Forms Rb – contact form, order form, support form


Create simple and fast hosted contact form on your WordPress blog just in few clicks. After forms rb plugins installation you just need to create form instance in the forms manager, and setup required fields for the form.

Create an unlimited amount of independent forms with the different fields. You can manage your contact form or order form in the forms manager – the main screen of the forms rb plugin.

Every created contact form has options where you can easily customize the fields of the forms. You can select which fields your form should contain. Also, every form settings section has records of the data which was sent from the page with this particular contact form.

You can use this form’s rb plugin as a tool for different types of forms like contact forms, support forms, order forms, feedback forms, and much more. You can use the most popular fields like name, email, message, agreement, phone, subject, and priority. You don’t need any special knowledge to manage the field of the form you can turn on or turn off every field of the form in a few clicks.

The most important that all requests which your clients or website visitors gonna send via forms created with the forms rb plugin you’ll see in the WordPress admin section. You’ll not lose any contact, feedback, or request from your website.

In the forms rb admin section, you can manage all messages which were sent to you from your website. In the forms admin section, you can see all messages in the records section of the form settings. You can preview all data collected by forms from every request. You can see new messages marked as unread messages in the list like in every email client. You can delete old or useless messages, you can use the mass operation button to manage sets of messages, not just one-by-one message records in the form settings.

In close future, we’ll add advanced notification methods to the telegram, Facebook messenger, slack, email, sms, and much more integrations with other popular plugins and online services.


How to create a form with the forms rb plugin?

Just install the forms rb plugin from the WordPress plugins directory and create a form in forms manager. Add new forms, customize fields and save them. You can use it as a direct link.

Can this plugin be used to create a form on the WordPress site?


Is the forms rb plugin paid or free?

Yes, it’s free.

Can this plugin be used to create a contact form on the WordPress site?

Yes, it’s possible.

Where I can manage the fields of the form?

You can manage the fields of the forms in every form settings section.

How many forms I can create for a single website in the forms rb plugin?

You can create an unlimited amount of the different forms in the forms rb plugin.

Where I can find all requests which were sent with the order form?

Every form has records settings where you can find all requests with all details which were sent from the form page by your website users.

Which type of forms are possible to create with the forms rb?

You can create a contact form, order form, feedback form, review form, or support form, depending on your needs.


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  • Forms RB compatible with the WordPress 6.0


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