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Introducing CP24 Wp Tools Suite, your all-in-one solution for enhancing your WordPress website’s functionality! Our plugin offers a range of powerful tools designed to streamline your workflow and supercharge your site’s performance.

Current Feature: SMTP Integration

In this initial release, CP24 Wp Tools Suite presents its flagship feature: SMTP Integration. Seamlessly connect your WordPress site to your preferred SMTP server, ensuring reliable and efficient email delivery. Simply input your SMTP details, and you’re ready to send emails with confidence.

Coming Soon: More Tools

Stay tuned for future updates as we expand the CP24 Wp Tools Suite with an array of additional features to further enhance your WordPress experience. From security enhancements to performance optimizations, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

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#1. Email SMTP Feature

Whether you\’re sending transactional emails, newsletters, or notifications, our plugin ensures that your messages reach your recipients\’ inboxes promptly and securely. Say goodbye to delivery issues commonly faced with default WordPress settings, such as emails being marked as spam or encountering delays in delivery.

With the SMTP Email Plugin, you can take full control of your email delivery process. Configure your SMTP server details easily within the WordPress dashboard and test the setup using the built-in test form. Receive real-time feedback on the delivery status to ensure accurate configuration and troubleshoot any potential issues promptly.

Privacy Policy

Data Usage:
At present, the plugin does not rely on any third-party services for its functionality. It communicates solely with our website to notify users about new services and upcoming features.

Updates on Third-Party Services:
Should we integrate any third-party services in the future, we will promptly inform users about the changes in our privacy policy.


  • SMTP admin panel


  • In your WordPress admin backend, navigate to Plugins Add New.
  • Under Search, type in CP24 WP Tools and click Search.
  • In the search results find the CP24 WP Tools plugin and click Install Now to install it.
  • When the plugin is installed click Activate Plugin link.
  • Navigate to Code Portal 24 Email page in your WordPress admin backend to configure your SMTP server details.
  • Use the built-in test form to verify the SMTP configuration and send test emails.


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  • Initial release: Plugin published.
  • Added: Email SMTP feature for seamless integration with SMTP servers.
  • Included: Testing tools to verify email functionality via SMTP.