This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Eternal Archive – Capture. Archive. Prove.


The Eternal WordPress plugin makes immutable Proof Reports of your content on Dragonchain free of charge, every time you publish or edit any post type.

A Proof Report is added to the bottom of your page, article, or product after you explicitly consent to this feature inside the plugin settings checkbox. This frontend Proof Report is clickable and proves to your visitors if and when the content they are browsing was edited, changed or improved. With every edit, a new Proof Report is automatically generated and added.

Proof Reports bring back trust, transparency, and authenticity to the web. It can be useful in many different types of situations such as copyright claims.

Eternal Archive plugin require the use of the external Eternal 3rd party API services from Eternal to capture posts, pages, and products on a blockchain. Eternal is a Dragonchain product and the terms of service and privacy policies can be found here: terms of service

An immutable copy of any post type

Stored on Dragonchain, and interchained with multiple public blockchain networks. Each type of content captured through Eternal becomes an immutable Dragonchain transaction, interchained with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.

About Eternal

Harness the immutable power of Eternal to capture, archive, sign, and timestamp anything you want to preserve. Everything going through Eternal is stored on Dragonchain before being hashed with the combined network security and measurable proof of multiple public networks.

Security Value

A recent update to Eternal adds an exciting new visualized metric. Transaction Security Value shows, in real time, how many dollars ($USD) of energy consumption has been used to secure a transaction. Starting in the millions of dollars, the value continually increases over time, at no added costs for users.

Proof Reports

Download any Proof Report with the full history and breakdown of any Eternal transaction. Not unlike a block explorer, the report provides information essential to proving chain of custody by showing the transaction ID, timestamp, raw data, and the hash of Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Protect What Matters

Most Blockchain adoption has been slowed by inflexible, expensive, and congested public blockchains, or private blockchains with centralized ownership and questionable security. Through Interchain, a Dragonchain technology innovation, users can retain complete control of their data, keeping sensitive business logic and smart contracts proprietary. Interchain eliminates reliance on a single blockchain, embodying the decentralized vision blockchain was designed around.

Tap into Any Blockchain

Interchain grants the ability to leverage resources from the best in the blockchain ecosystem. Users can leverage features from a growing list of blockchains that includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, and NEO, among others. Interchain represents freedom from the confines of a single choice—a single blockchain, and opens the doors to the potential of the entire network.

Take on Industry Challenges

Dragonchain’s Interchain takes blockchain capabilities further than ever before. It takes existing IT infrastructures and enhances them with new levels of flexibility, security, and granular control over data and business logic. There has never been a better time to harness the benefits of blockchain.


  • Eternal Proof Report


There is no Proof Report on my page, post or product

Make sure the cache is cleared when making edits to any already existing post types, such as a page, post, or Woocommerce product.

Can you timestamp all my existing content?

Currently the plugin only timestamps all new content and existing content (pages, posts, products) that has been edited after installing and activating the Eternal WordPress plugin. Reach out to Dragonchain directly for custom development requests. More features and functionality will be added to the Eternal WordPress plugin over time.


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