating new entries in infusionsoft“.


  • Initial release.