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Introducing our revolutionary WordPress Widget Plugin tailored for mobile app developers – the ultimate tool to skyrocket your app download rates! This cutting-edge plugin is designed to enhance user engagement and streamline the download process, offering a game-changing solution to boost your app’s visibility and accessibility.

  • Why Choose Our Plugin:

    • Proven 20% Increase in Download Rates: Our plugin is a game-changer, delivering tangible results with a proven increase of over 20% in app download rates. Experience unparalleled success in app promotion and engagement.
    • Free Integration for Developers: We believe in supporting developers. Enjoy free integration of our plugin into your website, unlocking a world of possibilities without any financial burden.
    • Effortless Implementation: Seamlessly integrate our plugin into your WordPress website with ease. No complex procedures, just simple steps to amplify your app’s visibility and attract more downloads.
  • Key Features:

    • Optimized HTML Loading Speed: Experience lightning-fast loading times with our plugin, ensuring an optimal user experience. Accelerate your app download page’s performance and capture your audience’s attention instantly.
    • Embedded Deep Links: Say goodbye to unnecessary steps! Our plugin seamlessly embeds deep links that effortlessly redirect users to their respective Android or iOS devices. Eliminate barriers and enhance the user journey for increased downloads.
    • Barcode for Desktop Users: Revolutionize accessibility with a personalized barcode for desktop users. With a simple scan, users can effortlessly navigate to the app store, ensuring a hassle-free download process. Maximize user convenience and drive more downloads.
    • Email and SMS Integration: Empower your users to share and access your app effortlessly. Our plugin offers intuitive options for users to send app download links directly to their mobile phones via email or SMS text messages. Expand your reach and encourage organic sharing.
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  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your app’s success! Join the ranks of savvy developers who have embraced our WordPress Widget Plugin and witnessed remarkable growth in downloads. Elevate your app promotion strategy today!



Click the download button to install your plugin. After installing the plugin, you only need to create a new div on your page with the id set to „custom-widget-talkheap-downloadApp“, refresh your page to see the effect.
e.g. < div id=“custom-widget-talkheap-downloadApp“ > < / div >


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  • Tested up to: 6.6


  • Tested up to: 6.6


  • Hide unnecessary download QR codes.


  • First version.