Aino Blocks


The Aino blocks plugin brings you a collection of blocks and block patterns for the WordPress block editor. With Aino blocks and the free Aino theme you can build creative, individual page layouts with ease.

Currently available blocks

  • Arrow button block
  • Author block
  • Badge block
  • Buttons block
  • Card block
  • Divider block
  • Grid block and Grid item blocks
  • Flexbox block and Flex item blocks
  • Hero block
  • Sticker block
  • Testimonial block


  1. Install the Aino Blocks plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.
  2. Activate the Aino Blocks WordPress plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Use the Aino Blocks blocks on your next page or post.


What are the requirements to use the Aino Blocks plugin?

You only need to have the latest version of WordPress on your website, to begin with. We also recommend installing and activating the Gutenberg plugin.

What WordPress themes work with Aino blocks?

Any Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme will work with Aino blocks. Since we created the free Aino theme specifically to work in combination with the Aino blocks we recommend you to use our Aino theme with Aino blocks.

How do I get started using Aino blocks?

After the Aino blocks plugin is installed, you will see the Aino blocks collection in your Blocks library on any page and post. You can now choose a block and insert it into your editor.

Does Aino come with Block patterns?

Yes, you can find the first patterns inside the pattern library once you install the Aino theme.


19. júlí, 2021
Ein tolles Plugin mit innovativen, frischen Layouts - Danke an Ellen und Manuel für Eure Arbeit und das Know How, das ihr seit Jahren mit vielen Menschen teilt.
1. september, 2020
Thank you for this plugin, blocks are really useful, clean and easy to use.
Skoða 2 umsagnir

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Interested in development?

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Bugfix: Primary Button Border.


New: Card border style setting.
New: Flexbox absolute positioning.
Enhance: Card border color setting.
Enhance: Button sizes.
Enhance: Badge settings.
Bugfix: Button color settings.
Bugfix: Card color settings.


New: Flexbox and Flex Item blocks.
New: Flex direction setting in Buttons block.
New: 100% button width option in Buttons block.
Enhance: Color settings update to support global styles.
Enhance: Block and block category icons.


New: Responsive spacing extension for Grid Container and Grid Item.
Enhance: Border radius setting for Code, Preformatted, Group and Card blocks.


New: Responsive spacing extension for Grid Container and Grid Item.
Enhance: Border radius setting for Code, Preformatted, Group and Card blocks.
Enhance: Update to API version 2.
Enhance: Button Block Background Link Color.
Enhance: Grid Block Small gap styles.
Enhance: Delete Freestyle block patterns in order to update and rearrange patterns.
Bugfix: Freestyle Block Patterns.
Bugfix: Core Image block border radius for images with link.


Bugfix: Core Image block border radius settings, when border radius is not set.


New: Core Image block border radius settings.


New: ‘Freestyle’ block patterns set.
New: Grid full width toolbar button.
New: Grid item background colour setting.
Enhance: Card block border settings.
Enhance: Add spacing setting to Core Separator block.


New: First ‘Freestyle’ block pattern.
Bugfix: Sticker block URL input.
Bugfix: Arror button block URL input.


New: Sticker block.
New: Divider block.
Enhance: Block editor icons.
Enhance: Card block paddings.
Enhance: Badge block.
Enhance: Arrow Button block.
Enhance: Grid and Grid item blocks.


Bugfix: Fixed typo in plugin header information.


Bugfix: Added unique function names, namespaces, defines.


New: Add first block pattern.
New: Arrow Button block.
Enhance: Grid block.
Enhance: Add block preview examples.
Update: Delete Featured Content and Image + Text blocks, since they can be replaced with the Grid block.
Bugfix: Card block padding.
Bugfix: Aino Buttons block settings.


Enhance: Card block spacing setting.
Enhance: Update block categories.


New: 12-column Grid container block with grid item block.
New: Spacing top/bottom setting Grid container block.
New: Spacing top/bottom setting in Group block.
Enhance: New Block icons.
Enhance: Hero block grid settings.


Enhance: Expanded Hero block media settings and moved setting to inspector.


Enhance: Max width of blocks.
Enhance: Spacing top and bottom inspector setting.


New: Button block font size option (small, medium, large).


Enhance: Deleted custom Hero heading CSS class in order to support Aino Heading font size palette.


New: Spacing top and bottom option with small, medium, large spacing setting. Currently for the blocks Group, Cover, Columns and Featured Content.
New: New 3d Borders button style.
Enhance: Deleted custom Heading font size palette in order to support default Aino theme font size palette. Possible since Gutenberg plugin version 7.9.


New: Heading Font Size Extension: Adds font size option to heading block.


New: Support for Block Collections API. Fixes issue #25


New: Extension Spacing Settings for top and bottom spacing of blocks. Currently available for Aino Featured Content, Group, Cover blocks.
Enhance: Block icon updates. Deleted setting inside toolbar.


New: Featured Content block „media below“ option.


Enhance: Editor icons update.
Enhance: Hero block styles.


Enhance: Featured Content block.


Enhance: Hero block.


New: Image & Text Block.


Enhance: Restructure files of existing blocks.


New: Hero Block.
New: Badge Block.


Enhance: Advanced Buttons Block.
Enhance: Featured Content Block.


New: Advanced Button Block.


Initial release.