Food Store – Online Food Delivery & Pickup


Food Store is created by extending the core functionalities of WordPress and WooCommerce, which make it very minimal, clutter free and very familiar to use. All your WooCommerce Categories, Settings and ease of setting up store and moving around the settings panel is still there.

Food Store gives you the option to convert your restaurant into instant food ordering hub. You can open it for customers to show your available menu online and let them pickup at a suitable time they prefer.

This plugin helps you with all your restaurant related options, and uses WooCommerce core features to setup the cart and checkout with various payment gateways.

Premium Addons are available now

  • Food Store – Essentials
  • Food Store – Store & Service Hours
  • Food Store – WhatsApp Cart
  • Food Store – Time Based Menu
  • Food Store – Tips

Premium addons can be browsed and purchased from Food Store > Addons submenu from WordPress Admin Dashboard itself.

Food Store Demo

Checkout Food Store Demo
Checkout Food Store Premium Demo
Checkout Knowledge Base


Do you have any queries on Food Store? Or do you need Paid Support? Create a ticket on our Support page.

Introducing Food Store

Available Shortcodes

  • [foodstore]

Shortcode examples

  • [foodstore]
  • [foodstore category=“indian-bread,breakfast,desserts“]
  • [foodstore category=“starters,lunch“ show_search=“no“]
  • [foodstore catalog_mode=“yes“ show_search=“no“]

Pros of Food Store

  • Food Store works with complete WooCommerce settings.
  • Setup your food items using WooCommerce with ease.
  • Enable Catalog Mode / Restaurant Menu with ease.
  • Tag your items with Veg or Non-Veg markings.
  • Selecting variable prices have never been this easy before.
  • Display unlimited item addons to your customers.
  • No !important css in order to respect theme design.
  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Hooks for everything. Make it yours.

Quick Fixes

  • Is the food items page looking very much squeezed? – Try activating Full Width Template for the shortcode page.
  • Is the UI very much broken on your theme? – Send us an email mentioning the theme name, we’ll release quick update asap.


This plugin was forked and follows the templates structure and coding standard of WooCommerce


  • Food Items Listing
  • Single Item with Addons
  • Variable Item with Variations and Addons
  • Service Options Popup
  • Sliding Bottom Cart
  • Admin General Settings
  • Admin Service Settings
  • Pickup Service Options
  • Delivery Service Options
  • Admin Layout & Styling Settings
  • Edit Product Food Options


  1. Login to admin panel, go to plugins and click on Add New.
  2. If you have ZIP file click on Upload plugin, else search for Food Store.
  3. Activate the plugin. Please find the Food Store menu just below WooCommerce.
  4. Once setup is done you can use [foodstore] shortcode on any page you want.
  5. You are ready to go.


Does it need WooCommerce to run?

Yes, this plugin is completely dependant on WooCommerce. Please setup your store/restaurant using WooCommerce, then you can use this plugin to make it an online food ordering hub.

Where would I add my food items?

Food items will be added as WooCommerce product only. When used with ShortCode those products will be shown as delicious food items on your Restaurant Menu page.

Will it show the UI correctly with my current theme?

We have used minimal hard coded css to make it compatible with all kinds of theme. As there are hundreds of theme available out there the output might not be same for all of them. But plugin does have a customizer where you can add your css to adjust the little up and downs. Any this customization won’t be affected by future version updates.


30. ágúst, 2021
15. júlí, 2021
I have used it for my customer, a very good and easy to configurated plugin. Support have done great job for helping me customized what I needed. Hope to see more good extension or add-ons from them. Good Job... Thank you Ray
11. júlí, 2021
Very complete and with a simple and nice user interface, I would improve it even more if the option to show the shipping in the cart was placed so that it is clear the detail of the costs from the first moment.
5. júlí, 2021
A great plugin for online restaurants. Very fast, clean and good even with the free version. Recommended for websites that sell food. Thanks Team WP Script !
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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


1.3.14 – 28-08-2021

  • Enhancement to Quantity field on Popup.
  • Minor UI enhancements

1.3.13 – 28-07-2021

  • Compatibility issue fixes with WP 5.8

1.3.12 – 11-05-2021

  • Enahancement – Dynamic Offset value for Sidebar
  • Enhancement – Admin option to choose Automatic Shipping Selection
  • WooCommerce Compatibility Update

1.3.11 – 26-04-2021

  • New – Shipping method based on selected service. Local pickup will be selected when Pickup is chosen and local pickup will be removed when Delivery is selected.
  • Enhancement – Message for slot unavailable instead of invisible time field on Checkout page.
  • Enhancement – Added condition to hide select time when store is closed
  • Minor bug fixes and code enhancements.

1.3.10 – 13-04-2021

  • Fixed – Experiencing blank popup has been resolved.
  • Fixed – Adding to Cart being stuck in some cases. – 07-04-2021

  • Fixed – Checking Food Store page conditions updated
  • Compatible to WooCommerce 5.2

1.3.9 – 05-04-2021

  • Fixed – Adding to Cart being stuck in some cases.

1.3.8 – 31-03-2021

  • Fixed – Sidebar click to Scroll was not working under some languages.
  • Fixed – WooCommerce hidden items will be kept hidden in Food Store menu.
  • Fixed – Security fixes

1.3.7 – 25-03-2021

  • New – Admin option added to select default service instead of Pickup.
  • Fix – Broken variation UI in WooCommerce Product Single Pages.
  • Fix – Categories ID specified in shorcode will show properly now.
  • Fix – Code enhancement & Security fixes

1.3.6 – 16-02-2021

  • Fix – Error log due to string to interger conversion issue
  • Compatible to WooCommerce 5.0
  • Enhance – Minor code optimizations

1.3.5 – 29-01-2021

  • Fix – Auto keyboard display restricted when popup opened on mobile devices.
  • Enhance – Dynamic top position for scroll top filter added.
  • Enhance – Before category title filter updated with taxonomy parameter.

1.3.4 – 13-01-2021

  • Fix – Search functionality issue
  • Compatible to WooCommerce 4.9

1.3.3 – 12-11-2020

  • Fix – Store closed message display in menu page and cart page only when service is enabled.
  • Fix – Invalid timings were coming when auto service timing was enabled.
  • Compatible to WordPress 5.6
  • Compatible to WooCommerce 4.8

1.3.2 – 12-03-2020

  • Fix – Display error when no time is available for a day.
  • Many more code optimizations.

1.3.1 – 11-26-2020

  • Fix – Min value attribute was not working for few admin fields.
  • Fix – Modal close button sensitivity issue fixed.
  • UI – Prices of addons were showing on next line on few themes.
  • UI – Showing each addon on a new line on order receipt page.
  • Enhance – Translations added for few words which were missing earlier.
  • Enhance – Filters added for default text of search and special note placeholders.

1.3 – 11-15-2020

  • New – Admin option to turn off services completely.
  • New – Admin option to disable services fields on checkout page.
  • UI – Service details on Order Receipt page now matches the WC UI.
  • UI – Service details on Email Notification now matches the UI.
  • UI – Service details on admin order details screen enahnced.
  • Update – WooCommerce 4.7 Compatibility.
  • Update – Updated condition to load assets on Food Store related pages only.
  • Removed – Hide mode of Service details on Cart Overview bar has been removed. Instead whole service can be turned of with new settings.

1.2.7 – 11-02-2020

  • Fix – Translation was not working.
  • UI – Popup UI updated.

1.2.6 – 10-26-2020

  • New – Add to Cart will now come only if product is in stock.
  • New – Filters for Add To Cart button on menu page.
  • Fix – Incomplete product schema has been removed in order to improve page ranking.
  • UI – Service modal UI update
  • UI – Item details modal UI compatibility update for varios themes.
  • UI – Item summery text and button alignment.
  • Other minor code enhancements and updates.

1.2.5 – 10-11-2020

  • Enhance – Service details info styling in Plain Text Emails.
  • Fix – Stock check while editing cart item.
  • UI – Popup not closing on some themes has been fixed now.
  • Other minor code improvements.

1.2.4 – 10-05-2020

  • Fix – Updated functionality to check stock status and quantity as well before adding to cart.
  • Fix – Default pickup was being selected to pickup even if disabled.
  • Enhance – More filters added to allow Image gallery on popup with Essential Extension.

1.2.3 – 10-02-2020

  • Fix – Issue where food items were not checked for stock status.
  • Fix – Error message if the item is out of stock.
  • Enhance – More filters added to allow Top Category menu with Essentials Extension.

1.2.2 – 09-29-2020

  • UI – Flexbox UI updated for item popup.
  • UI – Quantity button height mismatch on some themes.
  • Enhance – Minor bug fixes.

1.2.1 – 09-28-2020

  • Enhance – Customers can select service time and order outside of Store Time.
  • Enhance – Code Cleanup.
  • Enhance – Support for Premium Addons.

1.2 – 09-27-2020

  • Enhance – More filters for admin and frontend.
  • Enhance – Popup UI with more flexbox UI instead of Bootstrap Grids.
  • Emhance – Minor bug fixes.

1.1.4 – 09-13-2020

  • New – Page creation with Food Store shortcode when plugin is activated.
  • Enhance – Load assets only on Food Store pages.
  • Enhance – More filters for admin and frontend.
  • Fix – Food Preparation time was not calculated when showing Service Times.
  • Fix – Activation hook running multiple times.
  • Fix – Mobile view footer icons were not working on iPhone. Thanks to @itism64.
  • Update – Compatibility update for WooCommerce 4.5.
  • Update – Migration script for deprecated functionalities.
  • Deprecated – 3 columns layout settings.
  • Deprecated – Food Store Option for Time format. Instead WordPress time format will be used.

1.1.3 – 08-11-2020

  • Fix – Service time dropdown error when store time interval was very short
  • Fix – Addons with 0 value were showing parent item price instead of Zero
  • Fix – Auto modal condition when a cart is cleared
  • Language – Support added for Spanish (Spain). Thanks to @jaimedkorat

1.1.2 – 08-06-2020

  • Update – Food store cart with more detailed information
  • Fix – Button text were not translating because of wrong function.
  • Fix – Services data not reflecting in Checkout page.
  • UI – Bootstrap grids have been replaced with Flex box for more interactive UI.
  • UI – Updated content for Empty Cart display.
  • UI – Responsive issue on Tabs has been fixed.

1.1.1 – 08-03-2020

  • Update – Choosing Pickup and Delivery options are more flexible now.
  • Update – Various usablity options for showing service modal to users. Find the options under Food Store > Services > General Tab.
  • Update – Rename Pickup and Delivery words form admin itself.
  • Update – Option to modify the service preferences at the checkout page as well.
  • Update – Showing service preferenes on Receipt, Order Email, Order Listing and Order Details page.
  • Update – Food store cart won’t allow you to proceed if store is closed or minimum cart amount not satisfied.
  • Fix – Addon prices will now be calculated as per tax settings by default.

1.1 – 07-19-2020

  • NEW – Pickup and Delivery services options are available now.
  • NEW – Multi Column layouts are available now. Select upto 3 colums to show your items.
  • NEW – Fully compartible with WooComerce 4.3.
  • Fix – Missing close icon for Cart.
  • Fix – Item prices and Subtotals are now updated WC Tax settings.
  • Fix – Invalid product id while editing variable product.
  • Fix – Store open and close time as per timezone.
  • Fix – Restrict checkout if total is less then the set value or store is closed.
  • UI – Irregular image sizes has been replaced with WC Thumbnail.
  • UI – Proper image size and layout in mobile devices.
  • UI – Custom scrollbar and spacious layout in cart area.
  • UI – Special Notes area width and Label.
  • Admin – Food Store submenus for easier access to Settings Tabs.
  • Admin – Services details in Orders listing page

1.0.10 – 07-08-2020

  • Fixed – Nonce verifier restricting ajax calls and throwing 403

1.0.9 – 07-07-2020

  • Update – Addon quantity selection as per parent quantity
  • Update – Code and UI enhancements

1.0.8 – 06-19-2020

  • New – Set Cart or Checkout page URL in Purchase button Call to Action.
  • New – Option to open popup by clicking item Image or Title.
  • New – Added Category short descriptions.
  • Update – All the icons on Frontend & Backend are optimized for better visibility.
  • Update – More filters to make the plugin completely flexible.

1.0.7 – 06-12-2020

  • New – Add special instructions for each item while adding to cart.
  • New – You can hide item image in popup with admin settings.
  • Fix – Item addons were not updating properly with edit cart item.
  • Update – UI update for cart area.

1.0.6 – 06-08-2020

  • New – Shortcodes attributes are available now.
  • New – Multiple shortcodes can be used as per need.
  • Fix – Variations not updating once cart item is edited.
  • Fix – Quantity mismatch in some cnditions were not updating.
  • Update – Verious UI enahncements and bugs fixing.

1.0.5 – 06-07-2020

  • Fix – Missing variation ID creating warnings

1.0.4 – 06-07-2020

  • New – Item addons are available now.
  • New – Item listing page Lazy Load is now available.
  • Fix – Selected variation was not checked during edit.
  • Fix – Subtotal value updated in Cart.
  • Fix – Store timing calculation was wrong under certain timezones.
  • Update – WooCommerce 4.2 compatibility updates.
  • Update – Query optimization to make functionalities faster.
  • Update – Cart area UI enhancements.
  • Update – Popup area UI enhancements.

1.0.3 – 06-03-2020

  • New – Customizer section added under Settings > Layout & Styling > Stylesheet
  • New – Add primary and secondary color schemes to match it with your theme.
  • New – Add your own stylesheet to override theme or plugin settings.
  • Update – Code Enhancements

1.0.2 – 06-01-2020

  • New – Items Catalog Mode/Restaurant Menu added.
  • Update – Code Enhancements

1.0.1 – 05-30-2020

  • New – Custom variation pricing label.
  • New – UI for variations pricing display.
  • New – Language support added.
  • Update – UI for product popup.
  • Update – UI improvements.

1.0 – 05-25-2020

  • Initial release.