This plugin has been closed as of 26. apríl, 2022 and is not available for download. Reason: Security Issue.


28. september, 2020
I use your plugin for first day, but you deserve the 5 stars!! Now it is simply to create a web app with many choices
14. júlí, 2020
I don't generally believe in giving a full 5 stars to any product as there's always room for improvement.... but with that said, the customer service I've received from JackySan at ClickerVolt has been absolutely incredible and made me break my own rule. I stumbled on ClickerVolt yesterday morning. While I was installing it, I decided to reach out to them via live-chat and see if they had built-in support for an affiliate network I needed to use with ClickerVolt (PayKickStart). After a friendly greeting, I was told no - but if I decided to go with ClickerVolt and purchase any of their subscriptions, I could add a request to have the capabilities added. Of course I've heard that before from other companies but I said for a $9.99/mo subscription, I can't go wrong. I immediately subscribed and later that afternoon put a request in to see if they could add the needed support. Approximately 6 hours later, WordPress told me I had an update available for ClickerVolt. The change log showed they now supported the Paykickstart IPN! Folks, customer service like this is VERY rare these days! The ad tracking software I used to use was one of the largest and most well known platforms but had horrible support. If you wanted help, it cost you hundreds of dollars every month and it didn't even remotely come close to the support I received in the past 24hrs from ClickerVolt. Software like this is critical for us marketers and business owners. With so many moving parts that can break, a reactive support department and proactive developer is what is needed. I feel we have that with ClickerVolt. As far as the software itself, it's terrific. It is very intuitive, has good documentation, and simply does what it needs to do. I'm especially intrigued with ClickerVolt's AIDA system. It's a completely new way to measure your visitors interest in the material that is in front of them. Seriously changes the way I look at my landing pages and blog articles. You'll see what I'm talking about after you play around with ClickerVolt. 🙂
30. maí, 2020
A must have for affiliate marketers. I don't know why this great plugin isn't as popular as it should be. I highly recommend give it a try.
8. maí, 2020
This is very good plugin for tracking your emarketing. Tons of data (like the browser/the nation/the stay time of your website) can be tracked through a simple link that is easily created. Simple Easy but powerful! And It is free... Love this!
27. apríl, 2020 1 reply
I just installed, didn't liked it at all due to bloated User Interface. So, I quickly uninstalled in less than 5 minutes. My database size quickly grew like never before. The plugin should have proper option for clean install and shouldn't leave its junks inside database after Uninstall.
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