Better Address for Gravity Forms


Easily include States, Provinces, Regions and more into the address fields in Gravity Forms.

How To Use

  • Go to Forms -> Settings -> Better Address. Choose which countries, districts etc you want to enable.
  • Hit the Save Settings button.
  • Add an address field into a Gravity form, and the ‘Address Type’ selector will show your countries, districts, providence, states etc.
  • Set the default (optional).

Supported Countries, States, Provinces, Districts, Regions, Prefectures, Cantons and Departments

  • Argentinian Provinces
  • Angolan Provinces
  • Australian States
  • Bangladesh Districts
  • Bolivian Departments
  • Brazilian States
  • British Countries
  • Bulgarian Districts
  • Chinese Provinces
  • Greek Administrations
  • Hong Kong Districts
  • Hungarian Counties
  • Indian States
  • Indonesian Provinces
  • Iranian Provinces
  • Irish Countries
  • Italian Regions
  • Japanese Prefectures
  • Liberian Countries
  • Malay States
  • Mexican States
  • Moldovan Districts
  • Nepalis Provinces
  • Netherlands Provinces
  • New Zealand Regions
  • Nigerian States
  • Pakistanis Provinces
  • Paraguayan Departments
  • Peruvian Regions
  • Philippines Provinces
  • Romanian Counties
  • South African Provinces
  • Spanish Provinces
  • Swiss Cantons
  • Tanzanian Regions
  • Thai Provinces
  • Turkish Provinces


Deactivate the plugin, delete if desired.


Better Address for Gravity Forms support


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Install, activate, done.


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  • Initial release.