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Currency Switcher for WooCommerce


The Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin enables multi-currency setup in the WooCommerce store utilizing the easy-to-use and efficient User Interfaces.

Our developers use Currency switcher for Woocommerce plugin with a clean and robust panel where the users can effortlessly apply the required settings and the currency involved.

Being the best currency switcher for Woocommerce, the plugin supports more than 10 currency aggregators to automatically synchronize the exchange rates.

Activate a multi-currency system in your e-commerce store to let users view and pay for the products with their local currency.

WordPress currency switcher makes your e-commerce store prepared for international sales and incorporates any number of currencies.

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How to manage settings in the Currency switcher for the WooCommerce plugin?

With the WooCommerce multi-currency plugin, the admin can set control, settings, and options using the currency switcher from the left menu of the dashboard.

Admin can view many tabs and set the required settings from style, general, and advanced tabs.

In the WordPress currency switcher third-party services, the admin should set the aggregator to get the currency rate services.

If the admin wishes to set a fixed product and its coupon price, they can do it from every coupon and its product editor.

Admin can also set a fixed price based on the group of user roles along with further settings and options.

Admins have options to display the currency convert calculator on the cart page and front-end WooCommerce product page.



= Woocommerce Multi Currency free plugin features =

The best Currency switcher for WooCommerce works with features to let you Display values in multiple currencies, utilize anUnlimited Currencies, and set the currency exchange rates either manually or automatically.

The Currency switcher for WooCommerce Offers latest exchange rates and enables the real-time conversion of the displayed prices. The currency can be modified automatically based on the customers’ IP.

Features of Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin-free version include:

🔹 Currency switch up to 2
🔹 Feature to set a default currency
🔹 Auto-update currency option via aggregator
🔹 Update the currency rate by clicking the ‘Update’ button
🔹 Email notification after updating the currency rate with detailed information
🔹 Set of currencies aggregators for changing the rates automatically. Nevertheless, admin can set rates manually when required too
🔹 Option to set exchange fee for every currency
🔹 Option to set the currency format
🔹 Function to set Currency Switcher on Frontend with position either left or right
🔹 Option to choose pages for show currency switcher
🔹 Option to choose checkout based on the selected currency or not
🔹 Option to set price info icon on every product in frontend where visitors can view price info on other currencies
🔹 Currency switcher as shortcode and widget
🔹 Auto-detection of user location by user IP and set default currency
🔹 Option to set the custom currency symbol
🔹 Option to write custom CSS for front-end.
🔹 Set currency board background and color
🔹 Option to hide/show shipping method for the particular currency
🔹 choose to hide/show payment methods for certain currency
🔹 Feature to select stored for user-selected currency
🔹 Export / Import as JSON format


The Acowebs Multi-currency for Woocommerce plugin incorporates features to set the default currency for a user. Our plugin uses 3rd party or external services to obtain the user location-specific information depending upon the IP address of the user.

You can disable these configurations from the backend as they are optional.

1) IP API, Privacy Policy: to get the user’s default currency code.

We also use multiple API as currency aggregators to get the currency exchange rates. woocommerce currency converter Plugin will pass only the currency code to get the desired exchange rate,

No other sensitive information is passed to these services. You can also check the privacy policy of the aggregator of your choice before using them.


Check how Currency Switcher for WooCommerce custom options are created with Currency switcher for Woocommerce free version

🔗 Front end Demo (Watch how it looks in the front-end)

🔗 Back end Demo (Feel free to play around and check how the plugin works in the back-end)


Acowebs WooCommerce multi-currency switches plugin allows the visitors of your site to switch the currencies of the product price as per the set real-time currency rates, and make payment in the selected currency mode. With a multi-currency switcher for the Woocommerce plugin premium version, you can enjoy the following features.

🔹 All the features in the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin-free version
🔹 Unlimitted currency switcher
🔹 Work with the option to switch any number of currencies
🔹 Access to Lifetime technical support from Acowebs experts team
🔹 Hide currencies based on the specific user role
🔹 A fixed price for products based on the specific user role
🔹 24 hours emergency support


Check how WordPress currency switcher custom options are created!

🔗 Front end Demo (Watch how the currency switcher for WooCommerce plugin looks in the front-end)

🔗 Back end Demo (Feel free to play around and check how the plugin works in the back-end)

Why Acowebs?

Being the best Software company, Acowebs has a team of Shopify and WordPress developers to develop world-class WordPress themes and plugins. Our award-winning team has specialized expertise in the WordPress domain and competitive User experience skills. Experience the versatile and high-performance WooCommerce plugins with stunning features and UX from Acowebs.

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What our customer says:

„Multi-currency for Woocommerce has made the breakthrough, with excellence giving power-packed solutions, working great with no single fault to mention. Thank you team for the continuous support „

„Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin has been the best plugin from the team. Nice integration by the developers, especially the quick conversion of amount for products into default currency. „


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

=How do I add multiple currencies in the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin?=

You can add multiple currencies in the currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce from the first plugin tab quickly as you need for the shop. For every currency, you can display the currency setup that enables the set up of custom text, decimals to be displayed, etc.

=How do I automatically change the exchange rates in the currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce?=

You can change the exchange rates either Voluntarily or automatically with the API included in the plugin. Either enter the exchange rate manually or make use of the APIs to keep them always updated.

=Can I update the exchange rates with Currency Switcher for WooCommerce?=

Yes, with the best currency switcher for WooCommerce from Acowebs, you can update the exchange rates as per your choice, ie, once a month, week, or daily. You have the right to control the frequency in which the plugin pulls the updated rates to display the right price automatically.

=Can I set custom rules based on location in the currency switcher plugin?=

You can create custom rules to decide which rules will be shown by default to the users depending upon the country of origin, and override the options like geolocations.


  • Currency switcher landing page and General settings page’s. All default settings are here.
  • Page for currencies. Admin can set multiple currencies from this page.
  • Advance settings page for set currency aggregator, storage, update, enable/disable pages etc.
  • Control your shop Shipping and Payment methods from this page.
  • Enable / Disable currency based on user location from this page.
  • Control your currency switcher style.
  • Set email template. It will send you mail while update currency rate.
  • Some of shortcode for use any content or page template.
  • What look like currency switcher on frontend.
  • Currency calculator on single product page and cart page.


Installation of „Currency Switcher for WooCommerce“ can be done either by searching for „Currency Switcher for WooCommerce“ via the „Plugins > Add New“ screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


16. maí, 2022 1 reply
It works fine and smooth as expected but the UI that shows on the left top of the page should be more nice looking and clean. the flag icons look a little displaced. Suggestion: It would be great if you can add a currency conversion rate on the front-end, so a customer can see the different currency rates when changing it.
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  • WP 6.3 Support


  • Solved currency switcher confliction on frontend


  • Rechecked default currency based on user location.
  • Solved currency change error on customer profile.


  • Fixed error on default currency based on user location
  • Remove blank area from admin dashboard
  • Removed capability to remove default currency from currency list


  • Added limitation on switcher title.
  • Solved json file upload issue and changed json file upload title
  • Solved error on currencies save button.
  • Solved maximum and minimum length of each text and number field.
  • ‍If have no currencies, save button will be disabled.
  • Solved all spelling error.
  • Hide currency update button from default currency.
  • Solved resut button issue.
  • Set limit in add new button in payment & shipping setting tab
  • Restricted text field for special character.
  • Set limitation in email subject field.
  • Solved currency hide issue, if you set currency as hide from currencies tab.
  • Solved shipping method enable / disable issue for specific selected currency.
  • Solved to add infinite value in shipping cost.
  • Solved location based currency enable / disable
  • Removed capability to set collapse from free version.
  • Changed something in currency switcher style.
  • Hide save button if paid currency aggregator API are empty.


  • Fixed bug on currency’s tab in backend


  • Initial release