This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Display your Zenodo Publications


This WordPress plugin allows users to display content of their Zenodo Community or the publications of an author using an ORCID on WordPress pages, for instance, if they wish to integrate a dynamic bibliography of their work with their blog or website.
To do so, access to the Zenodo REST API is required, without it, the plugin will not work. When using this plugin, you will also need to accept the Zenodo’s Privacy Policy and its Terms of Use.
Originally, the plugin has been created for and by DARIAH-EU. You can find it implemented here:


  • Display of the Zenodo Community data on the DARIAH-EU website
  • Very simple administration page to choose your Zenodo community
  • Very simple administration page to choose your ORCID


Via WordPress plugins
1. Install via WordPress plugins
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

1. Upload directory display-your-zenodo-community to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

A very simple administration page (in Settings -> Zenodo) to choose your Zenodo community (e.g. dariah or operaseu).
For administrators, possibility as well to search for a subset (with keywords) of the publications, as well as possibility to choose the number of publication shown per page.
On the page you want to present the Zenodo data, add the shortcode [display-your-zenodo-community] to see the publications.

A new option is possible: by entering a parameter keyword directly in your shortcode (e.g. [display-your-zenodo-community keyword='DMP']), you would only retrieve the records of your community (or ORCID user) that have this specific tag/keyword. That’s to be able to provide different lists of records on different pages of the same website (we could also add the possibility for different communities/orcid as well if anyone needs it).
Note: It will favour/prefer the keyword parameter over the admin option extra_keyword (if it was entered), so the admin option would be overwritten by this keyword parameter.


I don’t have an ORCID, can I still use the plugin to display my publications with my name?

Unfortunately, no. The reason being that queries to the Zenodo API do not work well with names since they can’t
differentiate authors.


20. september, 2023
Wonderful plugin! Most under-appreciated plugin for displaying ANY Zenodo-hosted DOI-linked documents including academic manuscript repositories, research or even Journal issues on WP sites! ( using free repository hosting & DOI assignment by ).We sincerely appreciate @yoannspace responsiveness when we communicated almost 18 months ago, who was so kind to promptly update the plugin to add keyword-based shortcode options features we requested: i.e. filter/select & display different subsets of documents/manuscripts from the same Zenodo repository in separate locations of a WP page/site, e.g. at one location of a page/site, by way of using the shortcode: [display-your-zenodo-community keyword=”pythoncode-analytics”] and at another location, use shortcode [display-your-zenodo-community keyword=”rcode-analytics”]. We’ll definitely encourage other Zenodo users (esp, in our large network of potential users) to implement this great plugin on their WP sites.We look forward to further plugin updates we discussed to allow multiple keywords like: [display-your-zenodo-community keyword=”pythoncode, analytics”] and an update of the screenshots on the plugin’s page to show the above-referenced updates that you’ve made. NOTE: We also have CS students who’d be happy to volunteer/join the plugin dev team and learn to make small plugin edits as directed, to move this work forward, and also promote adoption of the plugin among peers. Thanks a lot!
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  • Shortcodes can now take a keyword attribute – it will bypass the admin extra keyword option and search only for the records with this keyword/tag in Zenodo.


  • Administrators can add a keyword for limiting the results. This is for example to select a subset of the publication for a certain project within an institution.
  • Administrators can choose the number of publications shown per page (default is 10)
  • Fixed a bug that would make the plugin query Zenodo at the init stage of all pages


  • The plugin now allows users to retrieve their publications with their ORCID and not only Community publications
  • Change name of plugin (old Display your Zenodo Community)
  • Screenshots have been updated


  • Bump the version on WordPress website


  • Add description in order to add a shortcode to the page


  • Added 2 screenshots for WordPress
  • Modification of description
  • Modification of plugin author


  • First skeleton of the plugin
  • Addition of document counter
  • Fix page counter